Belly Dance Tribute 5/9/12: Adam Basma (Los Angeles, CA) original Tweet 10/12/11. What are your favorite Music CDs or Performances by Adam Basma?

Adam1Belly Dance Tribute 5/9/12: Adam Basma (Los Angeles, CA) original Tweet 10/12/11

Adam is the MAN when it comes to Belly Dance!

      • Dancer
      • Choreographer
      • Dance Troupe Director
      • Music CD Producer/Director
      • Video DVD Producer/Director

Wow!  Is there anything that the brilliantly talented Adam Basma can’t do?Adam2

I LOVE his music, his videos, his dance performances, his dance troupe.  They are so fabulous, talented and inspiring.

He is ONE OF THE BEST OF THE BEST in Middle Eastern Dance.

I am a huge fan of Adam Basma, so it was an honor to be able to INTERVIEW him for this blog.  This comes straight from Adam:

Adam31. Who influenced you in dance?   Super Star Singer Sabah of Lebanon

2.  Who are some of your favorite dancers?  Samia Jamal 1950

3.  All of your CDs are fabulous, but do you have a personal favorite CD or song? Adam Basma Drum Solo and Dance With Basma

4.  Who are some of your favorite musicians?   All of them

5.  Do you plan to tour nationwide? 

Adam4Yes ,now we have an office in Las Vegas For The Dance Co and The Adam Basma Foundation. We have a big Plan Wish Me Good Luck. We are working with the best Arabic Music Distributer Maqam From Chicago Listen to there radio  The Best Middle Eastern Music
Thank you
Adam Basma

Adam Basma Foundation
Adam Basma Music & Dance Co.
Tel:213 400-2525 Tel: 310 854-3500
Los Angeles,California

Adam5It was an honor to hear back directly from Mr. Basma.  I have each and every one of Adam Basma’s Music CDs and I LOVE them all!  If you don’t own them, I highly recommend that you add them to your music collection.  You can purchase them from Maqam music, using this link:

HATS off of to one our our greatest Middle Eastern Musicians and Dancers – Mr. Adam Basma!



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What are your favorite Music CDs or Performances by Adam Basma?