Happy Birthday Mom! January 27, 1938–April 22, 2007

WP_000246 - CopyMy mom was the best mom in the world!  I’ll never forget Mom’s birthday a few years ago.  She requested that I make Chili for her birthday.  Now, whenever I make Chili, I feel so honored that my mom requested that I cook it for her birthday., one of the last few that we shared!

Today I am cooking Turkey, Dressing, Cheesy Broccoli & Asparagus, 2 Pies, Scalloped Potatoes with Swiss Cheese, Gravy and a loaf of bread in honor of Mom’s birthday and Brenna’s Mom’s birthday, both January girls!  These recipes will be in my upcoming cookbook!

My mom’s name in the book is LEANA, which means:

WP_000092My mom loved all 7 of her kids!  She encouraged us to do our best.  I would not have became a dancer, if she did not have us dance the Twist at a young age.  She was Awesome and Inspiring!  She nurtured all 7 kids and had to endure a child that had a stroke, 2 that had cancer, car accidents, military stints, etc.  She gave all 7 kids so much personal attention, we all felt like an only child that did not suffer attention.

Happy birthday Mom!