Bagels from Heaven!

These were not made from scratch, but tasted just as good.Bagel4

Price Chopper used to have my favorite Asiago Cheese bagels. HyVee happened to have this from their bakery.

This is truly a treat from heaven!

My breakfast during the work week is very boring: Cottage cheese & diced peaches, a Banana or Raisin Date & Walnut Oatmeal. These are my low calorie favorites. But to get that extra fruit, I also drink Orange Juice with my breakfast.

It was a blessing to finally reach my lowest weight in 10 years. I kept a weight & food diary to track the 40 pounds lost so far.Bagel7

My diet has changed so much, which makes sense because Old Age + Less Exercise = Weight Gain.

My favorite breakfast used to be a Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich, a Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich or a Spam & Egg & Cheese Sandwich.

Trust me, I have two packages of the Spam slices in my fridge, just for the right moment.

Everything in moderation can make big changes.Bagel1

Back in the day, I could eat a Church’s Chicken (or Popeye’s) 3 piece meal with the sides and biscuit.

Now, that simply would not digest and would just add on pounds.

Making an “All in One Bowl” meal and staying away from Bread (sandwich) carbs, has been very helpful.

Also, adding vegetables to every meal bowl. For example, I love making Chili or Rotel. This week, I added diced Mirepoix with Broccoli to the Beef Rotel. So only one bowl with everything in it.

Bagel2But since this is a Holiday 3-day weekend, I can go crazy a little bit.

My chicken is unthawed for General’s Tso’s Chicken. At first I was going to fry it, but now I am going to bake it instead and add the General’s Tso’ sauce. For my Buffalo Chicken Wings last week, I also baked them instead of frying them.

Little changes can make big (or small) results.

Bake those Bagels for 10 minutes in a pre-heated 350 degree oven. Then slap on some cream cheese and Everything Bagel Seasoning and you have Bagels from Heaven!Bagel7


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Happy Birthday Mom! January 27, 1938–April 22, 2007

WP_000246 - CopyMy mom was the best mom in the world!  I’ll never forget Mom’s birthday a few years ago.  She requested that I make Chili for her birthday.  Now, whenever I make Chili, I feel so honored that my mom requested that I cook it for her birthday., one of the last few that we shared!

Today I am cooking Turkey, Dressing, Cheesy Broccoli & Asparagus, 2 Pies, Scalloped Potatoes with Swiss Cheese, Gravy and a loaf of bread in honor of Mom’s birthday and Brenna’s Mom’s birthday, both January girls!  These recipes will be in my upcoming cookbook!

My mom’s name in the book is LEANA, which means:

WP_000092My mom loved all 7 of her kids!  She encouraged us to do our best.  I would not have became a dancer, if she did not have us dance the Twist at a young age.  She was Awesome and Inspiring!  She nurtured all 7 kids and had to endure a child that had a stroke, 2 that had cancer, car accidents, military stints, etc.  She gave all 7 kids so much personal attention, we all felt like an only child that did not suffer attention.

Happy birthday Mom!