Belly Dancer Tribute 1/13/12: Salwa (St. Louis, MO)

Salwa1Belly Dancer Tribute 1/13/12: Salwa (St. Louis, MO)

I have known Salwa for many years.  I met her in St. Louis attending one of the belly dance workshops there and then later she performed at many shows here.

It’s not many dancers who have been dancing for many years that keep their SPARK alive!  But Salwa’s dance Spark is just as alive as when I first met her so many years ago.

Dance is a family and a community.  It is strange how are all linked in dance, like the movie Six Degrees of Separation, we are all 6 links apart from each other.  I first met Soraya al Musri, the original founder of Aalim Dance Academy many, many moons ago in Wichita, KS by fellow dancer Sahda Sabri.  Salwa is now the director of the Aalim Bell Dance Academy in St. Louis, but she was mentored by another fellow dancer, Simone Prouty of the Simone’s 7th Veil Dance.  Another great, master dancer, Suhaila Salimpour, has taught workshops in St. Louis for both dance academies.

When you watch Salwa dance, she always has a “punch” in her dance, whether it’s a hair toss or some other fun accent.  She is fun to watch dancing.  Watch her “spark” come alive on YouTube:

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12/25/11 Belly Merry Xmas to you & yours! Happy Holidays from Shalimar Ali

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