The Vampire Dancer Saga: Part 8 – Ding, Dong – Disco’s Dead 6/18/12

VampireDancer1A fictional tale of dances from the 1900s-2010s

Part 8: Ding, Dong – Disco’s Dead, the 1970s

We can dance, we can fly – having the time of our life,” sang Regent, Sherry and her best friend Tangina. They were on their way home from eating at Blue Lobster Garden to celebrate Sherry’s 16th birthday.

The previous week was so much fun. They attended a Disco Party at their school and entered the dance contest. Sherry and Tangina really showed their stuff when they danced the Hustle, Bump and YMCA. Sherry’s favorite Donna Summer2groups included the BeeGees, The Sylvers and The Jacksons. Tangina really loved music by Donna Summer. The girls made a vow to meet up in 2012 so they could attend a concert by the BeeGees and Donna Summer.

When Sherry and Tangina met up on May 21st, 2012, they were very sad to find out the Donna Summer had passed on May 17th of that year and Robin Gibb had passed on May 20th. They played old songs by Donna Summer, like Hot Stuff, Bad Girls and Love to Love you Baby. They also played their favorite BeeGee songs like How Deep Is Your Love, Stayin’ Alive and You Should be Dancing.

Jacksons2Earlier that year in 1973, Sherry’s father, Dolf, arranged for Sherry and Dolf Jr. to meet The Sylvers in person at a concert in their town. Dolf was a photographer and often got to meet famous singers and take pictures of them before a show.

Sherry was no stranger to seeing celebrities in person. In fact, one time she caught hooky from school and went downtown to see The Jackson 5 as they were leaving their hotel. Jermaine Jackson was her favorite singer from the group and when she saw him in person, she froze and was too scared to go over and say hello. But she was not shy when meeting The Sylvers and in fact, took several pictures with the group.Sylvers3

One of Sherry’s favorite movies was Saturday Night Fever featuring music by the BeeGees and great disco dancing. She had a copy of the movie on VHS and the movie soundtrack on LP, as well as Sesame Street Fever featuring the Muppets. Later on she purchased the soundtrack on CD and the movie on DVD.

Sherry did NOT want to have her 16th birthday party at home. Strange things went on during Tam’s 16th birthday party. Tam’s boyfriend, MeanKeen, slapped Tam then Tam seemed to “throw” a soda bottle at his head. The soda bottle broke and slashed MeanKeen’s face into a bloody pulp. Gia then had a premonition BeeGees1that she will be able to see the future on her 16th birthday and predicted that Kandy will be able to “pull” items into her hands on her 16th birthday.

The morning of Sherry’s 16th birthday she had a premonition. She foresaw a car accident and during the vision, Sherry “froze” time and put on a necklace.

Hustle1Sherry was born on the same day as her Grandma, Viva, so Viva passed down her love of Astrology. Great Grandma “Granny” Smith had warned Viva about a curse from Caroline Braden. Caroline followed Big Daddy to St. Louis and began practicing witchcraft shortly before divorcing her husband. Caroline thought that Mitchell mistreated her daughters: Marsha, Jane and Cynthia; while treating Mitchell’s sons: Greggy, Pete and Bob like kings. She passed down her witchcraft skills to her daughters and used their combined 3 powers to cast a spell on Viva’s granddaughters.

The spells were to take place on each granddaughter’s 16th JermaineJacksonbirthday, unless Granny Smith could come up with a powerful reverse spell.

Granny Smith gave Sherry her birthday present early and said don’t take this off until midnight on your 16th birthday. Sherry sort of laughed it off with Tangina, and put the necklace in her purse because it did not match her favorite Disco Dress that she picked out.

On the way back from the Blue Lobster Garden, Sherry had a vision of Granny Smith warning her not to take off the necklace. Right at that moment, Regent, Sherry and Tangina were in a horrible car accident. Sherry was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. She had a vision of Granny Smith telling her that it was not her time to go yet. Sherry wokSaturdayNightFever1e up and surprised her entire family after being dead for 2 minutes. Sherry noticed that she was wearing the necklace when she woke up and vowed to never doubt Granny Smith again.

Granny was pissed at Caroline. The 2 families had been bickering back and forth throughout the years by putting curses and spells on each other’s family. Caroline was finally ready to leave Mitchell Braden before they divorced in Jackson, MS. Caroline threatened Granny Smith after Granny cursed her daughter Alyce to be a vampire. Caroline said, “Don’t mess with me, because I plan to marry Big Daddy when I get to St. Louis. Just leave us alone because my 3 witch girls and I are more powerful than you’ll ever be!”

Granny Smith said, “Bring it on! I double dare you to curse my family back. We will be waiting for your cheap witchy tricks. And I will definitely Meet you in St. Louis!”








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What was your favorite song, dance or dancer from the 1970s?

Dance Choreographer Tribute 2/13/12: Napoleon & Tabitha “NappyTaps” (Sherman Oaks, CA). What is your favorite dance by the Napoleon & Tabitha “NappyTaps”? Does Lady Gaga hate NappyTaps?

NappyTaps1Dance Choreographer Tribute 2/13/12: Napoleon & Tabitha “NappyTaps” (Sherman Oaks, CA)

I love shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars so much.  Why?  Because it gives professional, amateur and celebrity (sometimes non-dancers) a chance to dance and shine with the best choreographers and dancers in the country.

When I watch both shows, I know in advance that I am watching and waiting for my favorite dancers and choreographers to shine.  On Dancing with the Stars I know that anything “touched” by Louie Van Amstel, Cheryl Burke, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Chelsie Hightower, Mark Ballas and Lacey Schwimmer is going to please and entertain me, regardless of their partners.

And on So You Think You Can Dance, my favorite choreographers are Doriana Sanchez, Napoleon & Tabitha  AKA NappyTaps,  Sonya Tayeh, Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin and Nakul Dev Mahajan.  I am usually ALWAYS going to love their choreography, unless the dancer really, really screw it up.  Some other choreographers that I enjoy on the show are Travis Wall, Tyce Diorio, Mandy Moore &  Nigel Lythgoe.  Wait, what – Nigel Lythgoe???  Nigel is brilliant when he choreographs and performs Tap Dance!!!  Tyce “stopusingthesamestepsandmakingtheBroadwaydanceslookjustlikeBobFossechoreographies” Tyson!

I am so glad that SYTYCD makes Disco and Bollywood Dance available for the masses and allows these unique dance forms on the show.  I hope they add Belly Dance to show show one day, Nigel – hint, hint!

I was SHOCKED when I watched an episode of SYTYCD last July when Lady Gaga was a guest Judge.  Boy, she really did not like Napoleon & Tabitha (NappyTaps)!  She was hating on them and talking trash.  I wonder why?  But more importantly that was not the time and place to air any personal grudges.  I thought it was very unprofessional and as an audience member, I felt very uncomfortable when she starting her negative comments.

What did they do to piss off Lady Gaga?  And why is she hating on NappyTaps? Does anyone know?

By the way, I love the new show Mobbed, featuring choreography by the darling and talented dance duo NappyTabs, be sure to catch it this week on FOX.
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What is your favorite dance by the Napoleon & Tabitha “NappyTaps”?  Does Lady Gaga hate NappyTaps?