Belly Dancer Tribute 12/14/11: Ansuya (Miami, FL)

Belly Dancer Tribute 12/14/11: Ansuya (Miami, FL), I was watching Ansuya dance on some of my Belly Dance Superstar DVDs and then I thought to my self, “Hey self!  Haven’t you seen her dance before somewhere else?”  This was a belly dance mystery that I had to solve.  Then I remembered, I saw her dance on the Dancing Live to Raja Video tape many years.  I think Ansuya was a teenager in the Raja video, but even though she was young, she was a kick-butt dancer!  She moving and grooving those hips like nobody’s business.  And you know how it is sometimes with young performers, we say, awe, they are so cute, and sometimes kid performers can get “brownie points” just for being so young or so cute.   But that was not the case with Ansuya, she was one heck of a dancer at a very young age.  It is funny how you can look at someone dancing in the present day; but look back at how they danced in 1989 and today, 22 years later.  The apple did not fall far from the tree, as her mom, Jenaeni, who taught Ansuya, is one heck of a dancer with kick-butt performances too.

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