Entertainer Tribute 4/12/12: RuPaul (San Diego, CA). Who is your most beautiful entertainer?

Rupaul1Entertainer Tribute 4/12/12: RuPaul (San Diego, CA)


I was upset when I read those headlines today.  I agree with Ashley 100% that it is woman-hating!

Men are never dissed for having puffy faces, puffy bellies, gray hair, wrinkles or stretch marks.  Only women.Rupaul2

This is such a narcissistic society that only in America do you see crazy headlines like this.

It is to me a form of bullying as well.  Why are people picking on Ashley and being so critical of her looks?

She is a great actress and I always enjoy her movies.  I don’t watch her movies for beauty, I watch them for her acting talent.  Regardless, that is so shallow and stupid for people to even bring that up.

Rupaul3Which brings up the question: WHO IS YOUR MOST BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINER?

I have always thought performers like Diana Ross, Cher, Lena Horne, Elizabeth Taylor and including Ashley Judd are both talented and beautiful.

But one performer sticks out in my mind as the most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.  Guess who?  RUPAUL!!!

Rupaul4That sounds crazy, but Rupaul looks better than most women, even though he is a man in drag.

If I could meet any performer in person and ask for tips on great makeup for entertainers, hair styling tips and fashion sense, it would be Rupaul.

Hell, he looks way better than me!

He works the makeup, wigs and costumes better than most women.

Sure, sometimes he goes overboard and looks too much like a DRAG QUEEN.  But most of the time, he does look like a very beautiful woman.  Puffy cheeks and all.  I am truly envious of RuPaul.  I agree with Rupaul’s statement about wigs and makeup being so important in show business.  I would LOVE to have Rupaul give me a makeover.  Check out his/her shows on Logo TV.



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Who is your most beautiful entertainer?