The Vampire Dancer Saga: Part 11 – Dancing with some Dead Stars 6/20/12

VampireDancer1A fictional tale of dances from the 1900s-2010s

Part 11 – Dancing with some Dead Stars, the 2000s

Sherry was so sick of her life and her house. She had recently found 3 bats in her house, one in her bedroom, one in the kids room and one that always hung around the kitchen.  Strangely enough, the bats had human faces, which creeped her out even more. If she didn’t know any better, those bat faces looked strangely like her grandkids. Have they been playing around with the Glamour so they could fly around and frighten their grandma?

She needed a much needed vacation. Just get away from her house and stressful job for just one weekend. Not that she didn’t love her family and especially her beloved grandkids, Dragon Ball Booga, VuDaje and Tuppers. But the boredom of day-to-day was too much to handle.

The bat in her kitchen tried to communicate with her. It said, “Don’t forget to use Great Granny’s Glamour Alicia Keyspotion.” Sherry remembered how much fun it was when Leana used the Glamour on her when she was kid. She still had a little bag left of the potion and wanted to use it in the most fun way as possible.

Sherry had already dabbled using the potion to Glamour her favorite dancers, like Triple T Debs and Elly Powers. She would often “jump” into their films or TV shows pretending to be them and then teaching their dance moves to her granddaughters after the Glamour.

She had also Glamoured herself onto her favorite Dance Show, So you think you can Vamp, where a human dance pro was partnered with a Celebrity Vampire Dancer.

But now she was bored with SYTYCV and wanted to move on to bigger pastures, like: Dancing with Some Dead Stars.

BeyounceThis year’s season was sort of boring. Beryl Cerk grinding against Sexy Bill with her Lap Dances. The first Lesbian couple Putrid Android with Donna Drivel. And Herek Duff having the NERVE to have Marlene Moonos imitate a VAMPIRE! Sherry knew that would piss certain kinfolk off.

Sherry decided to “Glamour” herself onto the show so she could dance with super sexy Valentino Charming. She could not stand his brother, Mad Prince Charming, but had Baby Boy on her mind 24/7.

But how to get rid of his current partner? Hmmm, not the first time that Sherry had Glamoured onto a TV or Movie star. It always helped to have a similar name or look. Also, have a “temporary” coffin ready to “Glamour the “victim” into sleeping 4-12 weeks until the end of the show’s season.

Sherry Glamoured into Jheri. The Ladies stared each other down. “Who in the hell are you?” Jheri demanded as she faced her mirror image. “I am borrowing you for just a few weeks, so sleep my pretty!” With those words, the Glamour took effect and Jheri fell fast asleep. Sherry moved her into the coffin and Glamoured the coffin to be invisible.

Valentino knocked on Jheri’s dressing room door and said it’s time to rehearse now. Sherry, as Jheri, said, “I’ll be right there.”Lady Gaga

They rehearsed the Foxtrot, their 1st dance of the Season. They got a score of 23 during the Live show, which really insulted Sherry. She thought they could do much better. So she planned to Glamour the judges, KarAnna, Blen and Runo. Gia predicted they would get a 23 and 24 in the following weeks, so Sherry made sure to Glamour the Judges into giving her 10-10-10 instead.

Sherry and Valentino were at the Top of the Leaders Board. They seemed poise to make it to the Semi Finals. Sherry forgot about Jheri and the limits of the Glamour Potion. Jheri woke up and told the judges about her doppelganger.

The Judges told the security guards to remove Sherry from the premises. On the 4th week with the real Jheri Sheep dancing, the judges gave them 21 which eliminated Jheri & Valentino from the competition.

Jheri was devastated! She really, really wanted to keep dancing. She became curious about how Sherry was able to convince the judges to give her perfect 10s.

JustinThe Show Hosts Bom Tergeron and Rook Rurke urged Jheri not to find Sherry. They had used Glamour to get hired to do the show. In fact, former hostesses Hanta Sarris and Calise Kanner were still locked up as vampires in Rook’s dressing room.

Caroline Braden’s ancestors were originally from England. She was a distant relative of Ligel Nitchgow from SYTYCV. Caroline had warned Ligel to never, ever hold a SYTYCV audition in St. Louis. But Ligel did not believe in superstitions.

So when they filmed the auditions for Season 1 in 2005 in St. Louis, Murph Mare screamed, “Meet us for auditions in St. Louis for SYTYCV!”

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What was your favorite song, singer, dance or dancer from the 2000s?

The Vampire Dancer Saga: Part 10 – Dancing with Wolves 6/17/12

VampireDancer1A fictional tale of dances from the 1900s-2010s

Part 10: Dancing with Wolves, the 1990s

Voodoo expert Granny Smith lived long enough to see her grandson Dolf grow up in St. Louis. Dolf took great pride in teaching his sons, Lance, Regent and Dolf Jr., how to be a man. He made sure his sons took boxing lessons and that above all, they protected the women in the family.

Granny was so impressed with her grandson Dolf, that she created a special gift for his sons. She gathered the blood of a wolf, ram and hart. She created Macarena1special voodoo dolls and did a spell that will ensure each great grandson had a special gift on their 21st birthday.

It was Dolf’s 21st birthday but little did he know, his favorite niece Shawntay, had planned a surprise birthday party for her favorite uncle Dolf, after they returned from a Dance Audition at the St. Louis Dance Grandstand show.

Hip Hop1Shawntay and her best friend, Popcorn and favorite cousin TayLynn watched the show every Saturday night. They would dance along to the dancers on the show and learn great moves for the Macarena and Hip Hop dancing.

Shawntay was just pulling up to her mom’s house, Sherry, to put out Uncle Ben’s favorite foods for the party. He loved to BBQ and also enjoyed his wife Brenna’s special version of country ribs, greens and cornbread. Most of the other family members had arrived early for the party to help with the food and decorations. Tam, TayLynn’s mom made a great Rum Cake. Dolf’s sister, Gia made Liver & Onions and Hip Hop3Kandy made Brisket for the party. Sister Sherry made her famous Chili.

Popcorn, TayLynn & ShawnTay had on their best outfits and make up for the audition. They taught the family members how to do the Macarena before leaving. They said, “Don’t start the party without us, we’ll be back in 1 hour to surprise Uncle Dolf.”

Devil DogWhen they came back in 1 hour to tell the family the good news that they won the audition, they noticed several dogs circling their car. The dogs barked and growled at them and scared the 3 girls from getting out of the car. These wore not regular dogs. These dogs had red eyes and looked devilish and demonic.

Just then, Uncle Dolf pulled up. He noticed the dogs harassing the girls but right then he felt a strange feeling. He was so angry at the dogs and did not understand why the dogs did not want the girls to get out of their car.Dog Family Tree

The blood was pumping in Dolf’s veins and he got so angry that all of a sudden he felt very, very strange. He noticed hair growing rapidly on his arms. His mouth felt weird like his teeth were being reshaped.

The girls looked at Uncle Dolf and began screaming, Uncle Dolf is turning into a big, bad wolf!

After the transformation was complete, Uncle Dolf began fighting the dogs. He tore each dog in half until they were all dead.

Wolf fighting DogA funny thing happened, after each dog was dead, their bodies suddenly disappeared.

Just then a strange lady came out of nowhere. She also had the red eyes and demonic look. She screamed at Dolf and the girls and said, “I told your Great Grandma to never come to St. Louis!”

They looked up and saw Granny Smith running out of the house. She said, “Back off bitch!  Caroline, I told you that we will meet again in St. Louis!” Hop4
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What was your favorite dance or dancer from the 1990s?

Dance Choreographer Tribute 2/13/12: Napoleon & Tabitha “NappyTaps” (Sherman Oaks, CA). What is your favorite dance by the Napoleon & Tabitha “NappyTaps”? Does Lady Gaga hate NappyTaps?

NappyTaps1Dance Choreographer Tribute 2/13/12: Napoleon & Tabitha “NappyTaps” (Sherman Oaks, CA)

I love shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars so much.  Why?  Because it gives professional, amateur and celebrity (sometimes non-dancers) a chance to dance and shine with the best choreographers and dancers in the country.

When I watch both shows, I know in advance that I am watching and waiting for my favorite dancers and choreographers to shine.  On Dancing with the Stars I know that anything “touched” by Louie Van Amstel, Cheryl Burke, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Chelsie Hightower, Mark Ballas and Lacey Schwimmer is going to please and entertain me, regardless of their partners.

And on So You Think You Can Dance, my favorite choreographers are Doriana Sanchez, Napoleon & Tabitha  AKA NappyTaps,  Sonya Tayeh, Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin and Nakul Dev Mahajan.  I am usually ALWAYS going to love their choreography, unless the dancer really, really screw it up.  Some other choreographers that I enjoy on the show are Travis Wall, Tyce Diorio, Mandy Moore &  Nigel Lythgoe.  Wait, what – Nigel Lythgoe???  Nigel is brilliant when he choreographs and performs Tap Dance!!!  Tyce “stopusingthesamestepsandmakingtheBroadwaydanceslookjustlikeBobFossechoreographies” Tyson!

I am so glad that SYTYCD makes Disco and Bollywood Dance available for the masses and allows these unique dance forms on the show.  I hope they add Belly Dance to show show one day, Nigel – hint, hint!

I was SHOCKED when I watched an episode of SYTYCD last July when Lady Gaga was a guest Judge.  Boy, she really did not like Napoleon & Tabitha (NappyTaps)!  She was hating on them and talking trash.  I wonder why?  But more importantly that was not the time and place to air any personal grudges.  I thought it was very unprofessional and as an audience member, I felt very uncomfortable when she starting her negative comments.

What did they do to piss off Lady Gaga?  And why is she hating on NappyTaps? Does anyone know?

By the way, I love the new show Mobbed, featuring choreography by the darling and talented dance duo NappyTabs, be sure to catch it this week on FOX.
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What is your favorite dance by the Napoleon & Tabitha “NappyTaps”?  Does Lady Gaga hate NappyTaps?

Dancer Tribute 12/24/11: Fatima Robinson (Little Rock, AR)

Remember the TimeDancer Tribute 12/24/11: Fatima Robinson (Little Rock, AR)
I am a HUGE fan of Fatima!  I first found out about her back in 1992 when the “Remember the Time” video was released by Michael Jackson.  And being a belly dancer, of course I loved the Egyptian theme of both the song and video.  My sister Brenda loves that video so much, she said that our dance troupe (The Scheherazade Dance Company) needs to perform the drum solo in the video.  I can’t imagine a dancer being so young, so gifted, so talented like Fatima.  Like Michael Jackson, that does not happen very often.  Fatima was the 2nd African American dancer to choreograph at the Academy of the Arts Oscar Awards telecast (Debbie Allen was the first).  Fatima’s choreographies have also been featured on So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars and many top TV commercials spots and for most of the music videos for the top music artists today.  All I can say is WOW!  I can only dream of such glory.  Fatima has achieved such dance glory and beyond!  I think about Fatima every time I attempt, ahem — TRY, to do the Remember the Time dance on The Michael Jackson Experience on my XBox and Wii consoles.  Hint, hint, for some reason the Wii version is a lot easier to do than the XBox version.  I usually have to drunk first to get enough nerve and courage to try it on Xbox with the Kinect.  Well, me, Brenda and my Brother Ben will try.  Then the next day we wake up we are all sort from being old folks trying to dance to songs choreographed and performed by young folks and have a sore throat from trying to sing along with Michael.  LOL! And trust me, I have done it both drunk and sober and the results are still the same, I can’t keep up with Michael or Fatima’s great choreography to Remember the Time, but hey, at least I tried.  Check her out at:

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Remember the Time1