Dancer Tribute 3/30/12: Debbie Allen (Houston, TX) original Tweet 10/10/11, Who is your favorite triple threat performer?

Debbie1Dancer Tribute 3/30/12: Debbie Allen (Houston, TX original Tweet 10/10/11

I have a saying that describes my performing motto:  JUST DO WHAT DEBBIE DOES!!!

You can’t go wrong if you follow the path of Debbie Allen!

Broadway Star
Dance Studio Director
Emmy Winner
Academy Awards Choreographer

What can’t Debbie do?

There is no performing road block that Debbie can’t tackle with her magnificent talent, determination and strength.

Debbie3She opened so many doors of dance, that NO ONE, I mean NO ONE will be able to conquer the Dance World like Debbie did.  In fact, like Katherine Dunham before her, Debbie also integrated and KICKED DOWN the glass ceiling when it came to directing and producing.

If I could come back reincarnated as any performer, it would be Debbie Allen.

There are not many performers that I admire that have so many works that I admire.  I loved her performances in Broadway shows like Purlie, West Side Story and Sweet Charity.  I loved her acting in TV shows like FAMEAll of Us, The Cosby Show, A Different World, Quantum Leap, In The House and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!  And I love it when I see Debbie’s name as a director for shows like Girlfriends, Hellcats and The Parkers!

Debbie4Debbie has so many incredible performances that it would be hard to pinpoint my favorite, but I can try to narrow it down to my TOP 3:

  • 1.  Choreographer for 1983 65th Oscar Awards Live to “A Whole New World” from the movie Aladdin.  The Belly Twins (Veena & Neena) and Atlantis did a great job of performing in that telecast.
  • 2.  The Debbie Allen special.  I have a copy of this somewhere on a VHS, but I remember Debbie Allen “Belly Dancing” in a yellow costume.
  • 3.  Debbie Allen as Joanna Chapman in Quantum Leap episode of  “Private Dancer.”

I can sing my praise of Debbie Allen all day and all night, but let me close by saying:  DO WHAT DEBBIE DOES and you will never go wrong in Dance!  Debbie thank you for inspiring me and so many other dancers, you are a NATIONAL DANCE TREASURE!


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Who is your favorite triple threat performer?


Dancer Tribute 1/9/12: Kenny Ortega (Palo Alto, CA)

Dirty DancingDancer Tribute 1/9/12: Kenny Ortega (Palo Alto, CA)  I love Michael Jackson!  I love “This Is It!”  So glad there were some cameras around to catch this brilliant show.  I so wish the tour had happened and MJ was still here.  From what we could see of the bits and pieces of it, Kenny Ortega did a fabulous job directing it.  Together with Michael Jackson, he created and designed the Dangerous World Tour 1992-1993 and the HIStory World Tour 1996-1997.

I love High School Musical!  I have seen them all and love all 3 movies.  I have the soundtrack.  My favorite character is Sharpay.  And I loved Sharpay’s Fabulous AdventureSharpay and brother Ryan are over-the-top characters in the High School Musical trilogy.  I loved watching Ashley Tisdale perform in the TV show Hellcats.  I was so sad when it got cancelled.

 I love Dirty Dancing!  It took a brilliant dance genius to come up with the well-known, well-loved great dances in that film.  Well, I guess Kenny Ortega was that brilliant dance genius who choreographed the film.  My favorite dance in the film was Do You Love Me, that captured the essence of “dirty” dancing.  I also love the finale dance to “The Time of My Life.”

Kenny has had a hand in so many of my movie & video favorites like: Xanadu, Hocus Pocus, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar and Madonna’s Material Girl.  I love Kenny Ortega!!!
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Kenny Michael2

Kenny Ashley Tisdale2