BBQ Beer Brats

Brats and Beer 041Oh HELL no! My liquor store is out of my favorite beer Sad smile. What can I do now for after work libations? I had to pick a different beer brand. And actually, I was interested in making some Margaritas. I am out of frozen Lime-aid, so I hope beer will be a good replacement.

I found some Beer Margarita recipes online. They all mentioned Lime-aid. Then I remembered that I had a Margarita Mixer in the fridge. I was sure it was expired, but lucky for me, it says best by August 2020. So I can substitute that for Lime-aid.BBQ Beer Brats 001

One of my co-workers LOVES Patron. It is expensive, so I never had interest in buying it, until now. I call this my: Seems like the End of the World Beer Margarita. I got the Oyster Smoothie blender just in time to try my wacky beer combination.


  1. Beer Bratwursts, 5
  2. Liquid Smoke, Applewood, recommended: Wright’s, 1 cap
  3. Barbecue Seasoning, recommended: Gates, 3 teaspoons.BBQ Beer Brats 013
  4. Barbecue Sauce, recommended : Gates, 5 tablespoons
  5. Stir Fry Oil, recommended: Tsang, 2 to 3 teaspoons
  6. Beer, recommended: Bud Ice, 16 oz (or half of the can)
  7. Baked Beans Maple & Cured Bacon, recommended: Bush’s Best, 28 oz.
  8. Soft Pretzel Sausage Buns, recommended: Pretzilla, 1 per Brat
  9. Celery Seeds, recommended: Tone’s, ¼ teaspoon
  10. Ground Mustard, recommended: Tone’s, ¼ teaspoon
  11. Red Onions, diced or sliced, ¼ cup
  12. Parchment Paper Sheets, recommended: Reynolds Kitchen, 1Brats and Beer 013


  1. Pre-season the Brats 30 minutes before cook time or the day ahead. Score the Brats and add to a plastic storage bag.
  2. Add the BBQ Seasoning, Celery Seeds Stir Fry Oil and Liquid Smoke to the bag. Massage into the Brats
  3. Marinade 30 minutes or overnight.
  4. Pre-heat the skillet. I used a Cast Iron Grill skillet and pre-heated for 3 minutes.Brats and Beer 017
  5. Grill the Brats 3 minutes per side
  6. Remove from heat and deglaze with Beer. I had the pour the Beer a little at a time so that it did not flare up. The heated Beer had great aroma.
  7. Add chopped BBQ Sauce, Onions and Ground Mustard.
  8. Cover and cook on low for 30 minutes.
  9. Next, you can toast the Pretzilla bun and serve with a pickle.
  10. The next day, I added the Baked Beans to the same skillet and cooked on low for 1 ½ hours. You can also use a Slow Cooker.Brats and Beer 018
  11. This made an “easy” lunch because I could cut up one Brat with some of the Baked Beans and eat it in a bowl.

Beer Margarita:

  1. Tequila, your favorite brand or recommended: Patron, 1.5 oz (or Jigger shot)
  2. Beer, your favorite brand or recommended: Bud Light, 12 oz.
  3. Margarita Mixer (with Key Lime Juice & Agave Nectar), your favorite brand or recommended: Master of Mixes, 1.5 oz (or Jigger shot).Brats and Beer 025
  4. Add a splash of Orange Juice (or Lemon Lime soda)
  5. Add an Ice Cube, 1. Don’t go over the Smoothie limit, mine is 20 oz. Fill, Blend and get Drunk!

Holy Beer Foam! It was like opening a can of beer that was shaken. Open slowly over a sink. Watch out for the beer explosion.

Beer Update: I was using the wrong method to order it Sad smile.  I used my iPhone Liquor app and found my favorite beer. Happy times!Brats and Beer 031

Happy Birthday Queen Gina! My little sister is gone, but not forgotten and still very much loved.





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