Belly Dancer Tribute 1/16/12: Tiazza (Medford, OR)

Tiazza3Belly Dancer Tribute 1/16/12: Tiazza (Medford, OR)

Tiazza is my hero!

This lady has it going on!

She teaches belly dance classes online, through her studio and she also blogs belly dance.

Her online classes are very successful and I am proud that someone is giving belly dance classes for FREE!

Everyone knows that belly dance is very expensive!.  No more expensive than getting into any other dance or art form.  It takes lessons, costumes, attending workshops and many years of hard work and training.

Back when I first took lessons in the late 1970s there was no such thing as a “free” belly dance class.  I remember paying for lessons at community centers and at studios and it wasn’t cheap,   But well worth the money paid, it was money well-spent.

Now potential students can take “free” classes online from dancers like Tiazza.  That is great!  Not everyone can afford lessons, it is so cool that she does that for free.  Thanks Tiazza!

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