Happy Birthday Gina/Gia!!!! April 6th

Liver Onion2My real life sister Gina, is the character Gia in The Vampire Dancer Saga.  She is the same age as Vanessa Williams, so I was glad to make them “friends” in Miss Vampire America dances to win the Crown, the 1980s in the Vampire Dancer Saga (Part 1). 

The last meal my sister Gina cooked me was Liver and Onions.  I remember going over to her apartment for a meal cooked by her and then-boyfriend Sam.  They served me Liver with Onions, gravy and rice.  It was SO GOOD!  I licked my plate clean and sopped up the remaining gravy in the pan with some bread!!! I’ve never had Livers & Onions that tasted so good!  I think that Gina cooked them better than my mom, even though my Mom probably taught her how to make it.Mary J2

Gina LOVED music by Mary J. Blige.  But my mom was “old school” and thought that Mary J was a horrible singer.  Mom thought she was a good performer, but said that if you listen to her songs without looking at her, that she was not a great singer.  But I’m glad that my mom let me play “No More Drama” at Gina’s funeral.

Gina was the BEST dancer in our Dance Troupe.  And she was so pretty.  I really envied her looks and wish I looked more like her.




Happy Birthday my beautiful and talented little Sister!  I know that you are dancing and serving up some great Liver & Onions in Heaven!!!  I love you!!!!

Try some Liver & Onions tonight with the recipe from AllRecipes.com

Miss Vampire America dances to win the Crown, the 1980s
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“Hurry up Gia! You don’t want to miss my mom’s piano lesson. We have to finish on time so we can practice our dances for the contest,” said Vanilla. Gia and Vanilla were best friends at Syracuse University. Gia was visiting Vanilla the week before they were due to compete in the Miss Vampire America contest. Gia had won the state contest in Missouri and Vanilla was representing New York.

This was Gia’s first time in a national contest so she was surprised at how friendly the other contestants were. This year’s pageant would feature 13 unlucky competitors. Gia and Vanilla met 10 competitors one night at a pool party 2 days before the big contest:

Creep Kampvand
Susie May
Lynda Savage
Die U-British
Savvy Gavvy
Disgusting Bette
Vivid Wolf
Suzy Can’t Pass Up
Suzy Charlene Backstab
Marla Shrivel

They joked around, had some Margaritas and told everyone which dances they planned to do for the Dance Competition of the contest.

Vivid was going to show her best Cabbage Patch dance moves. Disgusting said she was the queen of the Moonwalk. Both Gia and Marla had the ability to see past and future events. So Marla bragged that one day she will marry The Running Man. Savvy liked doing the Roger Rabbit, Slam Dancing and the Sprinkler. While Vanilla admitted to doing the Robot and the Worm when no one was watching. Each lady took a turn showing off their favorite dances.

But when it was Gia’s time to demonstrate the Electric Slide, she accidentally “glamoured” instead.

Gia began predicting future events during the glamour dance and since Marla was so near their combined supernatural abilities combined and shifted the 12 ladies into an Alternate Universe.

They looked around and noticed they were in a kitchen watching a woman cook some very Soulful Food. The lady’s arm caught on fire and Vivid was the first to react and help her. Fat Momma said, “You feel right at home in this kitchen Vivid”. Vanilla got mad at Vivid because she just remembered when Vivid stole her man. Vivid decided to stay in Fat Momma’s kitchen and told the remaining 11 to press on.

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