Re-Blog: Happy 4th of July – Dancing back to our Past – Bacon Blue Cheeseburgers

Bacon41950s Dancing back to our Past
July, 1950; Philadelphia, PA

When they came to, the Team Jive Turkey Dancers could tell something had changed. They weren’t even sure they were still in Philadelphia. Bob Fosse looked around, trying to get everyone organized. Jerome Robbins, Cyd Charisse, Debbie Reynolds, Chubby Checker, Donald O’Connor, and Gene Kelly, looks like everyone is here. “Okay everyone, let’s try to figure out what happened. Does anybody remember what happened?” Bob asked. Bob FosseThey quickly came to the consensus that there had been a bright flash of light when they stepped out to do the Jive Dance, and everything had changed after that. “Here, let’s find a newspaper and we’ll probably find out something useful,” Donald offered.

It didn’t take long to find a newspaper and they learned a great deal from it. The most surprising fact was that it was no longer the 1950’s. “It says here it’s 1992. That explains the odd clothing everyone seems to be wearing. What happened to sensible outfits?” Debbie said, taking a look at the date. “You mean we’ve travelled in time? That’s impossible; we can travel to the future!” Cyd cried. It took a moment before they were able to get her to calm down. They were all pretty shocked at their surroundings, but panicking wouldn’t help anything. “It seems we’re still in Philadelphia at least,” Gene said, looking through some of the stories in the Jerome Robbinspaper. So now they knew they were in Philadelphia, only pushed into the future. Suddenly, Bob noticed another important piece of information. “Hey, it’s the 4th of July!” he said, nearly shouting. They had seen several flags about, but thought only that they were just normal symbols of patriotism. It would be quite interesting to see what the future would do to celebrate the holiday. “Well, if it’s the 4th of July, there’s only one thing that we can do. We have to find some Bacon Blue Cheese burgers,” Chubby Checker said. “It’s not a celebration without them!”

Everyone agreed that they had to find the Bacon Blue Cheese burgers or they wouldn’t enjoy the holiday properly. Luckily for them, there was a local shop that specialized in older cuisine and the Bacon Blue Cheese burgers were on the menu. They sat down to eat their meal when suddenly they heard a very familiar Cyd Charissevoice coming from the TV in the restaurant. It was the Mummy! Their rival of the dance competition must have been transported through time with them as well. They looked at the screen to see where he was, perhaps he was being interviewed when they saw none other than Dick Clarke. “Is he really the Mummy?” Jerome posed the questions to his friends. The words “Mayor Dick Clarke” scrolled across the bottom of the screen and their eyes lit up. The Mummy had always said he’d run Philadelphia one day. There was no mistaking it after seeing his mannerisms and hearing his speech pattern. It was the same man they had known long ago as the Mummy. He’d travelled back to the future with them and there was only one thing to do to settle the score. They had to find him, and there had to be a Jive Danceoff.
Donald OConnor

Debbie ReynoldsChubby CheckersDick Clark 1961



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Dick Clark5, said, And now a word from our Sponsor, StarchGate Travel. Then he motioned Dick Clarks1-4. Can we really trust Salome? Remember what she did at the last Vampire Institute of Time & Space Nexus meeting. Dick Clarke3 defended Salome, That might be true, but she did the right thing afterwards, but just to be on the safe side, I will keep my eye on her this time. Also remember, the VITA Nexus, which sponsors the Vampire Dance Olympics, is also keeping a close eye on her this time as well. Let’s just keep an open mind and watch her closely at the New Year’s Eve Dinner before the competition starts. Dick Clarke2 mentioned, I can’t wait to try out the Black Eye Peas and cornbread tonight!

WP_000165 - CopyAt dinner that evening, where everyone’s favorite meals have been served, Salome stood amongst the elder vampires and Dick Clarke1, Dick Clarke2, Dick Clarke3, Dick Clarke4, and Dick Clarke5. Horror struck the competitors as they realized that the competition was not to bring camaraderie amongst the dancers and offer them positions at the Nexus, but rather to eliminate all but one team, leaving only seven dancers of choice in the entire Space/Time continuum to train new dancers to combat the darker forces and command nature. What was worse, the first dance competition would be ballet and in a different time period and place every time.  Ballet was a slow and deeply concentrated dance school by comparison to the Tango, Jitterbug, and the Creep.

TrekCaptainsA Cling-On dancer from the Cling-On National Ballet Troupe stood up first to challenge Team Spare Tracks. This much surprised Team Spare Tracks, as Queue1 and Bill Fatner stood opposed to Queue2, the former’s sibling and the latter’s one night stand. Also on the Spare Tracks Team stood Cisco Ten, Picky John, Copy Hipburns, Archie Dracula, and Seven of 7. Queue2 was angered by Bill Fatner’s never calling her back after their fling, and chose the arena immediately, without regard for the others on her team.

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Performer Tribute 4/20/12: Cher (El Centro, CA) original Tweet 10/11/11. Who inspired you to perform?

Cher1Performer Tribute 4/12/12: Cher (El Centro, CA) original Tweet 10/11/11

Consciously or sub-consciously, a performer or someone inspired you to perform. Think about it?

James Brown and Jackie Wilson inspired Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson inspired Usher, Hanson and a host of other generations of performers

Whitney Houston has inspired a generation of performers

Marilyn Monroe inspired many, many different performersCher2

Cute, little Willow Smith reminds me so much of a young Jada Pinkett or Will Smith

The late, great Dick Clark inspired Ryan Seacrest and many other popular TV & Radio hosts

The list goes on and on. And it makes me wonder who inspired me to dance?

Well, looking back, seems like I was a sucker and magnet for all things Rhinestone, bling, glitter & fringe – so let’s blame that on Tina Turner and Cher.

Cher3Also, I love big, wild Diva Wigs and trying to sing, so let’s blame that on Diana Ross and Cher.

I love dancing and watching performers who dance well in their stage shows, so let’s blame that on Debbie Allen and Cher.

I love costume designers with fabulous costumes and the performers who wear them like Bob Mackie and Cher.

Also I love glamorous, exotic make up so let’s blame that on Elizabeth Taylor and Cher

Cher4Hey, wait – let’s blame everything on Cher!!! The Diva who has it all: bling, wigs, singing, dancing, costumes makeup, etc.

Cher has it all!

I would LOVE to meet Cher in person one day and just look at her Wig Room and Costume Rooms. I’m not sure if she has been in a TV special where they show that, but I would love to see it.

Cher is a hero, from acting to singing to dancing to her wigs, to her costumes to her famous Vegas Shows to her movies! Wow! She has done it all.  And there are not that many performers around who have been able to change and keep up with all of the different music and fashion styles for many decades and generations like Cher, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin.  They have all survived my favorite music era: DISCO and keep up, stay in style and keep it moving and grooving.

Cher5I remember watching the Sony & Cher show back in the day. Little Chastity was so sweet back then. It was great when they showed her. I also loved it when she danced with the Jackson 5. Not many performers can pull that off, but Cher did and looked pretty cool doing it.

I follow Cher on Facebook and Twitter and it was so cool when Chaz was on Dancing with the Stars. It was exciting when they announced that Cher would be coming to support Chaz.

Underneath all that stage makeup, diva costumes, wigs and bling is a real human, a mother to Chaz and a former wife to Sony.

It would so cool for Cher to make a video for DIVA WANNABEs. Or have a Reality show called Cher’s Top Divas. I would certainly audition. Are you listening Cher?Cher8


I know it’s not Cher, but could not resist throwing in this one with Jackson 5 and Vicki Lawrence from The Carol Burnett show.  Who knew Mama from Mama’s Family could boogie dance so good with the J5?


Here is Cher with the J5

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Cher7I will be posting some of my original Dancer Tributes in WordPress, only the early ones that were in Twitter only, not WordPress.  Back when I first starting posting the dancer tributes on Twitter I only had 2 subscribers.  Now that I have more, I realized that a lot of people missed my early dancer tributes.  But as I am reposting those, I will also keep adding new content for topics like Dance Choreography, new Dancer tributes, etc.

Now is your time to Join the Conversation! Comments, questions, concerns, controversy, rebuttals, tributes, blog suggestions, guest bloggers, etc., are all welcome!

Who inspired you to perform?