Belly Dancer Tribute 12/28/11: Amara al Amir (Raleigh, NC)

Amar al Amir6Belly Dancer Tribute 12/28/11: Amara al Amir (Raleigh, NC).  You know what I love about a dance group is TEAMWORK!  What’s gonna work?  Teamwork!  I love watching Amara al Amir perform solo or with her troupe.  The Tapestry Dancers are so cute and talented!  I love their costumes and the camaraderie they have in their shows.  And Amara looks every bit the proud mama!  It is so great when a troupe can work well together and dance well together as well.  My favorite performance by Amara is her performance at the Hofstra University President’s Ball 1980 to Marinella.  I love the turns with kicks and some of the 9/8 moves.  When she pulled that tambourine out, I didn’t expect it.  I was all like, “Hey, where did she get that tambourine from?”  Check her out:

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