Funkytown Limburger Burger

Limburger Burger 055I LOVE Disco music! It seemed like “funky” was popular back in the 70s and 80s. For example, songs like:

Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry or Funkytown by Lipps, Inc.

Then came along “Once More With Feeling” the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical, Season 6, Episode 7 in Nov. 2001.

I must admit that I love all of the songs, but my favorite is when Limburger CheeseXander and Anya sing “I’ll Never Tell,” “She eats these Skeezy cheeses, that I can’t describe.”

I guess that Limburger can be considered skeezy, stanky and only for the brave. I have an “iron gut” so I think I will survive this. If not, someone call 9-1-1!

I remember watching the 3 Stooges a long time ago, in an episode with Limburger cheese. They cracked me up. So in the name of science, I will try it. Maybe it won’t be so bad. After all, I like Feta cheese, Chitterlings and Kimchee.


  1. Prime Rib Beef Steak Patties, 4Burger Prep4
  2. Limburger Cheese, recommended: Champion, 1 oz per patty
  3. Soft Pretzel Buns, recommended: Pretzilla, 4
  4. Liquid Smoke, recommended: Wright’s, 1 cap or less
  5. Soy Sauce, 1 teaspoon
  6. Worcestershire Sauce, 1 teaspoon
  7. Granulated Garlic, recommended: Hy-Vee, ¼ teaspoon
  8. Chicago Steak seasoning, recommended: Weber, ¼ teaspoon
  9. Granulated Beef Flavor Bouillon, recommended: Knorr, ¼ teaspoonLimburger Burger 018
  10. Mushroom Rub Porcini, recommended: Manitou, ¼ teaspoon
  11. Truffle Zest, recommended: Sabatino, ¼ teaspoon
  12. Butter, Unsalted, ½ teaspoon, divided
  13. Balsamic Vinegar, 1 teaspoon
  14. Red onion, sliced
  15. Beefsteak Tomato, sliced
  16. Bacon, 1 slice per burger
  17. Sliced Dill Pickles, about 1 to 2 per patty
  18. Mustard, German/Organic, recommended: 365 Everyday Value, as neededBurger Wet Rub3


  1. I had to prep the burgers in advance and then freeze them. Make a well (indent) into each burger. Divide the Butter into 4 pieces, and place in the well on each burger.
  2. Mix the Liquid Smoke, Soy Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce, then apply evenly on burgers.
  3. Mix the Granulated Garlic, Chicago Steak seasoning, Granulated Beef Bouillon, Porcini Mushroom Rub and Truffle Zest. Apply evenly on top of wet rub.Burger Dry Rub2
  4. Bring patties to room temperature.
  5. Preheat a skillet and fry the bacon.
  6. Remove the bacon and fry the patties, 5 minutes, with butter-side down first, then 3 minutes on other side.
  7. Deglaze with Balsamic Vinegar.
  8. Add Limburger cheese to the 2nd side for 2 minutes and top with bacon.
  9. Remove patties and let them rest for 5 minutes.
  10. Toast the Pretzel buns in the same skillet
  11. Slice the Tomato and Red onion.
  12. Add Mustard, Pickles, Tomato slice, Onion slice and Bacon on the bun. Top with the Burger and enjoy the funk!Patties4

On the “Funk-O-Meter” from 1 to 10, with Chitterlings being the funkiest # 10, I would rate Feta Cheese an 8 and Limburger Cheese a 4. It adds just extra “Umami” bomb of flavor. Sort of like an aged Swiss Cheese. Give it a try. You might like it.

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Dance More with Feeling! The Vampire Dancer Saga tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Once moreMarch, 1990; Sunnihell, CA

“Hey everyone, get over here!” Echo said. She’d gotten her name from her loud voice and they could clearly hear her even though the music was playing loudly. “What is it?” Wiz said, coming over to see. “Oh, It’s just the Riverdance Irish Dancers. Their gimmick is old, but I guess they are still on point. They’re a lot better than I thought,” Will Potter chimed in. Suddenly Zanadu’s eyes went wide, “Am I the only one that’s noticing this?” Everyone peered Buffyharder at the performance, trying to see what they were doing that had caught her attention. Captain Reynolds Rapper was the last to make it over to see what was going on, but he noticed immediately. “Something’s not right here. Those guys are ghosts. It’s a pretty good disguise, but I can see through it. I bet the crowd doesn’t know a thing though,” he said making his way up to the others. “It’s worse than that. They’re casting a spell with their moves. Angela, can you make out what they are trying to do? I don’t have the spell knowledge that you do.”

AngelAngela whipped out special glasses so that she could focus more. “They trying to kill everyone and possess their souls!” she said. They scrambled for a bit trying to figure out how to stop them. “Wait, the spell needs approval. In order for it to completely work, they have to win the competition,” Angela told everyone. “That means we’ll have to dance better than we ever have. It’s a good thing we had that corned beef and cabbage earlier at the St. Patrick’s Day dinner; we’ll need the energy,” Buff Dude said. Firefly“Okay Team Mutant, no mistakes. Everyone dance with everything you have. When we’re done, I want them to say that it’s the best dance performance that ever happened in the 1990’s. I want future generations showing their kids our dancing on VHS so nobody ever forgets how amazing we are. Let’s do this!”

How does this end?  To find out, purchase your copy of The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 2 today!

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The Vampire Dancer Saga Front Cover JPGTWITTER:


Belly Dancer Tribute 1/29/12: Bert Balladine (Petaluma, CA) original Tweet 9/26/11, What is your favorite memory of Bert Balladine?

Bert1Belly Dancer Tribute 1/26/12: Bert Balladine (Petaluma, CA) original Tweet 9/26/11

I LOVE Bert Balladine (1927-2009)!  I first met him at a workshop sponsored by Carol Shannon back in the early 1980s in Fort Worth, TX.  That workshop was so cool.  I also met Amaya and Yasmeen Samra at that event.

There is no other workshop like a workshop with Bert Balladine.  It is more of a “family” gathering.  He is not far away from the dancers, he is up close, personal and in-your-face, in a good way.  Very involved instructor, you don’t feel like a stranger, it’s like you’ve known him all of your life.

I learned one of my most favorite dance steps from Bert, I call it a Basic Beledi step.  Whenever I perform it, or use it in a dance, it brings back a fond memory of meeting him in person.  I loved how Bert made great partnerships with dancers, such as Sula, Carol Shannon, Soraya, Amaya, Shalimar Serene, etc.  Those dance duets were fabulous!

I also had the honor of having him teach a workshop in my hometown with Soraya from Oklahoma City, OK; that was the most financially successful workshop I ever sponsored.

I miss Bert, he’s was like a big brother, so cool, so talented and so down to earth.  A lot of dance workshops are a very “serious” affair.  The instructor has a planned syllabus of instruction and follows it to the letter.  But when you had the honor to be at one of Bert’s workshops, you learned a lot, but you also had so much fun being involved with his personal stories, laughing with him and the way he made each dance student feel special and a part of a family.  With many workshops, it is a “cold” impersonal collection of dancers, but with Bert it was so warm, friendly and personal.

He made dance a lot of fun!  Not that you did not learn a lot when you studied with him, but the process of learning was so fun.  You danced a lot, you learned a lot, but you also laughed a lot.  Here’s to you Bert!
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I will be posting some of my original Dancer Tributes in WordPress, only the early ones that were in Twitter only, not WordPress.  Back when I first starting posting the dancer tributes on Twitter I only had 2 subscribers.  Now that I have more, I realized that a lot of people missed my early dancer tributes.  But as I am reposting those, I will also keep adding new content for topics like Dance Choreography, new Dancer tributes, etc.

Now is your time to Join the Conversation!  Comments, Questions, concerns, tributes are all welcome!

What is your favorite memory of Bert Balladine?