Dancing at the St. Louis World’s Fair–Happy Thanksgiving!

November, 1910; St. Louis, MO

Ragtime2The dance was beside the water. City officials had erected a great set of stands for the event it was said that people could see the place illuminated all the way from the Illinois side of the river. The things that had already crept into the world were unbeknownst to most of the people at the world fair. Then again, not everyone at the world fair was known to the people of St. Louis. It was not due to some malevolent plot of the man behind the piano, the world famous Scott Joplin, that the world would soon crumble. Rather it was an old spirit that had possessed the pianist. So old, that it had assumed dominion over most other spirits that pressed at the gate between worlds. In his life, he had been a powerful warlock, much stronger than some famous musician of any time period.

It was through an Ouija board that the ignorant artist got himself possessed, Cakewalk4on the very day before he was supposed to play for the competition at the world fair. His friends had all thought the board a novel idea for a party on the train in, and had called up something they would never be able to put down. Music has its own powers, as do dances. The mighty warlock from ages past had seized Joplin at the most opportune moment, and while he was unable to cast the man out of his own body, he assumed dominion over that which he wished.

RagtimeThe illustrious gate that had been erected in the city was formed in just the right conjecture and angles to open a rift between the worlds. While many humans had willpower enough to resist a spirit, spirits adhered to his words like children harking to a saint. With the man’s melodic abilities, and his dark and ancient magic, the warlock was able to call up the spirits of the watching damned. Frozen in hell, they had more than enough time to imitate the motions of those who still drew breath. The possessed Joplin surmised that if he could get the damned to keep exact rhythm with the well rehearsed competitors, he could get have his most loyal servants possessing bodies almost as strong and coordinated as his own.Cakewalk

49 bodies from seven teams in the end. A good number, the warlock thought. What the old trickster did not count on however, was those who monitor and watch the world beyond ours. The crowd, which had begun to disperse at the end of the last performance, only to reappear at the final marks, froze without intending to. Their eyes were cast down to the stage where seven competitors, all in black, stood in a line, at the ready and anticipating Joplin to resume his masterful piano playing. The Fair5oldest of the group, a witch known as Meddling Granny stepped forward and raised her hand to request a ragtime beat. The others, not so young in their own respects, former a phalanx close behind her, at the ready.

The energy from the witches radiated fiercely, and the forty nine Joplin had managed to possess stood in a wide circle around them. Should they raise wands or start incantations, they would fall on the seven like a wolves on rabbits. As it was, the warlock nodded politely, a grin cracking his dry lips, and conjured up the next seven demons he could muster to fall in step with the witches as they Fair3danced. Then, he began to play.

Vernon and Irene took the lead in the cakewalk, and after they had rotated ridiculously within the circle once, Pippa, Feebles, Pageant, and Prunes fell in step. Meddling Granny performed in the middle of their dance, without a partner and without a care. Those stalking spirits that tried to fall upon the witches came upon a nasty surprise. Each of them already had the spirit of a long dead dancing slave within them! The demons were buffered back, and the witches began to take the form of those long forgotten Africans not yet liberated. The dance became faster and faster, moving at such a fluidity and rapid pace that most of the other demons abandoned their new shells to flee in terror. The warlock tried to stop Joplin from playing, but found the man’s strength renewed and unable to be broken as easily as before! In twos and threes, the possessed lost their occupants as the demons fled back Cakewalk2towards the StarchGate and into oblivion.




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The Vampire Dancer Saga: Part 2 – Dance can Change the World, 6/23/12

VampireDancer1A fictional tale of dances from the 1900s-2010s

Part 2 – Dance can Change the World, the 1910s

Bom Tergeron was looking very handsome, dapper and fine, as usual, as he prepared for the Vampire Olympic Semi Finals.

“Welcome to our 3000 Vampire Olympic Semi Finals,” shouted Bom as the audience and judges took their seats.

Let’s welcome back our 4 remaining teams:

  1. Diary of the Mad Vamps, at the top of the leaderboard with 30 points!
  2. Turd Blue, tied for 2nd place with 29 points
  3. Mutant Weirdoes, also tied for 2nd place with 29 points
  4. Butchers & Bakers, at the bottom of the leaderboard with 28 points

Tonight’s competition will be very exciting! Each team has 3 challenging tasks in order to move to the Finals:1910

  1. Use their best spell or potion to Glamour the team into St. Louis 1910, the day before the 10th year competition
  2. After they arrive in 1910 St. Louis, have their dancers perform an authentic dance from 1910, wearing the same costume fashions of that era. The Best Dance routine can earn an extra 2 points and give the Team 32 points total instead of 30. After the dance competition each team can change back into their 3000 year fashions.
  3. Then each team will use a combination of their best glamour dances, spells, potions and ability to see past & future events to change a Signification Event in World History.

Adolf HitlerWe have not forgotten about each team’s great ability to use Vampire Defense Skills. So while you are “visiting” that World Event, you might need to claw, scratch and kick your way out of any fights by using your best shape shifters and fighting skills. You will be provided with a special “duplicator” effect that can make it appear that you have thousands or millions of fighters in the event you end up in the middle of a large war or confrontation.

Let’s have each team come up and pick a World Event from the basket that Rook Rurke is holding.

Bom announced the World Events that each Team must change:

  1. Diary of the Mad Vamps Kill Adolf HitlerSlavery1
  2. Turd Blue Prevent Slavery from happening in America
  3. Mutant Weirdoes Stop World War I
  4. Butchers & Bakers Prevent the Titanic from Sinking

The audience gasped and booed. They shouted, “It is wrong to kill Hitler for a competition, even after what he did!”

Bom said, “Calm down and relax everyone. This is a temporary “kill” and Adolf Hitler will die as planned in 1945. The competition will only “glamour” the effects of the change in World Events. But caution Teams, if you don’t return the World as is in tomorrow’s Finals, the changes will become permanent!” Also Teams, be very careful as some of the World Changes will temporarily affect Team Members as the events are changed.

WW1The audience was still restless and shouted, “How can it be changed back, if you plan to eliminate one team?”

Bom reassured them that the Special Witch Police team of charming ladies in conjunction with the reigning champions, The Collins, will have more than enough power to reverse the effects made by the team that will be eliminated and not going to the Finals.”

The audience expressed a sigh of relief.

Before we get started on the competition, let’s welcome our special guest musical artist, Celine Dion. The crowd cheered loudly as Celine sang, “My Heart Will Go On” from the 1997 film Titantic.Titantic1

And the Butchers and Bakers Team could not be happier that Celine was singing the theme song from the movie Titanic. The judges and audience loved Celine’s performance. But there was one fat guy in the audience, who booed and shouted, “Showboating Canadian Hussy!”

Now let’s get started by having each Team glamour into 1910 and prepare to do an authentic dance of that era. Let’s give them 10 minutes to start as the audience and judges plan to glamour to meet them there.

The audience was really enjoying the dance part of the Olympic Competition.

The Diary of the Mad Vamps did a combination of Animal dances like the Gacho DanceKangaroo Hop, the Duck Waddle, The Turkey Trot and the Bunny Hug Dance.

Team Turd Blue did a sensual Gaucho Dance

Mutant Weirdoes played it safe by doing The Grizzly Bear Dance

But the Butchers & Bakers stole the show doing a Cakewalk Dance to Ragtime Music. They had actually glamoured Scott Joplin from the Alternate Universe and had him as their guest musician while they danced.

Bom announced the Team that will earn the 2 extra points for the Dance Competition. It was the Butchers &Cakewalk4 Bakers! Now Team Butchers and Bakers are tied for 1st place with Diary of the Mad Vamps with a combined score of 30 each.

First up in the Change World Event challenge was the Diary of the Mad Vamps. Batty did a spell to kill Adolf Hitler on April 29, 1945. They glamoured Anne Frank to show the audience how different her life would have been with this historical change. Anne Frank ended up being a successful screen writer who glamoured to different times and places to write scripts for Fran Dresher and many others.

Ragtime2Next up, the Team Turd Blue showed an emotional journey of how ending Slavery affected both Africa and the US. They gave presentations on how it affected the racial populations of each country. Also they had the audience turn to look at the Butchers & Bakers during the presentation. They pointed out how their look was temporarily changed to affect their hair, outfits and jewelry. Pelvis got the audience laughing as he joked how Big Daddy now looked like King Jaffe Joffe and Granny looked similar to Queen Aeoleon from the movie, Coming to America.

Then the Mutant Weirdoes demonstrated the affects of World War 1 never happening. They summoned Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, his wife Sophie and their children to give a special presentation on how the War affected their family. The Team also showed an Alternate Version of the World where Ferdinand and Sophie lived past the year 1914. The crowd loved this special presentation.Celine

Team Butchers & Bakers were the last to present their Challenge of Saving the Titantic. They summoned all 1,514 survivors of the Titantic as the DTSDS band plays an encore of “My Heart Will Go On.” In addition to the 1,514 Titantic Survivors, they glamoured the entire ship onto the stage in its pre-wrecked condition. Then they summoned all actors from the 1997 movie as well as US President Thomas Woodrow Wilson. The crowd went wild and gave them a 10 minute standing ovation!

Bom is back to announce the team that will be eliminated before the Finals.

FranAll of our Teams did a great job and here are the results of the judges’ scores and audience votes.

Rook then says, “We have 2 couples in the Bottom 2 this evening. Please welcome Teams Turd Blue and The Diary of the Mad Vamps!”

Both Teams stand in the red light of Doom. Bom continues, on this day in the year 1910, the following team will leave the competition. The team with the lowest score and now leaving the Vampire Olympics is:

Long pause while the drums play a heartbeat.

Team Mutant Weirdoes!Anne

Bom and Rook ask the Team to come to the stage. Rook asks, “What will be your favorite memory of this competition?” Wiz speaks for the group and says his favorite part was turning into a werewolf and kicking ass during on the battlefield.” Bom said, “Let’s give them one last dance as they perform The Grizzly Bear.” The crowd cheers and claps.

But Snookie is rolling her eyes at the remaining competitor and taunts, “We are going to kick your sorry asses at the Vampire Olympic Final Showdown in St. Louis!”

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