Belly Dancer Tribute 3/11/12: Nagwa Fouad (Egypt) original Tweet 10/9/11. Who is the queen of Egyptian Belly Dance?

Nagwa1Belly Dancer Tribute 3/11/12: Nagwa Fouad (Egypt) original Tweet 10/9/11

Who is the queen of Egyptian Belly Dance?

There are many contenders, past queens, new queens, imposters and posers.

We all love seeing the top belly dancers in Egypt – past & present from Tahia Carioca, Samia Gamal, Liz & Lyn Jamal Twins, Nagwa Fouad, Soheir Zaki, Fifi Abdou or Dina Talaat.

The one who sticks out in my opinion as the True Queen who can’t be topped is NAGWA FOUAD!

Everyone has their opinion, by to me she sticks out as queen for one reason and one reasNagwa2on only: VERSATILITY!

You never know what Nagwa Fouad will do next, she constantly changes her dance style and looks, so you know her show will always be exciting, innovative and FUN!.

As far as talent goes, you can argue that Soheir Zaki is just as talented and beloved as an Egyptian Dancer.  Speaking from personal opinion again, I knocked her down as 3rd place because of her HAIR!  She has different hairstyles in some of her early dance clips, but then it seemed like for 10 years in a row, all shows had the same “unflattering” hair style, that severe part down the middle.  Mix it up a bit Soheir and change your hair style every now and then, as Nagwa does.  I have Nagwa3seen clips of Nagwa sporting all sorts of different hair styles from curly, to different colors (mostly shades of red hair), different styles strait, Afro, different hair pieces.  Hair is important to any DIVA or entertainer, whether you an actress, singer or dancer; look at Cher, Diana Ross or Farrah Fawcett for proof.

Speaking of Egyptian Dance Divas, the 2nd place Diva is FIFI ABDOU!  She really puts on a show!  I love it when she runs and does the splits.  Or, she takes the shoes off and throws them.  Then if the audience seems bored, she’ll get right in their face and entertain them.  In her ,most recent shows, she is always fiddling with her costumes, but she does it Diva-StyleSoheir Zaki so it’s all good.  Her entrances are always spectacular and I love to watch her dance.  The best shimmies in Egypt belong to Fifi!

Then we have Dina.  Dina seems to be the most COPIED dancer currently, from everything to her costume style, singing the song while dancing, the hand gestures and the famous BUTT (look at my Ass!!!) move.  She is so copied that her antics are getting old, expected and somewhat “boring” in my personal opinion.  It was cool the first time she did them, not every Belly Dancer and their students are copying the DINA style by singing along, the BUTT (look at my Ass!) move.  It’s really, really overused, so the point that I get bored even when I Tahia Cariocasee her perform.  Change things up every now and again DINA and your IMITATORS!!!!  Those moves were cute and endearing the 1st few times, but after seeing it again and again and again by her and so many people, I just like to shout STOP, DO SOMETHING NEW OR DIFFERENT!  Let’s put her in 4th place.

Let’s show some love to the EARLY Queens of Egyptian Belly Dance:  Tahia Carioca, Liz & Lyn Jamal Twins and Samia Gamal!  Tahia was our first Belly Dance Queen Diva by appearing in over 300 movies and TV shows.  She brought Belly Dance to the MASSES!  Tahia’s fabulous costumes set the stage for the next generation of Egyptian Dance queens like Samia Gamal.  How cute were the Jamal Twins, Liz & Lyn?  Their costumes were adorable –Samia Gamal EATYOURHEARTOUTBELLYTWINS.  BTW, the Belly Twins (Veena & Neena) should TOTALLY make a movie about the Jamal Twins, there is no one else better in the world to play them, perfect casting!

All joking aside, I love, adore and respect ALL of the Egyptian Queens of Belly Dance.  If it weren’t for them, I would not be Belly Dancing.  SALUTE: Tahia, Samia, Liz, Lyn, Soheir, Nagwa, Fifi, Dina and all of the rest of the great Egyptian Belly Dancers.  Here is my favorite QUEEN OF EGYPTIAN BELLY DANCE – NAGWA FOUAD performing.  Show them how it’s done Nagwa!



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Now is your time to Join the Conversation! Comments, questions, concerns, controversy, rebuttals, tributes, blogs, guest bloggers, etc., are all welcome!  Who is the queen of Egyptian Belly Dance?

Belly Dancer Tribute 1/2/12: Fifi Abdou (Cairo, Egypt)

Fifi1Belly Dancer Tribute 1/2/12: Fifi Abdou (Cairo, Egypt).  Thank you Fifi, for belly dancing in one of my all favorite music dance videos.  I first saw Fifi dance on a VHS tape from Trytel International Video (TV1).  I love this video!  I don’t claim to know the whole story, but from what I can gather, Fifi is dancing for a soon-to-be married couple.  The bride is crying looks like does not like her groom.  She has a boyfriend on the side that comes up the back steps with flowers.  But, the show must go on!  It looks like the bride’s dad and groom have set up this party before the wedding complete with belly dancer, Fifi and singer – the dude with the obvious wig.  Sorry, but I don’t know the name of the singer.  At any rate, Fifi is doing an amazing dance at this party.  I love her continuous Egyptian Shimmy that goes on forever.  Very effective.  I love the blue costume with belly cover, sexy, yet demure.  The secret boyfriends brings flowers to woo the bride away from, but it is too late.  The bride ends up coming down the stairs with the groom.  Along the way in this video, other “dudes” show up to party.  That one dude with the bad teeth reminds me of some uncles.  Seems like the party gets started when uncle dude #1 shows up with his flashy bad teeth.  This video so reminds me of real family functions.  Enjoy!

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I have this cassette and I love the music!