BBQ Beer Brats Daddy’s Style

Brat6I used to love eating “Fat” hot dogs with my dad! You know, back in the day when the hot dogs were large, hot and juicy. Dad would put mustard, hot sauce and sharp cheddar cheese on them. My dad loved sharp cheddar cheese, so I love it too!

I love the BBQ Italian Sausage at Gates BBQ. But I hardly visit them every other year. My Aunt Forestine used to grill them on her porch and it tasted just like the ones from Gates.

I am going to have one for dinner tomorrow, so I am prepping tonight. I will start the crock pot, right before my shift starts.

Normally, you can cook them in the slow cooker first and finish on the grill. Brat1But since I won’t have that much time, I have to do the reverse and grill them in a pan, then put in a slow cooker before I start work.

Glad that I have 3 different size crock pots, for different meals. The “Daddy” bear size 10 Quart AKA The Chili Maker, a Momma bear size 8 Quart and a Baby Bear size 4 Quart. My cat is very sneaky around crock pots. So I put the Baby bear size in my office so she can’t knock it over and try to eat the food.


  1. Italian Sausage or Bratwurst, 5 or 6
  2. Hoagie Buns, 6, I use Pepperidge Farm Bakery Classics with Sesame seeds
  3. Brat2Beer can, 12-16 oz. (and/or use beef broth, if you don’t want to “waste” your beer, LOL
  4. Onions, ½ cup or less (I am using the frozen bag)
  5. Liquid Smoke, ¼ teaspoon
  6. BBQ Sauce, ½ cup more or less, to your taste, I love Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce
  7. Mustard, Grey Poupon, Country Dijon is my fav
  8. Tasbasco Pepper Jelly (or Hot Sauce or Sriracha)
  9. Sharp Cheddar Cheese, time to pull out the Cracker Barrel Cracker Cuts
  10. Olive Oil


  1. Brat3Pre-heat a grill pan or cast iron skillet for 2 to 3 minutes. Score-cut each Brat or Sausage
  2. The sausage only needs about 2 minute per side, as they will finish cooking in the crock pot.
  3. Add the onions and Liquid Smoke to the crock pot, then the Brats and BBQ Sauce. Cover with a mixture of Beer and/or Beef Broth so the Brats are well-covered
  4. Cook on low for 4 -5 hours
  5. Toast that bun, slap on some extra BBQ sauce, mustard and pepper jelly. Add Brat and Cheese and enjoy!

Save some beer to drink with your Brat!

Brat4Happy Father’s Day


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Aliens can Dance! Happy Father’s Day 2013!

Brat1June, 1960; Roswell, NM
As a special surprise for Father’s Day, 1961, Caroline took Big Daddy to Roswell, New Mexico to see team Le Monster, compete in a big dance competition. The competition was being sponsored by area 51. Despite the government’s insistence that they knew nothing about extraterrestrials and super natural beings, they regularly held competitions for these unusual beings as a way to encourage good will and hopefully boost recruitment of supernatural and extraterrestrial beings into the military.

Caroline made sure to get really good seats. She and Big Daddy sat in the front row, center seats. As the competition got started, a Beer Bratsvendor came around selling brats and beer. Knowing how much Big Daddy loved brats and beer, she bought them around. They enjoyed the beer and the brats as they cheered on their favorite team, the Le Monsters. Big Daddy was a huge fan of Hermes. Team Le Monster was pitted against the Aliens who had been in negotiations with military personnel at Area 51 for a possible exchange program. Because the Le Monsters were the home team, The Aliens were given the first shot.

MonkeyThe Aliens started with the swim—which was both unusual and beautiful as they each had six arms. The Le Monsters came back with the twist, led by their alternate, Annette Funicello, because Grandpa twisted his back just before the competition. Because of his large size, Hermes accidentally knocked Edward over, costing their team a few points. Marla, on the other hand, was a natural. She and Annette twisted their way into a few bonus points, helping to make up for the ones Hermes lost the team.

The Aliens countered with the pony and then turned up the heat Twiston the competition with what appeared to be a ballet. The judges were impressed that the Aliens turned their six arms into an asset rather than allowing it to be a drawback. Knowing that they would have to pull out all the stops, Hermes and Lila took one another’s hand, standing center stage and lead their team in a country line dance. As their boots clicked and shuffled away on the stage, the Aliens could see that the Le Monsters were going to be the clear winners. Knowing that they would have to make their move before the competition ended, they teleported two people who were sitting at the very center of the front row because they were the easiest to see.

WP_000416 - CopyAs the audience applauded wildly, Hermes noticed that Big Daddy and Caroline, who had been the Le Monsters’ most enthusiastic supporters throughout the performance were now gone. He glanced over to Grandpa who motioned to the empty spot, off-stage, where the Aliens were supposed to be standing. As soon as the applause died down, Hermes grabbed the gang and they headed outside the hangar where the competition had taken place in time to watch as the Aliens’ space ship took off. Lila had the group grab one another’s hands and stand in a circle right where the ship had been. She looked at Marla and Annette and they all knew what to do. The ladies “glamoured” the group to the place where the ship was going.



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