Belly Dancer Tribute 1/27/12: Mesmera (Los Angeles, CA) original Tweet 9/25/11, What is your favorite dance by Mesmera?

Mesmera4Belly Dancer Tribute 1/27/12: Mesmera (Los Angeles, CA) original Tweet 9/25/11, What is your favorite dance by Mesmera?

I LOVE Mesmera!  Belly Dance Star of Stage, Screen, Movies & Beyond!

One of the most creative performers in the world!  Always exciting, always evolving, always MESMERISING!

I remember watching her on a long time ago on FAME as the belly dancer doing the bellygram, that was back in 1982.  I also loved watching her on Mama’s Family belly dancing in an episode from 1990.  It is so cool that Mesmera was able to belly dance on so many of my other favorite shows including Hill Street Blues, Gimme a Break, etc.  She really brought Belly Dance to the masses.

It was an honor to meet her in person when I sponsored her in a workshop in my hometown, along with Live Music provided by Raja and John Bilezikjian.  I still have her Video tape, Dance of the Serpent, it is one of my all-time favorite belly dance videos!

The one thing I LOVE most about Mesmera is that she told me who made one of her belly dance capes.  And that was so sweet and honest because I have met so many dancers who are reluctant to share any, information that might give you an edge.  Not Mesmera, she is totally sweet, down to earth and can dance like nobody’s business.
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What is your favorite dance by Mesmera?

Belly Dancer Tribute 12/26/11: Angelika Nemeth (Irvine, CA)

angelikasupine3When I watch Angelika Nemeth perform, 2 words come to mind:  POWER and INTENT!  Angelika is not afraid to use her power and show how powerful a dancer she is.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about someone not being feminine, which she is, but when you look at her performance, her strength and power stand out.  In particular I love one of her performances on the Dancing Live to Raja video.  She was doing a shimmy and did something very simple, but yet it was very powerful.  In the middle of the shimmy, she jumped and turned to face the other direction.  Simple, yet the way she did it was very powerful.  Intent – when you watch Angelika dance, she intends to do the movement!!!  I know that sounds simple, but yet it is very effective.  I have a saying in my classes about being a “stick dancer” or someone who simply does a movement without any personality, feeling or connection to the dance or the movement.  You can see intent or lack of in any performer, whether it’s a singer, dancer, actor, etc.  And I myself will admit that with some shows, I PHONE IT IN!  I’m there physically, and committed to do the show, by I’m not there in my mind, because I’m either dead tired, sick or had a bad day at work.  Well the show must go on, regardless.  Some times I can get away with phoning in a performance it and sometimes not.  It’s really hard to “phone in” a show with Live Music.  I used to sponsor large workshops with a guest instructor and bands like Raja Zahr  & John Bilezikjian, Brothers of the Baladi, Jazayer, Trans Arabian Sound Band, Sirocco, Oasis Band, etc.  As a workshop sponsor, I probably should not have committed to dance in my own shows, because I knew I would be too tired and too busy.  But hey, those bands were so great that I could not resist.  I tried to phone in the shows with Raja and Brothers of  the Baladi.  I think the musicians sensed it because Raja made me respond to him and Michael Beach from Brothers of the Baladi was drumming onstage next to me while I was dancing.  When you watch Angelika perform, she has “Intent” and passion in her movements.  She is all like, I MEANT to do this shimmy.  I’m not playing with the shimmy, I’m going to do it the best I can and so good that the audience feels like a part of that shimmy.  Intent!  She draws the audience in with power, intent, passion and feelings.  Check her out at:

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