Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my Dad, the J5 and Fat Hot Dogs!

FrankfurtersWhile everyone else is preparing their best corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s day, I am dreaming of the Fat Hot Dogs and Cheese I used to eat with my dad, March 15, 1934 – May 1978.

Start by getting the Fat Hot Links and boil or grill them.  Put the dog on a bread or bun (we usually had bread) and add some mustard.  Then slice some Sharp Cheddar cheese and add some slices to your Fat Hot Dog.  Don’t melt the cheese!  Yum, yum, Hot Dog 2yum!!!!  The best meal I ever shared with my dad and brothers.

My dad was super involved in what his kids liked and liked to do.  I used to LOVE the Jackson 5!  I mean, really, really, really love them.  Especially Jermaine Jackson.  My dad took a photo of me admiring a picture of Jermaine that I had posted on my bedroom wall.  Our family would be on the look out for when the Jackson 5 would be on TV.  My dad was a photographer, so he would take black & white pictures of them on the TV screen and then get Hot Dog 3this!!! HE HAND-COLORED THEM for his J5-obsessed daughter.  What a dad!

He taught us how to fish, catch crawdads, play Scrabble and Dominoes.  It was an honor when the kids were allowed to play Scrabble or Bones (dominoes) with my dad, his Dad and my Grandmother.

I still liked to party after I gave birth to my daughter, and my dad used to babysit my daughter so I could go out.Hot Dog 5

I LOVED him very, very much.  And I miss him and wish he could have lived to see his grandkids.  My grandson looks like him, and so do my brothers, so he lives on when you look at the family resemblance in their faces.

I could not have asked for a better dad, ever!  While researching for this blog, I ran across a lot of Hot Dogs with Cheese images.  None looked exactly the way we ate ours, because we didn’t melt Hot Dog 6the cheese.  But these pictures sure make me hungry for some Fat Hot Dogs with Cheese & Mustard in honor of my Dad’s birthday.





Hot Dog with cheese

Dance More with Feeling! The Vampire Dancer Saga tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Once moreMarch, 1990; Sunnihell, CA

“Hey everyone, get over here!” Echo said. She’d gotten her name from her loud voice and they could clearly hear her even though the music was playing loudly. “What is it?” Wiz said, coming over to see. “Oh, It’s just the Riverdance Irish Dancers. Their gimmick is old, but I guess they are still on point. They’re a lot better than I thought,” Will Potter chimed in. Suddenly Zanadu’s eyes went wide, “Am I the only one that’s noticing this?” Everyone peered Buffyharder at the performance, trying to see what they were doing that had caught her attention. Captain Reynolds Rapper was the last to make it over to see what was going on, but he noticed immediately. “Something’s not right here. Those guys are ghosts. It’s a pretty good disguise, but I can see through it. I bet the crowd doesn’t know a thing though,” he said making his way up to the others. “It’s worse than that. They’re casting a spell with their moves. Angela, can you make out what they are trying to do? I don’t have the spell knowledge that you do.”

AngelAngela whipped out special glasses so that she could focus more. “They trying to kill everyone and possess their souls!” she said. They scrambled for a bit trying to figure out how to stop them. “Wait, the spell needs approval. In order for it to completely work, they have to win the competition,” Angela told everyone. “That means we’ll have to dance better than we ever have. It’s a good thing we had that corned beef and cabbage earlier at the St. Patrick’s Day dinner; we’ll need the energy,” Buff Dude said. Firefly“Okay Team Mutant, no mistakes. Everyone dance with everything you have. When we’re done, I want them to say that it’s the best dance performance that ever happened in the 1990’s. I want future generations showing their kids our dancing on VHS so nobody ever forgets how amazing we are. Let’s do this!”

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