Belly Dancer Tribute 12/17/11: Rachel Brice (San Francisco, CA)

Belly Dancer Tribute 12/17/11: Rachel Brice (San Francisco, CA)
Beautiful!  Amazing!  Talented!  Exciting!  Opulent Diva!  Tribal Fusion style Belly Dance is sort of fairly new in the world of Belly Dance.  Even though Rachel Brice performs this fairly “new” style, when I look her at her “style” I visualize the opulent dancers and costumes from the 1920s, my favorite fashion era.  She is stunningly gorgeous and her dancing is outstanding.  I love one of her dances in particular from one the Belly Dance Superstar DVDs.  She was doing a dance and then waited until the end of the movement to do the final step.  I know that sounds real simple, but the execution was so darned cool.  I feel like dance is “speaking” with your body to express your words and feelings.  When I saw Rachel perform hold that step until the end of the movement, I felt as though she was holding the last final word in that sentence and added an exclamation point at the end.  Great communication in dance!  I love her.  Check her out at:

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