The Perfect Steak

Steak Before and After 044Ribeye has always been my favorite steak cut. I like to dress it with blue cheese and steak sauce. This is my first time using the Stubb’s Ancho Chili & Garlic Texas Steakhouse Marinade Mix. But I love all of the Stubb’s BBQ products, so I think it will make a great dry rub.

I mixed the packet with olive oil, a touch of liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and a dash of Montreal Steak Seasoning in a zipper bag for 3 days.

I can use two of my favorite skillets to cook it. My grill skillet and cast iron skillet. The Cast Iron skillet can stand the heat of a hot oven. However, the grill skillet has plastic on the handle, so I use it only on the stovetop.

“Alexa, set a 30 minute timer: Steak.” I put it in the microwave, instead of the countertop, so the cat won’t eat it.Steak


  • Ribeye Steaks, 2 (I take it out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking to make it room temperature)
  • Stubb’s Ancho Chili & Garlic Texas Steakhouse Marinade Mix (or try Stubb’s Beef Soy, Garlic & Red Pepper Marinade Mix)
  • Olive Oil, 1 teaspoon
  • Worcestershire Sauce, 1 teaspoon
  • Soy Sauce, 1/2 teaspoon
  • Liquid Smoke, 1/8 teaspoon
  • Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick, 1/2 teaspoon
  • Garlic, 1 cloveStubbs Marinade
  • Butter, 1 pat,
  • Blue Cheese Crumbles, 2 teaspoons, to your taste
  • Steak Sauce
  • Horseradish
  • Vinegar (Water, Beef Broth, Beer, etc. to deglaze)


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Preheat Grill skillet and Cast Iron skillet for a few minutes
  • Add a “Garlic Hole” by cutting into the steak for the butter and garlic
  • Add Olive Oil, the Steak(s) and grill for 2 minutes per side, to get some fancy grill marks
  • Deglaze pan (save pan drippings to pour over rested steak with Blue Cheese)Steak Before and After 029
  • Add Butter and Garlic to Cast Iron skillet, with steak on top
  • Bake for 7 minutes
  • Remove from oven
  • Top with Blue Cheese and rest for 5 minutes
  • Slap on your favorite Steak Sauce with Horseradish, and chow down!

A great steak is like a great movie. It has a fantastic lead player, co-star and supporting cast.

I hardly ever watch movies. I get sleepy close to the 2 hour mark. Although I prefer to watch shorter 30 or 60 minute TV shows, I did take the time to watch some great movies lately, like:

  • Mary Poppins Returns
  • Us
  • Crazy Rich AsiansSteak Before and After 032

I love all movies starring Julie Andrews, such as Mary Poppins, The Princess Diaries and The Tooth Fairy. She has tons of other great movies, but those are my top three favorites. I love, love, love the original Mary Poppins movie. I predicted disaster for Mary Poppins Returns. But in the end, I loved it, almost as most as the original. One of my favorite parts was the Dick Van Dyke dance scene. He still has it!

I love scary movies. My brother just rented Us, so I told him no spoilers. That was one of the best scary movies I have ever seen. I was hollering at the screen, like don’t go there! I am a huge fan of Lupita Nyong’o! She puts the “A” in Acting! She was terrific in The Black Panther! I loved her use of dance and voice in the movie Us.

Steak Before and After 035Fresh off the Boat is one of my favorite TV shows. Mainly because race does not matter. It does not matter if the family happens to be Hispanic, Black, Asian or White. Funny is funny, regardless. The Grandma is my favorite character on the show. Constance Wu and Michelle Yeoh inspired me to watch this movie. It was so entertaining and funny!

I have my lead star ready – the Steak.

I have my co-star ready – the Salad

I have my supporting cast ready – the Horseradish, Blue Cheese and Steak Sauce

Steak Before and After 042Time to chow down with my favorite Wednesday night TV shows:

  • Guy’s Grocery Games
  • Property Brothers: Forever Home
  • House Hunters

Steak, that’s for dinner! I was so tempted to “lick the plate” clean, but resisted. It was so good!

Have a safe and happy July 4th!

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Aliens can Dance! Happy Father’s Day 2013!

Brat1June, 1960; Roswell, NM
As a special surprise for Father’s Day, 1961, Caroline took Big Daddy to Roswell, New Mexico to see team Le Monster, compete in a big dance competition. The competition was being sponsored by area 51. Despite the government’s insistence that they knew nothing about extraterrestrials and super natural beings, they regularly held competitions for these unusual beings as a way to encourage good will and hopefully boost recruitment of supernatural and extraterrestrial beings into the military.

Caroline made sure to get really good seats. She and Big Daddy sat in the front row, center seats. As the competition got started, a Beer Bratsvendor came around selling brats and beer. Knowing how much Big Daddy loved brats and beer, she bought them around. They enjoyed the beer and the brats as they cheered on their favorite team, the Le Monsters. Big Daddy was a huge fan of Hermes. Team Le Monster was pitted against the Aliens who had been in negotiations with military personnel at Area 51 for a possible exchange program. Because the Le Monsters were the home team, The Aliens were given the first shot.

MonkeyThe Aliens started with the swim—which was both unusual and beautiful as they each had six arms. The Le Monsters came back with the twist, led by their alternate, Annette Funicello, because Grandpa twisted his back just before the competition. Because of his large size, Hermes accidentally knocked Edward over, costing their team a few points. Marla, on the other hand, was a natural. She and Annette twisted their way into a few bonus points, helping to make up for the ones Hermes lost the team.

The Aliens countered with the pony and then turned up the heat Twiston the competition with what appeared to be a ballet. The judges were impressed that the Aliens turned their six arms into an asset rather than allowing it to be a drawback. Knowing that they would have to pull out all the stops, Hermes and Lila took one another’s hand, standing center stage and lead their team in a country line dance. As their boots clicked and shuffled away on the stage, the Aliens could see that the Le Monsters were going to be the clear winners. Knowing that they would have to make their move before the competition ended, they teleported two people who were sitting at the very center of the front row because they were the easiest to see.

WP_000416 - CopyAs the audience applauded wildly, Hermes noticed that Big Daddy and Caroline, who had been the Le Monsters’ most enthusiastic supporters throughout the performance were now gone. He glanced over to Grandpa who motioned to the empty spot, off-stage, where the Aliens were supposed to be standing. As soon as the applause died down, Hermes grabbed the gang and they headed outside the hangar where the competition had taken place in time to watch as the Aliens’ space ship took off. Lila had the group grab one another’s hands and stand in a circle right where the ship had been. She looked at Marla and Annette and they all knew what to do. The ladies “glamoured” the group to the place where the ship was going.



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The Vampire Dancer Saga Front Cover JPGChapter 1 The Vampire Dancer Saga World Tour

January 3010; New York, NY

Happy New Years and welcome to 3010 Vampire Olympics, here are your hosts the 5 Dick Clarkes, boomed the Mistress of Ceremonies, Salome!

The 5 Dick Clarkes took the stage. The crowd wooed and awed at the 5 different Dick Clarkes from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1900s. Wow, they look so real! remarked one audience member.

Dick Clarke1 replied, that is because we are real! We are the real Dick Clarkes from each decade courtesy of our sponsor: StarchGate Travel. Dick Clarke2 continued, when you need to travel through time and space or bring back a loved one or their soul from the past, future, heaven or hell – look to StarchGate Travel! We bring back anyone, anything from anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

Let me introduce our Mistress of Ceremonies, Salome! Please slither over to the stage Salome!BackCover

Slither – really, Asked Salome? Let me introduce our esteemed judges from two of your favorite Vampire Shows, So you Think You Can Vamp and Dancing with Some Dead Stars. Let’s give it up for:

KarAnna, Blen & Runo from DWSDS and Ligel Nitchgow & Murph Mare from SYTYCV with special guest judge Triple T Debs! The audience goes wild with applause!

Dick Clarke3 continued; Now let’s take a look at our competitors in the 3010 Vampire Olympics! We have 13 teams competing this year. The teams include a mixture of regular folks, dead folks, celebrities and guests from an alternate universe.

Salome continued, The theme of this year’s competition is DANCE OR DIE!

Yes, you heard me right. All safety controls are off on this special completion. You win the Dance Contest or you DIE! It’s as simple as that. Teams, are you ready for your challenge?

Supernatural Dancing Skills

  1. Time Travel (using a Glamour dance to dance to your “secret” time destination), once there
  2. Compulsion (Turn one team member into a vampire, ghost or monster of your choice)
  3. Find the Enemy (Could be anyone from a former friend to even a team member turned bad)
  4. Best Power (Witchcraft, Spell, Potion, Premonition or Voodoo Skills)

Salome1Salome added, The Teams are competing for some great prizes this year, including:

  1. 1st Place Every member of your Dance Team lives to see another day!
  2. 2nd Place 7 First Class tickets from StarchGate Travel. Each team member has a round trip ticket to visit anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Or they can use their ticket to bring back a Soul from the dead, past, present, future, alternate universe, Heaven or Hell.
  3. 3rd Place 7 Fully Deluxe Coffins for fun, business or pleasure. The coffins include a hide-away below with ample from to store victims, blood or bats. Of course an office, toilet, shower, blood draining stations, kitchen and living room with TV, guest bedroom.



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Dancer Tribute 1/19/12: Dick Van Dyke (West Plains, MO)

DickVanDyke2Dancer Tribute 1/19/12: Dick Van Dyke (West Plains, MO)

I’m caught!  Call the Geek Squad to report me.  I LOVE Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, Bye Bye Birdie and The Dick Van Dyke Show.  What do all of these have in common?  Why the talented and funny Dick Van Dyke of course.

I used to love watching the Dick Van Dyke Show, one of the few TV shows to show “middle age” people dancing modern style, of course the lovely and talented Mary Tyler Moore.

So I was a bit shocked when I watched Dick Van Dyke DANCING in 2 of my all-time favorite movies: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins!  Go ahead and call me a “geek” but they are 2 of my favorite childhood movies.  I love them so much that I purchased them on DVD and watch now with the grandkids.

I have a favorite scene from Mary Poppins, when Julie Andrews sings "Feed the Birds".  I looked at my Granddaughter’s expression (Danielle) while we were watching and that’s how I came up with her family nickname: Tuppence!  My favorite dance that movie is: "Step in Time" Kudos to co-director Matthew Bourne, who also acted as co-choreographer with Stephen Mear.

My favorite dances in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are the Music Box and Me Ole’ Bamboo.  I credit the Music Box dance as the first HIP HOP dance I ever saw,  They are ticking and I bet you can use those moves in Hip Hop!  The Music Box was brilliantly choreographed by Marc Breaux and Dee Dee Wood.  Kudos!

Even though Dick Van Dyke claimed he had no dance experience, he sure is keeping up dancing with the younger dancers in Me Ole Bamboo and also "Toot Sweets" in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  By the way, wouldn’t the choreography for Me Ole’ Bamboo make a great Belly Dance cane dance?

On the stage, Van Dyke was the lead in Broadway’s Bye Bye Birdie. In a May 2011 interview with Rachael Ray, Van Dyke noted that when he auditioned for a smaller part in the show he had no dance experience, and that after he sang his audition song he did an impromptu soft-shoe out of sheer nervousness. Gower Champion, the show’s director and choreographer, was watching, and promptly went up on stage to inform Van Dyke he had the lead. An astonished Van Dyke protested that he could not dance, to which Champion replied "We’ll teach you". That musical won four Tony awards including Van Dyke’s Best Featured Actor Tony, in 1961.[13] In 1980, Van Dyke appeared as the title role in The Music Man on Broadway.[

Kudos to Dick Van Dyke!  Very funny.  Very talented.  A very great dancer!
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