Does it Matter if you’re Black or White? The Vampire Dancer Part 5 Sneak Peak

Help Wanted Whites OnlySherry asks Granny Smith for help with a job problem. Dolf was fired from CJ Pennies and asked Sherry if her job with The-Man had any openings.

She told him they had an openings in the same department where she worked. Dolf applied with HR and soon got an interview.

He met with Sherry’s boss, but the interview only lasted 5 minutes. She asked Dolf how did it go, and he said that man could not wait to get rid of him.

Colored Only FountainIt just occurred to Sherry that her department had no other black men working there. So she asked some of the other black female co-workers why.

They said the boss refused to hire any black men. He claimed a previous black male employee stole money. Which seemed like a lie, since they had no cash in the office and only used transfers directly from the insurance company to their bank.

The boss found out that Sherry was asking about the lack of black and decided to punish her.
Park for Whites OnlySherry worked with 2 white males and 1 white female. Each of them had to collect 10 insurance claims per week.

One male co-worker got transferred to a different department. So the boss gave all of his work to Sherry.

So now the 2 white co-workers had to collect 10 insurance claims per week, while Sherry had to collect 20 claims per week.

Sherry was outraged. He could have at least doubled her salary, since he doubled her workload.

It felt like, he was treating her like a slave, a non-sentient being that did not know any better, due to a language No Negrosbarrier, lack of pride, brainwashing or conditioning.

Sherry told her work problems to Granny Smith. Granny had something special cooked up for Sherry’s boss.

She told her to pour this vial into her boss’ coffee cup, and magic will do the rest.

Sherry poured the portion into the cup on Thursday.

No Negros at schoolOn Friday when her boss showed up at work, on the same suit he usually wore on Friday, he was screaming and shouting. His boss called security on him and had him escorted out by the police.

Sherry overhead the boss of her boss saying, the nerve of that nigger, trying come here and impersonate Mr. Tom!

True story, or not?

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