Sneak peek at the Vampire Dancer Saga Part 5, Fan Fiction: In 2017 Slavery never ended

Copyright 2017 Shalimar Ali

In 2017, Slavery never ended

800px-Thomas_Edison2Sallie Cherry is a light-skinned slave in 1890. She has never worked the fields. But kept inside Master’s house to keep her skin light.

This made her more acceptable to do light duties like washing dishes, laundry and tending to her slave master’s children.

Even though slavery ended officially on Dec. 8, 1865, the house niggers and field niggers were not aware that it ended.

Ro’Zha and Drake had travelled back to 1890 to continue their quest to change the outcome of slavery.

They asked each other, how and why a situation like slavery ever came to be?

They looked this situation from the perspective of the Slave Owner and the Slave. How did this come to being?

From the slave master perspective it was 100% win-win. They can play GOD!

BillyBobThorntonHWOFFeb2012cropThis means they can kill any human. Rape any black girl or woman. And to boot, get free labor to build their county?

How and why would a slave go along with this unfair existence?

A simple answer: BRAINWASHING!

This does not mean that the slaves were stupid, ignorant or dumb.

It just means that they were outnumbered and had a language barrier.

It is pretty easy to be brainwashed if you don’t understand the language. And see the white men lynch other blacks on a daily basis. Also rape black girls and women everyday. And kill and torture all blacks.

There was a sense of hopelessness for your survival. If you just simply wanted to live, you had to abide by what the white man said. This form of brainwashing to survive to live, endured, even to the year 2017. Not as subtle as it was in 1890, but a road map to make sure that you lived, even through compliance.

Halle_Berry_by_Gage_SkidmoreSallie Cherry was no different. Even though she was light-skinned, she had been raped by many white men on the plantation and was also beaten.

The slave owner, Bobby Billy, often entertained celebrities like Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison visited visited Bobby’s plantation in St. Louis, MO. Thomas was there to show off his new movie picture and get entries into his movie contest called the Racso Awards for the best movies.

Even though this award show was pretty new, no slaves had been nominated, except for Pattie Daniels for her role playing the black mammy in the Winds are Gone. Leanna Thorne was a successful actress loved by both blacks and whites. But she insisted that her film roles be successful and truthful to the fact that slavery was over. So she refused to play mammy roles or slave master concubine roles.

Leanna Thorne also refused to allow nudity or sex in any of her movies. So when her movie, the Weather is Stormy was released, there was the utmost respect for her as an actress and for the positive role model she portrayed.

Thomas Edison bragged about how he had so much respect from the movie industry. He said that his movie studio, Gate of the Lion, wanted entries for the Rasco Awards.

Charlize_Theron_Cannes_2015_2Bobby Billy was good friends with two actresses, Thera Charlize and Janet Gaynor. Janet Gaynor was best known for her work in 7th Heaven.

Thera Charlize was interested in getting nominated for a movie similar to Mandingo. Thera wanted to be nude and have sex with a black prison guard. She proposed having Den Wash play her leading man to Gate of the Lion pictures.

Louie Mayer Oscar was outraged. He threatened to lynch Den Wash for even considering having sex with a nude white woman.

He said if Thera ever made that type of movie, she would be tarred and feathered and then lynched like a nigger.

When Sallie heard that Thera was threatened, she volunteered to be nude and have sex with a white man on screen. They forced her to have sex with them anyway, so why not?

Denzel_Washington_croppedShe felt there was nothing wrong with being a slave masters concubine, so why not get paid for it? She was a free slave, so why not be a whore?

So Sallie begged Thomas Edison to film her and Bobby Billy having sex in a film that had a similar plot to Mandingo, but reversed. Then she asked Tom Edison to nominate her for a Rasco award.

The Slaves had a support group called the pecans or PCAAN for short. The PCAAN group was mighty pissed about blacks not being nominated for leading roles for the Rasco awards,

The PCAAN was going to boycott the Rasco awards and made sure Louie Mayer Oscar knew about the boycott.

Louie did not want a boycott. So he devised a plan. Lets make sure those niggers get an award. But the award has to be one where the niggers are degraded.

Lena_Horne_1961So that means that Leanna Thorne will never be nominated. Her films show a positive portrayal of black womanhood.

Thera Charlize and Den Wash went ahead and filmed the movie Mandingo because they thought it might win an award. Before the Rasco ceremony, both actors where found hanging from a tree, lynched.

The reverse of Mandingo was accepted by the Rasco awards and in fact gave Sallie Cherry a Rasco for best lead actress.

Drake and Ro’Zha had snuck into the Award ceremony and watched from the kitchen. Since Sallie could not accept her award.

Sallie gave her Rasco acceptance speech in the kitchen, surrounded by only black slaves, Drake and Ro’Zha.

Janet_Gaynor-publicityRo’Zha interrupted her speech and simply asked why, are you brainwashed?

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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson; Dancing Queens of Outer Space and OZ!

Fivver Oz PaintingChapter 8 Dancing Queens of Outer Space
August 1940; Wichita, KS

Another concept better elaborated on by science in the 3000’s, were those of heaven and hell. Heaven and Hell were proven not to be just ideological concepts, but actually a series of planets where spirits were transported after their mortal deaths on earth. It was not uncommon to see planets that were absolute paradise, though only accessible to those who died, living well and who wanted to go to a particular planet. Somehow, through a VITAS 1939 Wizard of Ozerror of security, The Wicked Bitches of the East, South, West and North got through to one of these paradise planets. The Bitches left absolute chaos and destruction in their wake, having set fire to several levels of the VITAS Nexus and having decapitated many vampires older than Christ or Methuselah.

The operation, while devilishly planned and devastating in its nature, had a flaw. Rather than ruin the Paradise of Men Who Like Beer as they had intended, the Bitches came through on the Paradise of Women Who Act Kindly, a mostly male devoid planet indeed. Nevertheless, the Bitches went to work, burning and slicing and sending out flying monkeys alongside other various minions, knowing that even if The Wizthey were somehow defeated, they could come back, and maybe with the Nexus of the VITAS so damaged, would be able to destroy all paradises.

This particular paradise was based on the beloved Gizzard of Woz story, as luck would have it, and each of the Wicked Bitches became uncomfortably aware of what happened to the witch at the very end. They attacked without mercy and without hesitation. Small 1940’s looking towns were burned, with people still inside.  Trees that could talk and sing were cut down without hesitation, their red sap thick and sticky. The Bitches conjured up the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion in wicked parody and marched upon the Bellow Urick Road towards the Sapphire City, and center of the Paradise.

WickedJust when it appeared that all had been lost to the wrath of the bitches, seven people appeared up the road, surprisingly, three of them male dancers sent after the Bitches from VITAS. Judy Garland, Diana Ross, Zooey Deschanel, Idina Menzel, Buddy Ebsen, Jack Haley, and Bert Lahr, all previously associated with Gizzard of Woz works in their own lifetime, now stood to defend what had become their heaven.

The Wicked Bitches, unable to match the Jitterbug the team forced upon them, sent their flying monkeys in a hail to bite and tear the dancers limb from limb.  As it was, with hardly Kathleen Robertson Evil Witch Tin Mana break in step, Zooey clicked her ruby slippered heels three times and disappeared.  The others did the same.  Enraged, the Wicked Bitch of the North flew high above the Bellow Urick Road and scanned the surrounding countryside madly for those who had dared to challenge her.  The three men were far to the north west, beside the city gates, while the women had gone far south, amidst the destruction the Bitches had left in their wake.  And still they did their maddening jitterbug, which made the Bitches feel compelled to flee the planet without delay.  The witches sent their summoned Tin man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion after women, while they went for the men from VITAS. Jackson

Please sign my petition to make August 29th a Michael Jackson Holiday!

Judy GarlandDiana Ross and Toto the WizZooey in Tin Man

Glinda Good Witch 1939Wiz Good Witch Lena Horne

Wizard of Oz backgroundGyro Greek Salad


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The Vampire Dancer Saga: Part 6 – Dancing Back and Forth to the Future, 6/21/12

VampireDancer1A fictional tale of dances from the 1900s-2010s

Part 6 – Dancing Back and Forth to the Future, the 1950s

Lance was looking forward to his 21st birthday party tomorrow. He was dating 2 different girls and could not decide which one to invite to the party. He was looking forward to buy liquor because he is now of legal age, not being glamoured by his mom to look older.

Also Lance knew he was going to get a special “supernatural” gift from Granny on his 21st birthday. He was so anxious to find out that he could barely sleep for the past week.

1950sLance, Regent and Kief decided to use Granny’s Glamour potion to take a quick “peak” into the future to see what would happen if he invited one of the girls.

They knew where Leana kept the potion so Lance decided to “borrow” just enough to allow him to see into tomorrow’s future. But little did he know, Regent and Kief also decided to “borrow” a little bit of the potion to go a bit further into the future to see their 21st birthdays too.

The 3 young men were so excited about the journey into the future. They borrowed Uncle Nat’s car and hopped in before taking the potion. Gia caught them with the potion. She said, “Don’t use the potion Lance. It is wrong to use the potion to see into the future.”

Bill Haley ElvisLance laughed at her and said, “I’m almost grown now. So go back the house you little Brat and don’t tell anyone!”

Lance drank his potion and told his homeboys he will be back in a few minutes after he sees how his party turns out. But right as Lance drank his potion, Regent and Kief also drank their potion.

The combined potion was too strong. Instead of going 1 day in the future, they went back in time to the past.

They were still in the same neighborhood but everything looked strange. The cars looked like old fishtails. The girls were wearing poodle skirts. And for some reason, there were no African American people on their block.Car

They hid the car behind the Fraction School parking lot and walked around the school. They heard a school dance going on inside and decided to take a look.

A group of kids rushed to them and said, “No Coloreds Allowed! Unless you are with the band.”

Lance, Regent and Kief did in fact have a singing group and sometimes sang old songs taught to them by Uncle FrankieNat. Nat taught them the words to Little Bitty Pretty One by Frankie Lymon. Then later on they sang the version by the Jackson 5.

The school crowd went wild when Lance, Regent and Keif performed Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. The girls were screaming. The kids started doing all sorts of popular dances like the Jive, Chicken and Madison.

Then they saw a familiar face in the crowd. A young lady looked like their old Granny Smith, but a much younger, prettier version.

BuddyHollyShe started dancing towards them and they got scared. They recognized Granny’s Voodoo dance that can be used to Glamour. Young Granny Smith shouted to the boys, “So you like to visit the future? Let’s see how much you like this!”

With that, young Granny threw back in time. They were in their car looking at the neighborhood around them. The street looked so familiar, just like their old block in the Mockingbird Estates. But instead of a Liquor store on the corner, it was a Dress Shop. The mannequin in the dress shop seemed to changing clothes pretty quickly. The dresses started out very long and looked Victorian. Then the dress got shorter and had fringe like a Flapperflapper dress. The dress on the mannequin kept changing, and at one point it was a short mini dress with go go boots. Then as the time progressed, the mannequin dress started looking weird. At one point the dress was made of meat. And at another point the dress was made of metal.

Suddenly time stopped. The boys got out of the car and walked around. The houses were gone and replaced by super tall buildings. They walked a few feet from where the liquor store would be in their old block and entered the very tall building.

Lance was teleported inside. To his big surprise, he saw Granny Smith, now old again, their mom, dad, sisters and the rest of the family.Bopper1

Happy Birthday Lance! What? They threw him a surprise birthday party in the future? How sweet. Turns out that Mare was at the party, so now Lance knew which girl to invite.

But what happened to Regent and Kief?

As it turned out Gia did snitch to Granny Smith that the boys snuck into the Glamour Potion. Right at that time Regent and Kief were teleported back to 1950, but this time in a different location. They looked around and everything looked strange. They saw a lot of pineapples and sugar canes. A lot of the women were doing a hula dance and wearing leis.

Hula1One of the dancers approached them and said that Granny gave them a special gift. They are visiting a state that will soon be the 50th state of America. Granny wanted them to know that when they join the military one day, that they will come back to visit the Island. They will meet 2 beautiful dancing girls that they will marry back in the states.

She said, "The dancing girls cannot wait to Meet you in St. Louis.”













Elvis2 cha
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What was your favorite song, singer, dance or dancer from the 1950s?

Entertainer Tribute 4/12/12: RuPaul (San Diego, CA). Who is your most beautiful entertainer?

Rupaul1Entertainer Tribute 4/12/12: RuPaul (San Diego, CA)


I was upset when I read those headlines today.  I agree with Ashley 100% that it is woman-hating!

Men are never dissed for having puffy faces, puffy bellies, gray hair, wrinkles or stretch marks.  Only women.Rupaul2

This is such a narcissistic society that only in America do you see crazy headlines like this.

It is to me a form of bullying as well.  Why are people picking on Ashley and being so critical of her looks?

She is a great actress and I always enjoy her movies.  I don’t watch her movies for beauty, I watch them for her acting talent.  Regardless, that is so shallow and stupid for people to even bring that up.

Rupaul3Which brings up the question: WHO IS YOUR MOST BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINER?

I have always thought performers like Diana Ross, Cher, Lena Horne, Elizabeth Taylor and including Ashley Judd are both talented and beautiful.

But one performer sticks out in my mind as the most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.  Guess who?  RUPAUL!!!

Rupaul4That sounds crazy, but Rupaul looks better than most women, even though he is a man in drag.

If I could meet any performer in person and ask for tips on great makeup for entertainers, hair styling tips and fashion sense, it would be Rupaul.

Hell, he looks way better than me!

He works the makeup, wigs and costumes better than most women.

Sure, sometimes he goes overboard and looks too much like a DRAG QUEEN.  But most of the time, he does look like a very beautiful woman.  Puffy cheeks and all.  I am truly envious of RuPaul.  I agree with Rupaul’s statement about wigs and makeup being so important in show business.  I would LOVE to have Rupaul give me a makeover.  Check out his/her shows on Logo TV.



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Now is your time to Join the Conversation! Comments, questions, concerns, controversy, rebuttals, tributes, blog suggestions, guest bloggers, etc., are all welcome!

Who is your most beautiful entertainer?

Dancer Tribute 1/11/12: Katherine Dunham (Glen Ellyn, IL)

Katherine1Dancer Tribute 1/11/12: Katherine Dunham (Glen Ellyn, IL)

An amazing dance pioneer!

Outstanding dancer, choreographer and innovator!

One of the all time dance great!

Katherine Dunham.

In 1945, she opened and directed the Katherine Dunham School of Dance and Theatre near Times Square in New York City after her Dance Company was provided with rent-free studio space for 3 years by an admirer, Lee Shubert; it had an initial enrollment of 350 students.

Her alumni included many future celebrities, such as Eartha Kitt, who, as a teenager, won a scholarship to her school and later became one of her dancers before moving on to a successful singing career. Others who attended her school included James Dean, Gregory Peck, Jose Ferrer, Jennifer Jones, Shelley Winters, Sidney Poitier, Shirley MacLaine, Doris Duke and Warren Beatty. Marlon Brando frequently dropped in to play the bongo drums, and jazz musician Charles Mingus held regular jam sessions with the drummers. Known for her many innovations, she developed a dance pedagogy named the Dunham Technique which won international acclaim and is now taught as a modern dance style in dance schools, including at the Harkness Dance Center of the 92nd Street Y.

One of my all time favorite movies is Stormy Weathers.  I love and admire many of the performers in it like Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Lena Horne, Cab Calloway and Fats Waller (both appearing as themselves), the Nicholas Brothers dancing duo, comedy team Miller and Lyles, singer Ada Brown, and Katherine Dunham with her dance troupe.
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