Belly Dancer Tribute 2/3/12: Neon (New York, NY) original Tweet 9/29/11, What is your favorite dance by Neon?

Neon1Belly Dancer Tribute 2/3/12: Neon (New York, NY) original Tweet 9/29/11

She can light the world up with her smile. 

When I think of those lyrics from the Mary Tyler Moore TV show, I think of Neon!

I LOVE her smile!  I rotate belly dance DVDs to get my Arse off the couch to avoid being a couch potato and to get in 30 minutes, at least of belly dance exercise each day.

But the belly dance video tapes are also great for toning, perfecting your technique, etc.  One  of my favorite exercise DVDs is Love Potion by World Dance York.  I try to do that one on Monday, to get rid of the Monday blahs, and Neon’s great smile helps to put a smile on my face and get in the mood to dance.

I would LOVE to be able to meet Neon and all of the World Dance New York dancers in person and take a workshop from them.

Their DVDs have elevated Middle Eastern Dance to a higher level of excellence!

They are above and beyond simply putting a SHOW on a DVD, it is more of an emotional experience!

The dancers of World Dance New York are some of the BEST dancers in the world, in my humble opinion!

Dance on ladies, and keep that beautiful smile going that makes us happy to dance with you!

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What is your favorite dance by Neon?