Belly Dance Musician Tribute 12/15/11: Setrek Sarkissian (Beirut, Lebanon)

Belly Dance Musician Tribute 12/15/11: Setrek Sarkissian (Beirut, Lebanon)
When I cook dinner, I usually have the right “go to” ingredients (as Rachel Ray calls it) for my meals.  Whether I’m making sure I have some chicken, ground beef, potatoes or hot dogs for the kids; or onion, garlic and bouillon cubes for flavor, I can usually whip up any meal on short notice.  Well belly dance is just like cooking a meal, the dance steps, music, finger cymbals and costuming are the INGREDIENTS that you put in your dance routine MEAL.  And you know what, Setrek Sarkissian is one of my “go to” musicians that can provide the dance music ingredient for any routine.  I have some of his older cassette tapes going back to his days with Daniel der Sahakian, such as Belly Dance with Samara.  I love watching Nagwa Fouad perform that piece.  I have her on one video tape where she is being carried in.  She is really the Cleopatra and Queen of Dance of our era (personal opinion).  Not to say that I get a sense of bragging in her dances, but rather just my feeling that she is our true dance queen of this era.  At any rate, I felt intimidated by her performance on that piece, but finally gathered up the courage to perform that song about 10 years ago, using the version by Adam Basma.  Setrek has a version of Samara on some of his newer cassettes that are now on CD.  I’m old school and today I was searching for dance routine on a cassette and had to look through hundreds of cassettes.  I know, they need to be on CD.  Also today I just got a Cassette-to-USB converter and can’t wait to start putting some of my favorites on MP3.  Setrek has a wide collection of great belly dance music to listen to and dance to.  I have so many of them, it’s real hard to pick a favorite.  So hey, do what I do when you need some “go to” music, pick out something sensational by Setrek!
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