Belly Dancer Tribute 2/9/12: BellyTwins (Veena & Neena Bidasha) original Tweet 10/1/11, What is your favorite dance by the BellyTwins-Veena & Neena?

Bellytwin1Belly Dancer Tribute 2/9/12: BellyTwins (Veena & Neena Bidasha) original Tweet 10/1/11.

I was watching TV one day and saw an ad for a Belly Dance video by the BellyTwins.  I hadn’t heard of them, but the video tape looked good, so I went ahead and ordered it.

Later on, I found out how Twin-Licious the Belly Twins were with their TV appearances on the Oscar Awards 1993 (with Atlantis), their appearances on shows such as Steve Harvey, The Wayans Brothers or All of Us.  I love the BellyTwins, but it would have been nice to see different dancers sometimes.  And I know that is hard because not all belly dancers are also actresses and SAG members, so the talent pool for booking belly dancers on a show is pretty slim.  That’s prolly why we see only a small group belly dancers again and again on TV shows, like the BellyTwins or Mesmera.  I love them, but on an African-American show it would have shown great diversity in talent to book an African American belly dancer.  And the are plenty out there, I would nominate Lotus Niraja, Alicia Dhanifu, Nakish, heck — anybody to show on African American shows that there are African American Belly dancers in the US.

We all know about the fabulous DVDS by the BellyTwins, such as:

  1. Basic Moves
  2. Beyond Basic
  3. Mystic Dance
  4. Slim Down
  5. Arms & Abs
  6. Hips, Buns & Thighs
  7. Fat Burning

Their amazing work work as Belly Dance Superstars on their DVDs and live shows.  Not to mention their awesome book, The Way of the Belly.  I actually checked out the book from the library, read it and returned it back to the library.  Later on I found out that the book came with a DVD, which I completely overlooked, so I went ahead and purchased a copy for myself.

But my favorite performance by the BellyTwins is when Veena Bidasha provided her voice on Jungle Book the movie part 2.  To me, that was such a major role and I am so proud that a Belly Dancer was able to play the voice of the mother in that movie.  I know they have also acted in lots of movies and TV shows, but Jungle Book is one of my personal favorite movies.

I was a kid when the original Jungle Book movie came out and I really loved all of the songs like “I Want to Be Like You” (the original not the new version).  I sung those songs so many times as a kid that now I know all the lyrics by heart.  When Jungle Book part 1 was released on Video, I purchased a copy.  My grandson always loved watching that movie when he was young.  So when it was released on DVD, I got that version, as well as Jungle Book, part 2.  A great family movie to watch with the kids.

It is such an honor that Veena could participate in such a grand production.  The Belly Twins are Belly-Fabulous.  I can’t wait to see what they do next.
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What is your favorite dance by the BellyTwins-Veena & Neena?

Belly Dance Tribute 12/16/11: Alyssa Milano (Charmed Episode “Y Tu Mummy Tambien”)

Belly Dance Tribute 12/16/11: Alyssa Milano (Charmed Episode “Y Tu Mummy Tambien”)
Have you noticed the differences in the “Hollywood” film versions of belly dance by actors is so very much different than the “Egyptian” film versions of belly dance by actors?  You’re probably thinking, “Duh!  Of course they are very different because most Egyptian films with belly dance actors are actually “real” belly dancers!”  So true, I love watching Egyptian movie clips with Samia Gamal, Tahia, Nagwa, etc.  Very big differences in the US Hollywood belly dance interpretations.  Thanks goodness Hollywood has the good sense to now mostly cast Belly Dancers who may or may not be SAG members, such as The Belly Twins, Mesmera, Atlantis, Ansuya, Tonya.  I always love it when I see belly dance in a TV show or movie, especially when I know the dancer is a “real” belly dancer.  But sometimes Hollywood might have a non-belly dancer perform belly dance.  That is when it gets interesting.  Some non-belly dancers are not very good when imitating belly dance.  They might have the look, but no the moves.  I thought Alyssa Milano did a good job of belly dancing in the Charmed Episode of Y Tu Mummy Tambien.  It did not look like the typical Hollywood style of putting a belly dance costume on an actress who does not know how to belly dance.  Alyssa’s dance looked very convincing.  I felt as though she really had taken lessons.  So glad she took the time to get the moves right, along with the look.  The costume was great too.  Check it out at:

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