Stop the Presses! Eliana Girard is my new casting choice for Elly Powers! Also new script for Chapter 1 The Vampire Dancer Saga!

Eliana Girard1I take back my casting choice for The Vampire Dancing Saga, Chapter 4, Dancing with Flair at the Fair, the 1930s! A new dancer has arrived on the scene from the last episode of So You Think You Can Dance: ELIANA GIRARD!

Eliana is one of the best dancers on reality TV dance shows in many a moon. I predict so much future success for this very talented dancer. One day she will be in movies just like Julianne Hough, or my favorite dancer of all time: ELEANOR POWELL!

I have been rooting for Eliana since SYTYCD Season 9 started in May of this year.

She was the ABSOLUTE BEST DANCER from last Wednesday’s show. Even Nigel admitted that she was his favorite girl and that was her night. Indeed.


Tice Diorio’s Eliana Girard3opening number for the August 22nd show was SPECTACULAR! That was my all time favorite choreography by Tice! His best work, in my humble opinion. His group dance: “The Cool World Stomp” should win an EMMY award! Did you notice that Eliana was the lead dancer in that number?



I had previously mentioned casting:

Dancer/Actress Character – The Vampire Dancer Saga
Vivian Nixon Elly Powers
Sabra Johnson Phina Brown or Triple T Debs

Now that I have watched Eliana Girard on the August 22nd episode of SYTYCD, I change my casting choices to:

Dancer/Actress Character – The Vampire Dancer Saga
Eliana Girard Elly Powers
Vivian Nixon Phina Brown
Sabra Johnson Triple T Debs

VivianNixon1Vivian Nixon is the SPITTING image, MINI-ME of her famous mom, Debbie Allen, so wouldn’t it make more sense to cast her as Triple T Debs? Maybe not? That would probably freak Vivian out to play her mom and Debbie out to have her daughter playing her.

Here is out next script for Chapter 1, part 1: Dancing Makes You Buff! Another great job by the scriptwriter. It’s great to have a different set of eyes look at your book. I would have never thought to split up the dialogue among the judges. But hey, that’s what scriptwriters are for. To make it make sense as a TV episode or movie scene.
Sabra Johnson1




The setting is a large athletic competition. In the stands, the crowd is filled with interesting looking characters: people with cloaks, clothing from various eras of history, hair styles of every shape, size, color and description. The host, BOM TERGERON steps to a podium in a central location on the playing field. As he steps up, the cheering fans quiet.


Quiet Everyone! Let’s take our places, please.

Dichen LachmanKAR ANNA, BLEN, RUNO, LIGEL NITCHGOW, MURPH MARE and TRIPLE T DEBS all take their places at the judges table. Each seat has a name plate, microphone and clipboard.


It is time to explain the rules for this very special, year 3000, Vampire Olympics. As you know, the Vampire Olympics occur every ten years. This year’s competition will include the following events:


Part 1: Supernatural Protection skills.

Category A: Vampire defense which includes defending oneself against wooden stakes, silver, garlic and decapitation.

Category B: Best Power which will include witchcraft, potions, spells, premonitions and Voodoo.

Category C: Best Shifter which includes mummy, zombie, wolf, ram or hart.

BLENEnver Gjokaj

The four teams who earn the highest scores will be moving on to the semi-finals. Part two of our competition is World Transformations. Each team will be required to go back in time and alter certain events from the way they happened.


The remaining three teams will go on to compete for the winner of the 3000 Vampire Olympics. Part three will also be World Transformations, but it will be returning the previously changed events from part two to the way they originally occurred.


Anthony HeadThird place winners will receive a wooden mini-coffin filled with vials of A, B, AB and O blood.

Second place winners will receive purple rhinestone mini-coffins with a built in television.

First place winners will receive a tricked-out black coffin with special vampire sensitive lighting, with a built in entertainment system, laptop pc, kitchenette completely stocked with vials of blood to suit every

LIGEL cont.

preference, full bathroom—and what luxury coffin would be complete without a Voodoo doll head with special powers?


Winners from our last competition, the Collins Family, are on hand and have picked this year’s location.

MURPH indicates a large stadium box where we see LA BELLE, JACK, ED, LISA and BARNABY seated.

LaBelle, would you please tell our contestants what time and destination they will be traveling to.

We see LA BELLE step to a microphone situated in the stadium box.

Summer Glau


I’d love to. Our contestants will be traveling back to the year 1900 to exercise their skills in St. Louis. Each team will have one hour for each of the competitions in part one with ten minutes to prepare.

Each team will first have ten minutes to use their best power to shift them to the time and place of the event. Once there, they must glamour the location so that ordinary citizens are not able to view judges or audience members from the future.

After all judges and audience members have teleported, then each team can start the first competition: Vampire Defense.


Thank you, LaBelle. Triple T would you explain what will take place once the competition begins?


Of course, Bom. The judges will eliminate one of the seven teams during the ten minute intermission after the Vampire Defense competition using a combination of scores and audience votes. The remaining six teams will then go on to the Best Powers competition. After which the judges will eliminate another team using the method previously mentioned. The remaining five teams will compete in the Strongest Shifters competition after which one more team will be eliminated. The remaining four teams will go on to the semi-finals.

LA BELLE has appeared next to the stage where the podium and the judges’ table sit. With her are MEDDLING GRANNY, PRUNES, PIPPA, FEEBLE and PAGEANT.


Thank you Triple T. Now it should be explicitly understood that no cheating of any kind will be tolerated at this competition. And to ensure that the rules are adhered to, we have a special enforcement team of super witches to oversee this competition. LaBelle, would you like to introduce the Charming Ladies?

The ladies step up to the platform and LaBelle takes the mic.


I certainly would, Bom. May I present the Special Witch Police for the 3000 Vampire Olympics: Meddling Granny, Prunes, Pippa, Feeble, and Pageant! Aren’t they charming?


Ladies and Gentlemen, please standby for the lighting of our Olympic Flame.

A torch is passed from team to team. The last team hands the torch on to BOM who lights the cauldron. The crowd goes wild.

The Vampire Dancer Saga back coverNow let’s meeting our contestants! Please give a warm welcome to each of our teams!

First up is the Mutant Weirdos!

As each team is named, they come trotting across the field, wearing shirts with the team name on the front and the contestant’s name on the back. Crowd goes wild as each team is announced.



  • Diary of the Mad Vamps
  • Turd Blue
  • Le Monsters
  • Spare Tracks
  • Butchers and Bakers
  • And the Braden Hunchbacks!


Now is your time to Join in! Comments, complaints, criticisms and casting choices are welcome!

Who would you cast to play Elly Powers, Triple T Debs and Alyce?

Who would make a better Elly Powers – Eliana Girard or Vivian Nixon?





The Vampire Dancer Saga

The Vampire Dancer Saga, 2nd SCRIPT Sneak Peak is here: Chapter 3, Le Hot Jazz Dancer, the 1920s! Would Keenan Ivory Wayans, Mel Brooks or Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer make a better director?

The Vampire Dancer Saga FrontHello fellow Vampire Dancer Saga devotees. I’m back, trying to energize a fan base and get a Movie or TV show made from my book. Please skip to the end to read the script for Chapter 3, Le Hot Jazz Dancer, the 1920s:


You may have read the The Vampire Dancer Saga book or blog and noticed that some of the character names are similar to a TV show or Famous person?

That is correct, the TVDS is based on my real family members and it spoofs/tributes some of my favorite TV shows and dancers.

For example: Which TV show might have characters with similar names?
The Braden Hunchbacks
Mitchell Braden Caroline Braden
Greggy Marsha
Pete Jane
Bob Cynthia
Maid Alyce

Sabra JohnsonAlso, some of our favorite dancers visit TVDS via their Alternate Universe to share dances from their era.

Which famous dancer is known for the Charleston back in the 1920s and also danced with her top off? The name is similar to PHINA. I would love to cast SABRA JOHNSON as either Phina Brown or Triple T Debs in this movie.

My grandfather was the patriarch of our family. He kept all the kids in line, or you might get a whooping. And trust me, you better be on your best behavior to avoid that whooping. I love MALIK YOBA from Alphas. He would be great to play my grandfather because he can have that stern, better behave look.

Malik YobaBig Daddy Baker aka my Granddad is having an affair with Caroline Braden in TVDS. Caroline has a background in dance, so to cast her, I would select CHRISTINA APPLEGATE! I love Christina in Married with Children and she has also performed in Sweet Charity on Broadway. It’s also nice when Christina is a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance.

For the Granny Smith character, I would LOVE to have the very talented LORETTA DEVINE! I love her on every TV show and movie, especially on Supernatural, The PJs, Eli Stone, State of Georgia and many more!

You might be thinking that it is awfully ambitious to think my book, The Vampire Dancer Saga, can be turned into a Movie or TV show. Even though this seems like a big dream, the reality is that EVERY TV show or Movie Christina Applegate1started out one day as an idea. That idea grew as it got linked to a movie studio, director, producer, writer and actors. Right now, this is just a small dream, but it never hurts to dream and who knows, this dream just might become a reality one day.

I mentioned several potential directors for this book-to-movie idea in Chapter 9. Can you guess the real names of these directors?
Okra Belfry, Terry Pliers, Triple T Debs, Margo Derek, Dulla Plaudool, Pinky Jade, Mob RaShell, Laz Burman

To that list I would add 3 more directors who have already done movies that are similar to the spoofs in The Vampire Dancer Saga:
Keenan Ivory Wayans
Mel Brooks
Jason Friedberg/Aaron Seltzer

Loretta DevineEveryone knows KEENAN IVORY WAYANS from the fantastically funny, In Living Color, Dance Flick and Scary Movie. MEL BROOKS has made many movie spoofs such as History of the World and SpaceBalls. JASON FRIEDBERG & AARON SELTZER did Vampires Suck, Date Movie, Scary Movie, Epic Movie and Disaster Movie.

Although The Vampire Dancer Saga is basically about Dance History, World History, Movie & TV culture for the past 100 years, it could stand a good comedy laugh, right? But one thing that I would not change if this ever becomes a movie, is to not make fun or any of the dances in the movie. As a dancer, dance is sacred, and I would hate to see anyone make fun of dance. Ivory Wayans

Now is your time to Join in! Comments, complaints, criticisms and casting choices are welcome!

Who would you cast to play Big Daddy Baker, Caroline Braden, Phina Brown and Granny Smith?

Who would make a better film Director – Keenan Ivory Wayans, Mel Brooks or Jason & Aaron for The Vampire Dancer Saga?










GRANNY comes trudging out of the sharecropper’s shack calling for LEANA. Just outside of the door several children—some black children dressed in ragged and patched clothing and some white children dressed in short pants and pinafores—play in the dirt, giggling at some game until they see GRANNY. All of the children stop, frozen as she passes by.

GRANNYLoretta Devine1

Junior, where Leana?


I don’t know. Last I see her, she over that way.

GRANNY is trudging in the general direction of the clump of trees JUNIOR has indicated. When she gets there, she finds LEANA kissing GREGGY.


Hey! Whatchoo doin’?! You!

Indicating GREGGY

You get outta here now. What your daddy gonna do he catch you with a little black girl? Go on!Malik Yoba2

GREGGY runs off in the direction of the big house. GRANNY turns LEANA in the direction of the shack but before they start moving she takes LEANA by the arm and begins speaking.

Girl, don’t you know no good ever come of Black folks mixin’ with Whites. Some place they string a black person up for kissing on a white.

Suddenly Mr. Braden is standing behind them holding a squirming GREGGY by his shirt collar. There is blood on GREGGY’s lip.


Christina Applegate2So that’s what he’s been up to. I knew it must be something the way he was running. And you, you little trollop—

BRADEN backhands LEANA

You should stay with your own kind!

There is fire in GRANNY’s eyes as she looks at BRADEN but she holds her tongue and watches BRADEN as he drags GREGGY away.

· * * *Sabra Johnson1

INT. Shack. Day. GRANNY is going over her shelf full of jars and vials. She is looking for just the right thing. She talks to her granddaughter PHINA as she packs a small bag.


How long you stayin’?


History of the WorldMaybe a couple of weeks. The Cotton Club try outs are in a little while and I aim to get on there.


You come to see the girls then.


And Caroline. I figure she might have some pointers after dancing in the Follies.


That was a long time ago. Anyhow, she not doin’ much dancin’ right now. She too big.

PHINA Scary Movie

That’s what you’re packing up there. I was always curious about all of your potions and things. What’s this one?


That Camomile. That just for making a soothing tea. I make her drink that when the pains come on.


When’s the baby due?


I figure she prob’ly have it by the end o’ the week.

Vampires SuckGRANNY finally finds the vial she’s been looking for and lifts it from the shelf triumphantly. It has a thick dark liquid in it.


I knew I had some more a you somewhere.


What’s that?


Blood of a vampire bat.


Josephine CharlestonWhat do you use that for?


Braden family curse.




Mr. Braden see fit to lay hands on Leana. I ain’t take kindly to that.


Jason AasonWhat does it do?


The baby gonna be a vampire.


Vampire? That baby didn’t do anything to anybody.


Too late to quit now. I been dosing Mrs. Braden for weeks now. What’s done is done. And you can keep that to yourself.

PHINAMel Brooks

I’m gonna go out and see the girls. Show them some of the latest dances.


They appreciate that. They loves dancin’ and they worship the ground you walk on.

Ext. Shack. Day. Outside there is a commotion. GREGGY has come running from the big house to fetch GRANNY.


Granny, it’s time! Ma’s ready to have the baby!

Dance FlickGRANNY steps out the door to see GREGGY. She has her bag in her hand.


Alright boy. I be there. Keep your shirt on. Phina. Come on, girl, you with me.

GRANNY , PHINA and GREGGY begin walking together in the direction of the big house.

EXT. Day. Big House. Big Daddy Baker is outside weeding flower beds as GRANNY and GREGGY approach.


What you doin’ up here right now?


I’m just weedin’ these flowers like Mrs. Braden wanted.

Above them, from an open window, they hear Mrs. Braden cry out in the throws of labor. BAKER looks up nervously at the sound. GRANNY eyes him but says nothing in front of GREGGY. She takes the boy into the house.

INT. Big House. Day.GRANNY and GREGGY are in the foyer of a slightly decaying antebellum home. He leads her to a closed bedroom door.


Where the other children?


In the nursery.


Then you go stay with them.

Inside the bedroom, BRADEN paces nervously as a sweating and mewling CAROLINE/MRS BRADEN lies in bed.


You can go on now Mr. Braden. I got this under control, here.

BRADEN exits.


How often the pains coming.


About every four minutes.


Handing PHINA a jar from the bag.

Alright. Take this, make some tea and bring me some hot water. Looks like we gonna have a baby.

· * * *

· In the hallway outside the bedroom door, BRADEN is again pacing. There is a loud yell from inside and then a tiny wail.

· * * *

· Inside the bedroom GRANNY and PHINA are huddled around the baby, whispering.


That ain’t Mr. Braden’s baby.


I was afraid a this.


Afraid of what?


Big Daddy be up here all the time doing “special chores” for Mrs. Braden.


You don’t think . . .




From the bed.


What’s wrong.


Taking the baby over to her.

You know what’s wrong.


Oh, no . . .

The door swings open. BRADEN is standing in the doorway.


Can I see the baby? Is it a boy?


Covering the baby with its blanket.

Patience, now, Mr. Braden. You got a beautiful little girl.

BRADEN walks over to GRANNY and rearranges the bundle of blankets in her arms.


Why is this child so dark?!


I think I must have spent too much time in the sun. I passed on a suntan to the baby.


It’s been known to happen, Mr. Braden.


Only to fools!

BRADEN storms out. In the downstairs foyer he comes upon BAKER who has his hat in his hands.


What are you doing here?!


I come to see how Mrs. Braden and the baby doin’. Pay my respects.

BRADEN goes for the gun mounted on the wall above the fireplace. BAKER grabs the poker first and strikes him with it several times. BRADEN lies bleeding on the hearth. BAKER throws the poker down and runs upstairs.

· * * *

BAKER appears in the bedroom doorway.


What’s happened?


Mr. Braden hurt real bad. He might be dead.


We gotta get outta here.


You don’t wanna see your little girl first?

BAKER looks at her stunned for a moment and then at the baby. Slowly, he holds out his arms GRANNY hands him the baby. He looks at the tiny bundle in his arms.


She looks perfect to me.

Taking the baby to CAROLINE.

You done good. She a fine baby. As fine as I ever seen.


Where will you go?


We got family in Missouri.


I will find you.


Meet me in St. Louis.


The Vampire Dancer Saga back cover

Dancer Tribute 1/1/12: Lacey Schwimmer (Redlands, CA)

Lacey1Dancer Tribute 1/1/12: Lacey Schwimmer (Redlands, CA).  Happy New Year to all dancers of all dance styles.  I first saw Lacey Schwimmer in Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance 2007.  That season was my all time favorite, as I voted for Sabra Johnson, Danny Tidwell, Neil Haskell and Lacey Schwimmer throughout the Season.  The Sweet Dreams dance with Sabra & Neil is my favorite dance from all seasons on SYTYCD.  Mandy Moore was nominated for an Emmy for that routine and I think she should have won.  I also remember watching Lacey’s brother, Benji on Season 2 of SYTYCD and I really love his dancing as well.  I also love to watch Lacey’s father, Buddy dance.  He was on Dancing with the Stars this past season and he sure can cut a rug.  I loved the clip when Buddy was giving Chaz Bono some tips on dancing as well as his appearance in the Finale Dance with Chaz and Lacey.  I did not realize that Lacey’s mom was also a gifted dancer, Laurie Kaufmann.  I love her dancing as well.  The talent of dance was truly passed down from Mom & Dad to son & daughter.  They are the First Family of Dance!  What a talented group of dancers, all in the same family, amazing.  Congratulations to the talented Schwimmer family, I look forward to seeing them dance in 2012.

For more dance gossip & goodies, check out my book, "Learn to Belly Dance Textbook" available at and Barnes & Noble :


Lacey’s peacock costume was my all-time favorite costume from Dancing with the Stars.