Belly Dancer Tribute 2/1/12: Suhaila Salimpour (Albany, CA) original Tweet 9/27/11, Can you name a “PERFECT” dancer?

Suhaila3Belly Dancer Tribute 2/112: Suhaila Salimpour (Albany, CA) original Tweet 9/27/11

Suhaila Salimpour, Jamila Salimpour and Isabella are Belly Dance Royalty in the United States!!!

Jamila is the First Lady, Suhaila is the Lady in Waiting and Isabella is the Princess of Belly Dance.

The first time I took a workshop from Suhaila was in St. Louis when she was still a teenager.  It was so funny how she was so young, yet so commanding and able to order all the “older” dancers around . . . TEE HEE!

That part of it cracked me up, but boy can Suhaila crack a whip in  dance workshop!  I used to try be one of the last few standing because her workshops were so physically demanding.  I tried to attend as many of her workshops as I could back in St. Louis.

So glad I did.  I have a tribute to Suhaila on page 198 of my book:  As close to perfection – that’s Suhaila, in my humble opinion.

I can’t stand dancers who think they know it all, they are above it all, they are so great that they have stopped learning because they already know everything, right?  I hope to NEVER stop learning, I hope to ALWAYS keep growing and keep studying dance, whether it’s someone I have only seen on a video or some of my precious favorite dancers, like Suhaila Salimpour.

I don’t think any dancer knows everything.  I don’t believe it is possible to be a PERFECT dancer, meaning you know how to perform every style there is, you know every finger cymbal pattern, and you are at the top of the game.  Some dancers come very close, like Suhaila, Morocco, Aisha Ali, Nagwa Fouad, and others that you have in your heart that are near perfect (in your eyes).  The trick is, sometimes dancers perform their FAVORITE style.  And some dancers are known for CERTAIN styles.  There are some dancers who you will never see doing floorwork.  There are some dancers who would not perform cane dance.  And there are those only want to do Egyptian cabaret style, so when you see them dance, you mostly see their preferred or favorite style.

Name one dancer that you have seen perform every style, including Tribal, floor work, Greek Cabaret, Turkish Cabaret, Gypsy, Spanish, Sword, cane, etc.?  That list is pretty short.  At the top of the Leaderboard of course is the magnificent “Aunt Rocky” Morocco of New York.  Aunt Rocky is a “walking” encyclopedia of dance!  I don’t think there is anything about dance that she does not know.  I’m sure I can ask her about any style, any country, any shimmy, any step and she would be the Authority on that subject, whether it’s what style of dance did Haggala come from, or what type of dance movements are used in Tunisian dance?  She knows, not calling her a know-it-all, but she is the expert!  Aunt Rocky you are perfection!!!

Even when I think the Queen of Belly Dance Nagwa Fouad.  She does Egyptian cabaret, some floor, cane of course, but I have not seen her do Tribal Dance or anything close to Greek or Turkish cabaret.  I could be wrong, and if so I stand corrected though.

But wait, what makes Suhaila so special?  Suhaila has built an EMPIRE in dance!  Looking at how popular her workshops are, being an actress on the TV show Fame, her line of videos and her earnings potential are off the roof!  She is one of the few dancers in the country that can appear on a TV show, based on the fame of being a belly dancer.

Suhaila — thanks for showing me how to squeeze my buns Suhaila and for the all great workshops I have attended with you and seeing your performances throughout the years.
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What is your favorite dance by Suhaila Salimpour?  Can you name a PERFECT dancer?