12/25/11 Belly Merry Xmas to you & yours! Happy Holidays from Shalimar Ali

Jingle Belly DanceThese are a few of my favorite things

M Mesmera, one of my favorite dancers

E Eddie Kochak, one of my favorite musicians

R Raja, another favorite musician

R Rania, love her belly dance videos

Y Yasmeen Samra, a belly dance role model and mentor

X Xena Princess Warrior, costumes & theme music similar to belly dance, see pics below

M Marta Schill, author, the Compleat Belly Dancer, MEDCA, Cairo Carnival

A Amaya, glad to have attended her Shake & Bake festival, twice

S Sahda Sabri, the first person to invite me to dance out of town in her workshop show

Xena Opening Credit