What-cha watching on TV Tonight? Dancing with the Stars, Bone, Alphas and/or Warehouse 13?

DWTS1I love it when the new FALL TV season starts!!!  Woohoo!!!  What I don’t LOVE is when you have to decide which favorite show to watch:

Dancing with the Stars, Season 15
Bones, Season 8
Alphas, Season 2
Warehouse13, Season 4

Zzzzzzz, I’m getting very sleepy from watching a REPEAT of Celebrities from Seasons past.  I agree with Joey Lawrence, that if you are going to do Celebrity REPEATS, then it should be either All WINNERS or All Pam Anderson Damian WhitewoodLOSERS!  Not a good idea to mix both.  I thought I would never be tortured again by bristroldancestiffasaboardpalin.  Sadly, she’s back for more torture!  I will try my best not to pull my hair out, or maybe just watch a few seconds and then change the channel.  Why oh why must we be forced to such a horrible dancer?  Thank goodness they did not bring Kate Gosselin + Bristol = 2 many non-dancers.  But there are some good apples in the mix, like Joey Fatone, Kirstie Alley & Pam Anderson.  I love it when the DWTS season stops, but the celebrities keep dancing, like Joey and Pam did.  Kirstie Alley is a hoot!  I love the “spice” and sass she brings.  And she keeps Maks Chmerkovskiy in line!  I am a huge fan of Tristan MacManus!  I voted for him with Nancy Grace and Gladys Knight!  Go team Pam & Tristan!!!  I will be rooting for Joey, Pam & Kirstie tonight.

Normally, I would DVR Dancing with Stars and watch Bones instead, since they air at the same time.  But tonight’s episode of Bones looks a bit boring!  Last week was great, bringing Temperance back and re-uniting her family.  I cried!  I normally don’t watch many crime or medical shows, but hey, David Boreanaz was Angel, and where Angel goes, I follow!

Alphas2My brother said that this show copies off X-Men and that is so true.  I love Alphas, it is a great Monday night treat when sandwiched with Warehouse 13.  It also has the very cool Malik Yoba, ya’ll know I want him to play Big Daddy Baker in The Vampire Dancer Saga one day on TV or in a movie.

Warehouse 13WAREHOUSE 13:
Another great, quirky show on the Sci-Fi Channel.  Speaking of the Sci-Fi Channel, Warehouse 13 and Alphas are the only 2 shows I watch on this network.  They used to have a lot of great shows, but went all “commercial” and cares more about making money from un-related sci-fi, like wrestling shows.  Greedy, but not cool Sad smile

House Hunters1HOUSE HUNTERS:
Yep, I admit I LOVE House Hunters!  I work from home and I DVR House Hunters every day.  So I watch a new episode during my 30 minute lunch break with some popcorn.  I have been a fan since the show started and wish I could be on the show one day.  Tonight’s episode airs at 10/9 Central.

So glad they moved Grimm to Fridays, so I can watch that with Fringe.  Can’t wait for the Fringe final season premiere episode.  I don’t care for the “Visitors” storyline, I think, they jumped the shark with that and it killed the show.  Wish they had gone a different direction, but I will be still be watching till the end.  I would be cool if Sci-Fi Channel picked up Fringe or NBC.

My birthday was last Saturday and I got some cool birthday gifts:Alphas

  • Alphas, Season 1 DVD
  • Fringe, Season 3 DVD
  • Grimm, Season 1 DVD
  • Once Upon a Time, Season 1 DVD
  • Warehouse 13, Season 3 DVD
  • The Vampire Diaries, Season 3 DVD

Warehouse13I also got a new ViewSonic Windows 7/Android tablet, but can’t figure heads or tales of that thing, so ready to send it back or resell it on eBay.  Last month I got True Blood, Seasons 1-4 on eBay and that was a great, cheap deals.  I’m in DVD heaven.  Can someone explain how to get the Tablet Wi-Fi to work on both Android and Windows 7?  It wants to do only one or the other Sad smile  Can’t wait to see Once Upon a Time 2 hour season premiere on Sunday, Sept 30th Smile





DWTS2What are your favorite TV shows this Season?

What do you plan to watch tonight, this week, this season?

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Dancer Tribute 2/7/12: Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Odessa, Ukraine), What is your favorite dance or rant by Maksim Chmerkovskiy?

Maks1Dancer Tribute 2/7/12: Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Odessa, Ukraine)

Ahhh, the sweet, sexy eye candy, known as the Chmerkovskiy brothers Val & Maks) on Dancing with the Stars.  Maks you know you look hot!!!

My favorite quote from one of his dance partners was from Laila Ali, when she said something like, “don’t get no attitude with me, I said I want to do the step again.”  Stuff like that cracks me up, because Laila wasn’t taking no mess from Maks!!!

Maks hasn’t won the Mirror Ball trophy YET, but I think he came the closest to it with great dancers like Laila Ali, Mel B and Erin Andrews.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Kirstie Alley, but with some celebrities, they stay on longer, perhaps not due to talent, but due to ratings.  Those that come to mind are Bristol “dancesstiffasaboard” Palin and Chaz “hewillbeonDWTSbecauseCherannouncedsheiscoming” Bono!

There is a big difference in his facial expression when Maks is dancing with someone with TALENT (i.e. Laila, Mel, Erin) versus when he is dancing with someone who is struggling (i.e. Misty, Denise, Hope).

When Maks dances with Laila, I felt he was more relaxed and enjoyed dancing.  Same thing with Mel B., she almost outshone him as a dancer.  Talk about a flamboyant, show stealer!

Here are his celebrity dance partners for the past 11 seasons for DWTS:
Season 2: Tia Carrere, 6th place
Season 3: Willa Ford, 7th place
Season 4: Laila Ali, 3rd place
Season 5: Mel B, 2nd place
Season 7: Misty May Treanor, 10th place
Season 8: Denise Richards, 12th place
Season 9: Debi Mazar, 12th place
Season 10: Erin Andrews, 3rd place
Season 11: Brandy, 4th place
Season 12: Kirstie Alley, 2nd place
Season 13 Hope Solo, 4th place

I am opening my big mouth and putting my 2 cents in:
Season 2: Tia Carrere, Is it cheating to do the Tango that she did in True Lies!
Season 3: Willa Ford, Middle of the pack
Season 7: Misty May Treanor, she was too stiff
Season 8: Denise Richards, fraidy cat, too scared to dance
Season 9: Debi Mazar, some comedians should take the show more seriously
Season 10: Erin Andrews, she was a good dancer
Season 11: Brandy, Bad chemistry, no connection which is needed in dance
Season 12: Kirstie Alley, SO CLOSE TO THE PRIZE
Season 13 Hope Solo, She stayed in the contest waaaay too long

Wait – stop the presses!  Can I give a quick DANCE SHOUT OUT to the sexiest man in the world, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for doing the delicious Tango with Tia Carrere in one of my favorite movies, True Lies???

I’m glad that Maks is telling it like it is and ranting about DWTS.  As a fan of the show, you can easily see how some pros always get good dance partners (Derek Hough) 3-time winner with partners like Brooke Burke, Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Grey.  While some pros always get bad partners (Jonathan Roberts) with most all his partners including Heather “pleasestopturningthosedamnflipsthatmakeyourfakelegfalloff” Mills or Macy “yesshecansingbutherdancingishorrible” Gray.

I get mad and angry when I watch and someone who is completely stiff, or just can’t dance at all, stays so the show can get good ratings – hello Bristol & Chaz.  It seems like Mark told Bristol that she was getting better to boost her confidence, but that seemed to be fairy tale in her head only.  She didn’t even ATTEMPT or try to do better, just kept coming back week after week with the same horrible dancing.  Makes me shout in anger at DWTS at the TV!  Now at least Chaz TRIED.  He kept practicing and I loved the finale dance that he did with Buddy Schwimmer!

I am a true fan of Maks.  Actually I watch the show because of the PRO dancers, not the celebrities.  And sometimes I will vote for a couple because I like the pro dancer, such as Cheryl Burke, Maks, Louie Van Amstel, etc.

Keep ranting Maks, you have been cheated out of that mirror ball trophy at least twice.  I’ll be watching and rooting for you.  I hope you a good partner again and I hope this is your year to SHINE!


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What is your favorite dance or rant by Maksim Chmerkovskiy?