Belly Dancer Tribute 2/16/12: Rania (Huntington Beach, CA) original Tweet 10/211, What is your favorite dance by Rania?

Rania1Belly Dancer Tribute 2/16/12: Rania (Huntington Beach, CA) original Tweet 10/211

Shhh.  Let me tell you my favorite thing about Rania.  Many, many, many years ago in the “Dark Ages” of belly dance, I made a belly video tape.  And Rania purchased a copy.  What an honor!   My tape was not nearly the professional quality of any of her videos DVDs, but hey, she could at least use it as an example of "what not to do.”  LOL

Anyhoo, I do try to collect every DVD and video that Rania has out.  Her videos give you an outstanding workout.

Rania is so in shape that I holler at her on the TV and say, “Slow down girl, I’m trying to get caught up.”

But is that the fun thing about exploring dance videos?

It is the greatest and cheapest way to be inspired by great dancers like Rania, and add some of their dance FLAVOR to your unique style.

Rock on Rania – you are AWESOME!  Maybe one day I’ll catch up with you, tee hee!
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What is your favorite dance by the Rania?

12/25/11 Belly Merry Xmas to you & yours! Happy Holidays from Shalimar Ali

Jingle Belly DanceThese are a few of my favorite things

M Mesmera, one of my favorite dancers

E Eddie Kochak, one of my favorite musicians

R Raja, another favorite musician

R Rania, love her belly dance videos

Y Yasmeen Samra, a belly dance role model and mentor

X Xena Princess Warrior, costumes & theme music similar to belly dance, see pics below

M Marta Schill, author, the Compleat Belly Dancer, MEDCA, Cairo Carnival

A Amaya, glad to have attended her Shake & Bake festival, twice

S Sahda Sabri, the first person to invite me to dance out of town in her workshop show

Xena Opening Credit