Belly Dance Style Tribute 1/24/12: Pharonic Dance

Pharonic4Belly Dance Style Tribute 1/24/12: Pharonic Dance

How do you describe Pharonic Style Belly Dance?

I usually visualize the dancers of ancient Egypt, especially the ones depicted in hieroglyphic drawings.

There are many retailers who sell costumes with a Pharonic look.  But here are some great links with lots of pictures for inspiration:

Some of my favorite songs to use for Pharonic Style Belly Dance are:

One of my favorite Pharonic style choreographies is to Souk el Jawaree.  This dance can have a group intro, but you can also do the entire dance as a soloist.  Here are some of the steps used in the choreography:

Dog-chase-tail turn to R (optional, use pharonic side pose arms)
Dog-chase-tail turn to L (optional, use pharonic side pose arms)
Floor descent w/Lotus hand pose

End in floor pose face audience, with both arms forward, palms down

III. Slow Tempo: Taxim Dance

1. Both arms out/up to L side, palms up, then down, 4 cts.

Both arms out/up to R side, palms up, then down, 4 cts.
Both arms out/up face front, palms up, then down, 4 cts.

2. Caduceus arms/up from floor, 8 cts.

Maya, face aud. w/palms up, 8 cts.

Pelvic Roll, face L, w/pharonic side pose, 7 cts.

Rib Circle, travel to L in circle, 8 cts., end up facing L

3. Rib Lift/Lift/Lift, face L (Rah: closed/closed/open); Rib Drop/Drop, face F (closed

Rahs); Rib Lift/Lift/Lift, face R (Rah: closed/closed/open); Rib Drop/Drop, face F
(closed Rahs); (Rah-Look at Sun, cover eyes w/palms); then sharply open hands
to Pharonic front pose

Rib Circle face R, 8 cts., Rib Undulation, 8 cts.; Pelvic Roll w/Pharonic side pose, 8
cts., end with Pharonic Side Pose, facing R

In the Pharonic Candle dance we use the candle position to create the movements, as you see in many candle dances:

B.) Section #2:

1. Do Camel Walks, traveling, 4 times, 16 cts. (RLRI, LRLR, RLRL, LRLR); until group is in row formation; hold candles in front, close to body

2. Stagger hand positions, then slowly switch to opposite, 2 cts. each position

a. Dancer #1, candles down (she is in front of row)

b. Dancer #2, candles half down (she is behind dancer #1)

C. Dancer #3, candles half up (she is behind dancer #2)

d. Dancer #4, candles up (she is last in row)

3. Do Rib Circles, traveling, back into line formation, 8 cts.



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Now is the time for you to join the conversation.  Comments, questions and posts are welcome.

What is your favorite Pharonic dance song, steps or choreography?

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