Guest Blog from Pics4u: Dance Fads crazes for the past 50 years

MC HammerDance fad crazes for the past 50 years

Dancing has been around for many years. David danced in the bible. There are records of people dancing in the middle ages. Dancing is in movies, in churches, in schools, and music videos. There have been so many different forms and styles of dancing. Some have been popular. Some have been not so popular. Some dances have even been around for many years, and some dances leave as fast as they have come. With so many dances evolving all over the world everyday, you would have to constantly be glued to the television to keep up.

“Come on baby, wont you do the Twist” The Twist is one of many dance fads that has made its name known in the past 50 years. In 1960, Chubby Checker did a remake to one of Hank Ballard’s songs, making it a hit sensation. There has been so many more dance crazes, like the Twist, that has blessed us with its presence. The Moonwalk is one of Michael MoonwalkJackson’s most signature dance moves. It first came out in the 80’s and has still been one move that many try to do, some have failed, but some have succeeded. The moves are done by walking backwards without having your feet leave the ground. MC Hammer made a dance craze when he released his very popular song, “You Can’t Touch This”, in the 90’s. With its crab like moves, The Hammer dance is still performed by people today. The Macarena, made by Los del Rio’, was a popular dance in 1994. In 1996, the song became extremely popular in the United States, making it a number one hit. The dance that went with the song involved different hand movements.

Another popular dance song that has swept the world recently is the Gangman Style. It came out in July of the year 2012 and it became the first video on YouTube to reach over a billion views and hits on December 21, The Dougie2012. The Dougie came out in 2010. The very popular song “Teach Me How to Dougie”, by Cali Swag District, debuted the Dougie and became platinum in the United States. Every one of all ages was doing the Dougie; even the famous Ellen DeGeneres was seen doing the Dougie on one of her episodes of the Ellen Show with Justin Beiber. Today, the NaeNae is the newest dance craze. “Drop That NaeNae” performed by WeAreToonz, is the song that the NaeNae is danced to. There are so many videos on YouTube of people attempting to do the NaeNae in different unique styles. There is even a video of people dressed up as the very famous Disney characters Daffy, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Chubby Checkerand Minnie Mouse. They are all performing the NaeNae.

Almost everyone has fallen in love with one or more of the dance fads of the last 50 years. If a person is a professional dancer or just someone who likes to have fun, anybody can do a dance. Whether you love them or hate them, they will always be around.




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The Vampire Dancer Saga: Part 10 – Dancing with Wolves 6/17/12

VampireDancer1A fictional tale of dances from the 1900s-2010s

Part 10: Dancing with Wolves, the 1990s

Voodoo expert Granny Smith lived long enough to see her grandson Dolf grow up in St. Louis. Dolf took great pride in teaching his sons, Lance, Regent and Dolf Jr., how to be a man. He made sure his sons took boxing lessons and that above all, they protected the women in the family.

Granny was so impressed with her grandson Dolf, that she created a special gift for his sons. She gathered the blood of a wolf, ram and hart. She created Macarena1special voodoo dolls and did a spell that will ensure each great grandson had a special gift on their 21st birthday.

It was Dolf’s 21st birthday but little did he know, his favorite niece Shawntay, had planned a surprise birthday party for her favorite uncle Dolf, after they returned from a Dance Audition at the St. Louis Dance Grandstand show.

Hip Hop1Shawntay and her best friend, Popcorn and favorite cousin TayLynn watched the show every Saturday night. They would dance along to the dancers on the show and learn great moves for the Macarena and Hip Hop dancing.

Shawntay was just pulling up to her mom’s house, Sherry, to put out Uncle Ben’s favorite foods for the party. He loved to BBQ and also enjoyed his wife Brenna’s special version of country ribs, greens and cornbread. Most of the other family members had arrived early for the party to help with the food and decorations. Tam, TayLynn’s mom made a great Rum Cake. Dolf’s sister, Gia made Liver & Onions and Hip Hop3Kandy made Brisket for the party. Sister Sherry made her famous Chili.

Popcorn, TayLynn & ShawnTay had on their best outfits and make up for the audition. They taught the family members how to do the Macarena before leaving. They said, “Don’t start the party without us, we’ll be back in 1 hour to surprise Uncle Dolf.”

Devil DogWhen they came back in 1 hour to tell the family the good news that they won the audition, they noticed several dogs circling their car. The dogs barked and growled at them and scared the 3 girls from getting out of the car. These wore not regular dogs. These dogs had red eyes and looked devilish and demonic.

Just then, Uncle Dolf pulled up. He noticed the dogs harassing the girls but right then he felt a strange feeling. He was so angry at the dogs and did not understand why the dogs did not want the girls to get out of their car.Dog Family Tree

The blood was pumping in Dolf’s veins and he got so angry that all of a sudden he felt very, very strange. He noticed hair growing rapidly on his arms. His mouth felt weird like his teeth were being reshaped.

The girls looked at Uncle Dolf and began screaming, Uncle Dolf is turning into a big, bad wolf!

After the transformation was complete, Uncle Dolf began fighting the dogs. He tore each dog in half until they were all dead.

Wolf fighting DogA funny thing happened, after each dog was dead, their bodies suddenly disappeared.

Just then a strange lady came out of nowhere. She also had the red eyes and demonic look. She screamed at Dolf and the girls and said, “I told your Great Grandma to never come to St. Louis!”

They looked up and saw Granny Smith running out of the house. She said, “Back off bitch!  Caroline, I told you that we will meet again in St. Louis!” Hop4
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What was your favorite dance or dancer from the 1990s?