We’re Back just in time for the Holidays! Sneak peek at the Vampire Dancer Saga Part 2!

The Vampire Dancer Saga Front Cover JPGChapter 1 The Vampire Dancer Saga World Tour

January 3010; New York, NY

Happy New Years and welcome to 3010 Vampire Olympics, here are your hosts the 5 Dick Clarkes, boomed the Mistress of Ceremonies, Salome!

The 5 Dick Clarkes took the stage. The crowd wooed and awed at the 5 different Dick Clarkes from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1900s. Wow, they look so real! remarked one audience member.

Dick Clarke1 replied, that is because we are real! We are the real Dick Clarkes from each decade courtesy of our sponsor: StarchGate Travel. Dick Clarke2 continued, when you need to travel through time and space or bring back a loved one or their soul from the past, future, heaven or hell – look to StarchGate Travel! We bring back anyone, anything from anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

Let me introduce our Mistress of Ceremonies, Salome! Please slither over to the stage Salome!BackCover

Slither – really, Asked Salome? Let me introduce our esteemed judges from two of your favorite Vampire Shows, So you Think You Can Vamp and Dancing with Some Dead Stars. Let’s give it up for:

KarAnna, Blen & Runo from DWSDS and Ligel Nitchgow & Murph Mare from SYTYCV with special guest judge Triple T Debs! The audience goes wild with applause!

Dick Clarke3 continued; Now let’s take a look at our competitors in the 3010 Vampire Olympics! We have 13 teams competing this year. The teams include a mixture of regular folks, dead folks, celebrities and guests from an alternate universe.

Salome continued, The theme of this year’s competition is DANCE OR DIE!

Yes, you heard me right. All safety controls are off on this special completion. You win the Dance Contest or you DIE! It’s as simple as that. Teams, are you ready for your challenge?

Supernatural Dancing Skills

  1. Time Travel (using a Glamour dance to dance to your “secret” time destination), once there
  2. Compulsion (Turn one team member into a vampire, ghost or monster of your choice)
  3. Find the Enemy (Could be anyone from a former friend to even a team member turned bad)
  4. Best Power (Witchcraft, Spell, Potion, Premonition or Voodoo Skills)

Salome1Salome added, The Teams are competing for some great prizes this year, including:

  1. 1st Place Every member of your Dance Team lives to see another day!
  2. 2nd Place 7 First Class tickets from StarchGate Travel. Each team member has a round trip ticket to visit anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Or they can use their ticket to bring back a Soul from the dead, past, present, future, alternate universe, Heaven or Hell.
  3. 3rd Place 7 Fully Deluxe Coffins for fun, business or pleasure. The coffins include a hide-away below with ample from to store victims, blood or bats. Of course an office, toilet, shower, blood draining stations, kitchen and living room with TV, guest bedroom.



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The Vampire Dancer Saga

Dance Step Tribute 3/2/12: The Twist (circa 1960), What is your favorite dance memory of The Twist?

Twist1Dance Step Tribute 3/2/12: The Twist (circa 1960)

Where were you in 1960?  I know, I know, most of you were not born yet.

I’m not claiming to be as old as Methuselah, but hey I was there back in the early 1960s.

I watched my Mom & Dad dance back then, because back then they were young and cool.  So the kids tried to be like them and imitate stuff they did.  Some imitated stuff was good, some not so good.  I envied the grown ups drinking coffee during the day and my Dad drinking beer with my uncles later that night in our garage.  I used to steal sneaks of coffee as well as beer.  Maybe that explains why I still drink coffee and beer today, LOL.  Our garage had the first MAN CAVE I ever seen.  We lived on 34th & Flora and the garage had the popcorn ceiling with the gold glitter.  Popcorn ceilings are tacky now, but back then I loved the glitter and of course later on being a Belly Dancer, anything with Bling, Shimmer & Shine!  I still have dreams about being in that garage and watching my Dad drink Miller Beer with Uncle Nathaniel, Jackie, and the rest of the gang.Twist2

My family danced!  Mom & dad, my aunts and uncles.  So when they did the newest dances like the Twist, the Funky Chicken the Jerk, whatever, the kids imitated them.  My Aunts Forestine and Ernestine were younger than Mom & Dad, so they brought the newest steps to the family and after the kids learned the “new” dances, we tried to get attention by performing them.  So the first dance that I remember performing for attention was the TWIST.  Boy, if only the “cool” uncle that had the only video camera could have filmed us back then.  You know that all 8 mm and that to be developed and used for only very special occasions, not something as common as the kids trying to dance.

It was so cool when Mom & Dad would call upon you to dance.  Not my brothers & sisters, but me –  ha, ha.  Sometimes they called another kids to dance and brag about said kid and ask the whole family to watch, so when you got your turn to dance the newest dance, you better do your best or next time, they might not ask you.  Hmmm, no wonder I wanted to go to dance school and then later on became a belly dancer.

Twist3I loved watching Len Goodman dance the Twist on Dancing with the Stars.  It was a treat to see Chubby Checker performing after 50 years.  Damn, has it been that long?  Rock on Len Goodman!  Rock on Chubby Checkers!  Rock on The TWIST!!!



The Twist was a dance inspired by rock and roll music. It became the first worldwide dance craze in the early 1960s, enjoying immense popularity among young people and drawing fire from critics who felt it was too provocative. It inspired dances such as the Jerk, the Pony, the Watusi, the Mashed Potato, the Monkey and the Funky Chicken, although none were as popular. The dance was inspired by “The Twist,” Chubby Checker‘s 1960 cover of the B-side of Hank Ballard & The Midnighters‘ 1959 single, “Teardrops on Your Letter”. From Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twist_(dance)


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What is your favorite dance memory of The Twist?