Singer/Dancer Tribute 2/12/12: Irene Cara (Bronx, NY). What is your favorite scene in the movie Sparkle or song by Irene Cara?

Irene7Singer/Dancer Tribute 2/12/12: Irene Cara (Bronx, NY)

First of all, RIP Whitney Houston.  Sad smile  My prayers are for Bobbi Kristina, Cissy Houston & Dionne Warwick, Bobby Brown and all of Whitney’s family.

I was planning to do a tribute to Irene Cara.  What a co-incidence, both Irene and Whitney acted in two different versions of the movie Sparkle.

I loved the original movie version of Sparkle and was first in line to see it when it came out in 1976, a personal favorite year for me!  I love all things-Supremes and the movie was a bit similar to DreamGirls which is similar to the Supremes.  So I loved everything, the songs, the costumes, the dancing, the story.  In fact, Sparkle is my all-time favorite, favorite best movie!!! 

Of course I had to get the movie soundtrack LP when it came out.  But I was disappointed that the actors in the movie did not sing the songs on the soundtrack.  I love Aretha Franklin, but it should have been Irene Cara, Lonette McKee and Dwan Smith singing the songs on the soundtrack.  That soundtrack was magical and some of Curtis Mayfield’s best work.  I had a raggedy copy of the movie on video tape, then when it was finally released on DVD I had to get that copy too.

Then Irene had to go out and participate in some my other favorite movies like

  • Fame, Actress, Dancer and Vocalist on Movie Theme Song
  • FlashDance, Vocalist and Co-Writer of Movie Theme Song

I am so looking forward to seeing the remake of Sparkle when it is released on August 17, 2012.  I know it will be one of my favorite movies that Whitney Houston made, like Waiting to Exhale (1995) and Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997).   Here is Irene Cara, enjoy!
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What is your favorite scene in the movie Sparkle or song by Irene Cara?