Sneak peek at the Vampire Dancer Saga Part 5, Fan Fiction: In 2017 Slavery never ended

Copyright 2017 Shalimar Ali

In 2017, Slavery never ended

800px-Thomas_Edison2Sallie Cherry is a light-skinned slave in 1890. She has never worked the fields. But kept inside Master’s house to keep her skin light.

This made her more acceptable to do light duties like washing dishes, laundry and tending to her slave master’s children.

Even though slavery ended officially on Dec. 8, 1865, the house niggers and field niggers were not aware that it ended.

Ro’Zha and Drake had travelled back to 1890 to continue their quest to change the outcome of slavery.

They asked each other, how and why a situation like slavery ever came to be?

They looked this situation from the perspective of the Slave Owner and the Slave. How did this come to being?

From the slave master perspective it was 100% win-win. They can play GOD!

BillyBobThorntonHWOFFeb2012cropThis means they can kill any human. Rape any black girl or woman. And to boot, get free labor to build their county?

How and why would a slave go along with this unfair existence?

A simple answer: BRAINWASHING!

This does not mean that the slaves were stupid, ignorant or dumb.

It just means that they were outnumbered and had a language barrier.

It is pretty easy to be brainwashed if you don’t understand the language. And see the white men lynch other blacks on a daily basis. Also rape black girls and women everyday. And kill and torture all blacks.

There was a sense of hopelessness for your survival. If you just simply wanted to live, you had to abide by what the white man said. This form of brainwashing to survive to live, endured, even to the year 2017. Not as subtle as it was in 1890, but a road map to make sure that you lived, even through compliance.

Halle_Berry_by_Gage_SkidmoreSallie Cherry was no different. Even though she was light-skinned, she had been raped by many white men on the plantation and was also beaten.

The slave owner, Bobby Billy, often entertained celebrities like Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison visited visited Bobby’s plantation in St. Louis, MO. Thomas was there to show off his new movie picture and get entries into his movie contest called the Racso Awards for the best movies.

Even though this award show was pretty new, no slaves had been nominated, except for Pattie Daniels for her role playing the black mammy in the Winds are Gone. Leanna Thorne was a successful actress loved by both blacks and whites. But she insisted that her film roles be successful and truthful to the fact that slavery was over. So she refused to play mammy roles or slave master concubine roles.

Leanna Thorne also refused to allow nudity or sex in any of her movies. So when her movie, the Weather is Stormy was released, there was the utmost respect for her as an actress and for the positive role model she portrayed.

Thomas Edison bragged about how he had so much respect from the movie industry. He said that his movie studio, Gate of the Lion, wanted entries for the Rasco Awards.

Charlize_Theron_Cannes_2015_2Bobby Billy was good friends with two actresses, Thera Charlize and Janet Gaynor. Janet Gaynor was best known for her work in 7th Heaven.

Thera Charlize was interested in getting nominated for a movie similar to Mandingo. Thera wanted to be nude and have sex with a black prison guard. She proposed having Den Wash play her leading man to Gate of the Lion pictures.

Louie Mayer Oscar was outraged. He threatened to lynch Den Wash for even considering having sex with a nude white woman.

He said if Thera ever made that type of movie, she would be tarred and feathered and then lynched like a nigger.

When Sallie heard that Thera was threatened, she volunteered to be nude and have sex with a white man on screen. They forced her to have sex with them anyway, so why not?

Denzel_Washington_croppedShe felt there was nothing wrong with being a slave masters concubine, so why not get paid for it? She was a free slave, so why not be a whore?

So Sallie begged Thomas Edison to film her and Bobby Billy having sex in a film that had a similar plot to Mandingo, but reversed. Then she asked Tom Edison to nominate her for a Rasco award.

The Slaves had a support group called the pecans or PCAAN for short. The PCAAN group was mighty pissed about blacks not being nominated for leading roles for the Rasco awards,

The PCAAN was going to boycott the Rasco awards and made sure Louie Mayer Oscar knew about the boycott.

Louie did not want a boycott. So he devised a plan. Lets make sure those niggers get an award. But the award has to be one where the niggers are degraded.

Lena_Horne_1961So that means that Leanna Thorne will never be nominated. Her films show a positive portrayal of black womanhood.

Thera Charlize and Den Wash went ahead and filmed the movie Mandingo because they thought it might win an award. Before the Rasco ceremony, both actors where found hanging from a tree, lynched.

The reverse of Mandingo was accepted by the Rasco awards and in fact gave Sallie Cherry a Rasco for best lead actress.

Drake and Ro’Zha had snuck into the Award ceremony and watched from the kitchen. Since Sallie could not accept her award.

Sallie gave her Rasco acceptance speech in the kitchen, surrounded by only black slaves, Drake and Ro’Zha.

Janet_Gaynor-publicityRo’Zha interrupted her speech and simply asked why, are you brainwashed?

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Aliens can Dance! Happy Father’s Day 2013!

Brat1June, 1960; Roswell, NM
As a special surprise for Father’s Day, 1961, Caroline took Big Daddy to Roswell, New Mexico to see team Le Monster, compete in a big dance competition. The competition was being sponsored by area 51. Despite the government’s insistence that they knew nothing about extraterrestrials and super natural beings, they regularly held competitions for these unusual beings as a way to encourage good will and hopefully boost recruitment of supernatural and extraterrestrial beings into the military.

Caroline made sure to get really good seats. She and Big Daddy sat in the front row, center seats. As the competition got started, a Beer Bratsvendor came around selling brats and beer. Knowing how much Big Daddy loved brats and beer, she bought them around. They enjoyed the beer and the brats as they cheered on their favorite team, the Le Monsters. Big Daddy was a huge fan of Hermes. Team Le Monster was pitted against the Aliens who had been in negotiations with military personnel at Area 51 for a possible exchange program. Because the Le Monsters were the home team, The Aliens were given the first shot.

MonkeyThe Aliens started with the swim—which was both unusual and beautiful as they each had six arms. The Le Monsters came back with the twist, led by their alternate, Annette Funicello, because Grandpa twisted his back just before the competition. Because of his large size, Hermes accidentally knocked Edward over, costing their team a few points. Marla, on the other hand, was a natural. She and Annette twisted their way into a few bonus points, helping to make up for the ones Hermes lost the team.

The Aliens countered with the pony and then turned up the heat Twiston the competition with what appeared to be a ballet. The judges were impressed that the Aliens turned their six arms into an asset rather than allowing it to be a drawback. Knowing that they would have to pull out all the stops, Hermes and Lila took one another’s hand, standing center stage and lead their team in a country line dance. As their boots clicked and shuffled away on the stage, the Aliens could see that the Le Monsters were going to be the clear winners. Knowing that they would have to make their move before the competition ended, they teleported two people who were sitting at the very center of the front row because they were the easiest to see.

WP_000416 - CopyAs the audience applauded wildly, Hermes noticed that Big Daddy and Caroline, who had been the Le Monsters’ most enthusiastic supporters throughout the performance were now gone. He glanced over to Grandpa who motioned to the empty spot, off-stage, where the Aliens were supposed to be standing. As soon as the applause died down, Hermes grabbed the gang and they headed outside the hangar where the competition had taken place in time to watch as the Aliens’ space ship took off. Lila had the group grab one another’s hands and stand in a circle right where the ship had been. She looked at Marla and Annette and they all knew what to do. The ladies “glamoured” the group to the place where the ship was going.



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Slap Ya Momma Chili Recipe

024I mentioned how much my Mom loved my chili in my April 22, 2013 blog:
But I will say this again, and again, that I was honored that she loved my chili!  She requested that I cook chili for one of her last birthday celebrations.  That was such as big deal for me.  Even though I flunked gravy, greens and chitlins, at least I could cook something that she was proud of.

WP_000244This chili is so GOOD!  It brings to mind, that expression, so good it makes you want to slap ya momma.  Not that I will ever, never do that (slap my mom), but this chili is that good.

I made this chili yesterday and shared it with my cousin Tony, his wife and my Aunt Ernestine.  Auntie called me up to say it was really good.  What a compliment!

Had this for dinner last night and it was so hard to eat only one bowl.  I CHANGE up my chili recipe from time to time.  Sometimes I WP_000243 - Copyadd the Chiplote Peppers in Adobe Sauce (if I happen to have some), but sometimes I don’t.  I used the Williams Chiplote and Original seasoning packages yesterday.  So when I use the Chiplote Peppers in Adobe Sauce, I use the Williams Original and/or Texas, but not the Chiplote Peppers so that flavor does not overpower.

THE POWER OF FRESH ONIONS, GARLIC, GREEN PEPPER & GREEN ONIONS WILL COMPEL YOU!  To eat lots of flavor!  Can’t stress this enough, but USE THE REAL STUFF.  I had someone tell me that their family NEVER cooked WP_000246 - Copywith real onions, garlic, etc..  Instead, they only used powered onion or powered garlic.  So they were so surprised when they tasted my chili and in fact, insulted it because their mom only cooked with powered onion and garlic.  No offense taken.  I use powered onions or minced garlic when I want to QUICK COOK.  Like in the morning when I cook breakfast I use minced garlic, instead of chopping fresh garlic.  But when I SLOW COOK, I always use the REAL STUFF.  You can’t beat the flavor

Give this recipe an audition and please let me know how it turns out.  WARNING:  Very Spicy, thick and delicious!!!


026Ground Beef, frozen is okay, 2 lbs
Sausage (or extra 1 lb of Ground Beef), frozen roll is okay (Bob’s Zesty Hot, recommended), 16 oz.
Diced Ham (Farmland, recommended), 8 oz
Beef Broth, 14.5 oz.
Merlot or Pinot Noir (Sutter Home, recommended), 6.32 oz
Beef Bouillon, 1 cube
Petite Diced Tomatoes, 1 can 14.5 oz
Diced Tomatoes, 2 cans each 14.5 oz
Kidney Beans, 2 cans each 15 oz
Chili Beans, 2 can each 15 oz
Crushed Tomatoes, 28 oz.
Red Onion, 1 lg, diced
Green Onion, 6 stalks, chopped
Green Pepper, diced
Jalapeno Pepper, diced
Garlic, diced, 7 cloves
Chili Seasoning okay to mix the original with Chipolte (Williams, recommended), 2 packages that are 1 ounce each
Liquid Smoke (Wright’s, recommended), ½ teaspoon
Worcester Sauce, 1 Tablespoon
Chiplote Peppers in Adobe Sauce (San Marcos, recommended), ½ can or about 5.5 oz OPTIONAL

NIGHT BEFORE or at least 8 hours, OPTIONAL
Cook frozen Ground Beef, Sausage and Diced Ham in 3 Quart Crockpot with Beef Broth and Beef Bouillon cube, cook on low for 8 hours (this can be done the night before). OR, if your meat is already unthawed you can brown the Ground Beef and Sausage in a skillet the same day you make the Chili. In either case, drain and add to a 6-7 Quart Crockpot
Drain Beans and rinse
Put Beans and all other ingredients into 6 quart Crockpot with the Crushed Tomatoes as the last ingredient poured over everything else.
Cook on low for 8 hours

Serve with Sharp Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream and Saltine Crackers

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The Ghost of Past & Present Cher – That 70’s Dance

Sonny Cher 1977Light tinkled off of the mirrored ball as it gently swayed and spun from the ceiling. Elvis had been putting Team Those70s Disco Dancers through their paces, trying to get as much rehearsal as possible before the club opened for the night. Because there were no windows inside, it was nearly impossible to gage time by the way the light fell, although sometimes you could tell by the way the traffic sounded on the Las Vegas, Nevada strip, right outside the door. Still, they had to depend on the clock behind the bar to keep track of time.

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John came out from the kitchen in the back carrying Macho Nachos and Margaritas for everyone. Sonny and Cher gratefully accepted the refreshments. Liza Minnelli and Deney Terrio also Liza Minnellitook their dishes although Liza insisted she was on a diet. Liza drank her margarita quickly, but waited until she thought no one was looking before she began picking at her nachos. Everyone else enjoyed the repast during their brief break. They all knew there would be plenty more rehearsal to come.

Elvis Presley, the team leader, looked around the room. It had been carefully decorated for the big Cinco de Mayo celebration. They expected a big influx of revelers as many disco dancers were happy for any reason to celebrate. Elvis decided that a little rest and relaxation may serve the team better than more rehearsal and surprised the team by giving them the rest of the evening—about an hour—until guests started to arrive, to relax for a little Sonny Cher 1973while. Everyone was happy just to kick back and enjoy a few minutes peace.

Shortly before eight o’clock, the time the club opens, a group of women, came to the door. They pushed their way through the stuttering entreaties of the waitress who had been sent to answer the door and barged into the ball room where the team was relaxing. The team found themselves face to face with several different versions of their own Cher. They were Chers Past and SaturdayNightFever1Present.

“We’ve come to challenge you,” Cher 1965 said.
“We know,” Cher from Team 70s said, nonplussed.
“We’ve known you were coming for quite some time,” Sonny added.
Cher 1968 turned to Cher 1984. “Might as well get this show on the road, then,” she said.
“I assume you’re ready,” Cher 1980 asked.
“Ready as we’ll ever be,” Elvis confirmed.

The two groups watched as the club filled up with revelers. By ten o’clock the place was hopping when Elvis had the DJ turn down the music so that he could MP900431237introduce his guests to his team and to the opposing team and explained the rules of the competition. The crowd was, on the whole, supportive quickly picking a team they wanted to root for. The two groups broke up into smaller groups of two to battle things out , couple to couple.


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Happy Birthday Gina/Gia!!!! April 6th

Liver Onion2My real life sister Gina, is the character Gia in The Vampire Dancer Saga.  She is the same age as Vanessa Williams, so I was glad to make them “friends” in Miss Vampire America dances to win the Crown, the 1980s in the Vampire Dancer Saga (Part 1). 

The last meal my sister Gina cooked me was Liver and Onions.  I remember going over to her apartment for a meal cooked by her and then-boyfriend Sam.  They served me Liver with Onions, gravy and rice.  It was SO GOOD!  I licked my plate clean and sopped up the remaining gravy in the pan with some bread!!! I’ve never had Livers & Onions that tasted so good!  I think that Gina cooked them better than my mom, even though my Mom probably taught her how to make it.Mary J2

Gina LOVED music by Mary J. Blige.  But my mom was “old school” and thought that Mary J was a horrible singer.  Mom thought she was a good performer, but said that if you listen to her songs without looking at her, that she was not a great singer.  But I’m glad that my mom let me play “No More Drama” at Gina’s funeral.

Gina was the BEST dancer in our Dance Troupe.  And she was so pretty.  I really envied her looks and wish I looked more like her.




Happy Birthday my beautiful and talented little Sister!  I know that you are dancing and serving up some great Liver & Onions in Heaven!!!  I love you!!!!

Try some Liver & Onions tonight with the recipe from

Miss Vampire America dances to win the Crown, the 1980s
Copyright 2012

“Hurry up Gia! You don’t want to miss my mom’s piano lesson. We have to finish on time so we can practice our dances for the contest,” said Vanilla. Gia and Vanilla were best friends at Syracuse University. Gia was visiting Vanilla the week before they were due to compete in the Miss Vampire America contest. Gia had won the state contest in Missouri and Vanilla was representing New York.

This was Gia’s first time in a national contest so she was surprised at how friendly the other contestants were. This year’s pageant would feature 13 unlucky competitors. Gia and Vanilla met 10 competitors one night at a pool party 2 days before the big contest:

Creep Kampvand
Susie May
Lynda Savage
Die U-British
Savvy Gavvy
Disgusting Bette
Vivid Wolf
Suzy Can’t Pass Up
Suzy Charlene Backstab
Marla Shrivel

They joked around, had some Margaritas and told everyone which dances they planned to do for the Dance Competition of the contest.

Vivid was going to show her best Cabbage Patch dance moves. Disgusting said she was the queen of the Moonwalk. Both Gia and Marla had the ability to see past and future events. So Marla bragged that one day she will marry The Running Man. Savvy liked doing the Roger Rabbit, Slam Dancing and the Sprinkler. While Vanilla admitted to doing the Robot and the Worm when no one was watching. Each lady took a turn showing off their favorite dances.

But when it was Gia’s time to demonstrate the Electric Slide, she accidentally “glamoured” instead.

Gia began predicting future events during the glamour dance and since Marla was so near their combined supernatural abilities combined and shifted the 12 ladies into an Alternate Universe.

They looked around and noticed they were in a kitchen watching a woman cook some very Soulful Food. The lady’s arm caught on fire and Vivid was the first to react and help her. Fat Momma said, “You feel right at home in this kitchen Vivid”. Vanilla got mad at Vivid because she just remembered when Vivid stole her man. Vivid decided to stay in Fat Momma’s kitchen and told the remaining 11 to press on. Onion1

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Michael Jackson Dances back from the Grave! Happy Easter 2013! Happy Birthday Mike!

Chapter 4 Michael Jackson Dances back from the Grave!

April, 1980; Gary, IN

Michael Jackson“Hey Mike,” Gregory Hines asks the captain of the Gary, Indiana, Team Breakdancing Freaks, “why we gotta keep this guy around? What does he have to offer the team?”

It was two days before Easter and the weather had been warm enough over the past few days to allow the group to practice outdoors.

Michael Jackson just smiles sagely as Debbie Allen also chimes in, “Yeah, he doesn’t dance. He just sits there and watches us.”

“I have my reasons,” is all Michael will say.

“I’m sure you do,” says Patrick Swayze as he and Jennifer Beals jump up from practicing their windmills.Debbie Allen

“So what is his job, Michael?” asks Janet. “Is he the business manager or the mascot?”

Michael Jackson looks over at Mel Brooks and considers the possibilities.

“I suppose if those are my options, then I would have to go with mascot. That’s the closest thing to the truth.”

Mel Brooks looks back at Mike.

“I could handle being the mascot.”

Patrick“Well you certainly don’t look like you could handle the dancing,” Jennifer says with determination.

“I think,” said Michael, “that oracle would be a better definition of his role on our team.”

“Alright mighty oracle,” says Gregory, “predict the future.”

Janet“It doesn’t work that way,” Mel tells him. “Ask me a specific question, like where did I leave my keys or will I win the contest?”

“Alright,” says Debbie, “what should we do to win the competition?”

“Practice,” says Mel.

“Good idea,” says Michael. “Why don’t we all work on our power moves to make them really impressive?”

Mel’s eyes begin to roll back in his head and he speaks in a lower voice.

“You should remember the windmill. It is a powerful move that has the power Marie Dollsto raise the dead, especially if it is done by Patrick.”

“Bet you didn’t know that you were magic,” Janet tells Patrick.

“Beware,” Mel goes on, “it will take a lot out of you. It could end up costing you your life.”

Most of the team blows off this prediction in order to practice their power moves. Patrick works on his windmills. Debbie watches him so that she can give him a little coaching.

Gregory HinesMichael calls the crew together to go through their group routine. As they dance, a funny thing happens: a second Michael appears. Everyone stops what they are doing to stare at him.

“What’s going on here?” Janet finally manages.

“I don’t know,” says the new Michael.

“You brought him here,” Mel tells the group.

“We did?” asks Jennifer.

“Yup,” says Mel, “Michael of the Future. And you are going to need him.”

Mel Brooks“Need him for what?” Gregory asks. “Mike do you know what this is all about?”

“No,” says Michael, “but I trust him.” Beals

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Queen of those Damned Vampires! Mardi Gras!

Vampire Queen

Queen of those Damned Vampires!

February, 2004; New Orleans, LA

Mardi Gras was in full swing around them and Team DWSDS/SYTYCV was having Rice & Easy Beans Jambalaya to celebrate. They couldn’t eat too much because they had the Ballroom dance to go to late, but you can’t go to New Orleans and not have jambalaya. While they ate though, they discussed their routine again. Benji Swimmer would partner with Laci Swimmer, Purtrid Andriod would dance with Beryl Clerk, and Herek Duff would glide across the floor with Geliana Girard at his side. Mad Max Prince Charming was the odd one out, but that worked perfectly for their routine. Mad Max would take turns stealing the female partners andMaks dancing with them. The others would pretend not to know where she had gone and her partner would search for her until Max let her go and she seemed to “reappear” to the group. Mad Max Prince Charming was really the best dancer of them all, so it would be the story of the strange man sweeping away the lady from her other lover. When they got back to their original partner, they wouldn’t be able to dance the same as they had before.

Just as they finished, they noticed a rather lavishly dressed woman walking by. Her gown was flamboyant and composed of very fine fabrics. The black was darker than any other material that anyone had ever seen and the red was such a deep color that it looked like she was wearing blood. Naturally she drew everyone’s attention and they could see many people taking pictures. A chill went through the collective group; they recognized her as the Vampire Queen. Cheryl BurkeThis could only mean trouble. The Vampire Queen only appeared publicly when she was about to do something. What could she possibly have up her sleeve? “Thank you, darlings for all of this delicious attention. If you want to see more of me, I’ll be at the Ballroom Dance competition tonight. I promise that no one will forget 2004 after my group’s performance.” Well that solved one problem; they knew where she would be and had an easy excuse to be there. But what was it she was planning?

The team spent the day worrying about what would come and Geliana cast several spells to keep an eye on what was going on. Finally, they entered the competition hall and the competition began. All eyes were on the Vampire Derek HoughQueen when it was her team’s turn to dance. She danced elegantly and everyone was enraptured, but Team DWSDS/SYTYCV focused on something else. She was using her dance moves to draw a spell pattern on the floor. Geliana had to strain to keep from screaming. The Vampire Queen was summoning Hurricane Katrina!

How will this saga end?

To find out, please download your copy of The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 2 today! Schwimmer

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Benji Schwimmer





The Vampire Dancer Saga Front Cover JPG

Happy Birthday King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley!

Elvis1Happy Birthday King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley!

The next time you make a Peanut Butter Banana Bacon grilled cheese, give it up for Elvis!  He was truly a Cross-Over sensation!

Elvis would have been 78 years old today.  I still love his movies like Viva Las Vegas and songs like Jailhouse Rock!

Elvis is mentioned in both the Vampire Dancer Saga Parts 1 and 2:



Part 1:

Turd Blue (Temptations, LA)
Snookie (Bitch Witch from New Jersey)
Pelvis (Elvis from the Alternate Universe, Pelvic dancer)
Jake Brickhouse (Womanizer)
RuPaul Fayette (A vampire that can shift to man, woman or mixture of both)
Sara Thor (Voodoo Dancer)

Next came the Best Power Competition. The Turd Blue team showed a fantastic tree offering and transformation into a Dionysus-worshipping Maenad. The crowd went wild and the ratings soared for their sponsor GoHoBos. The ladies in the audience swooned when Pelvis sang the song “Bad Things” and transformed it to a chant for Snookie, “I want to do real bad things to you.” The ladies just loved hearing him say, “Snookie” in that sexy, Deep South twang.

Part 2:

Light tinkled off of the mirrored ball as it gently swayed and spun from the ceiling. Elvis had been putting Team Those70s Disco Dancers through their paces, trying to get as much rehearsal as possible before the club opened for the night. Because there were no windows inside, it was nearly impossible to gage time by the way the light fell, although sometimes you could tell by the way the traffic sounded on the Las Vegas, Nevada strip, right outside the door. Still, they had to depend on the clock behind the bar to keep track of time.



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The Spirit of Dick Clark(es) Live on in Chapter 1 of the Vampire Dancer Saga, Part 2 Happy New Years 2013!

Dick Clark 1961Salome and I hope that you are enjoying this fine fantasy that includes the fictional Dick ClarkSleeping half-moonon a very Special Happy New Years 2013.  Here is where the journey continues:

Dick Clark5, said, And now a word from our Sponsor, StarchGate Travel. Then he motioned Dick Clarks1-4. Can we really trust Salome? Remember what she did at the last Vampire Institute of Time & Space Nexus meeting. Dick Clarke3 defended Salome, That might be true, but she did the right thing afterwards, but just to be on the safe side, I will keep my eye on her this time. Also remember, the VITA Nexus, which sponsors the Vampire Dance Olympics, is also keeping a close eye on her this time as well. Let’s just keep an open mind and watch her closely at the New Year’s Eve Dinner before the competition starts. Dick Clarke2 mentioned, I can’t wait to try out the Black Eye Peas and cornbread tonight!

WP_000165 - CopyAt dinner that evening, where everyone’s favorite meals have been served, Salome stood amongst the elder vampires and Dick Clarke1, Dick Clarke2, Dick Clarke3, Dick Clarke4, and Dick Clarke5. Horror struck the competitors as they realized that the competition was not to bring camaraderie amongst the dancers and offer them positions at the Nexus, but rather to eliminate all but one team, leaving only seven dancers of choice in the entire Space/Time continuum to train new dancers to combat the darker forces and command nature. What was worse, the first dance competition would be ballet and in a different time period and place every time.  Ballet was a slow and deeply concentrated dance school by comparison to the Tango, Jitterbug, and the Creep.

TrekCaptainsA Cling-On dancer from the Cling-On National Ballet Troupe stood up first to challenge Team Spare Tracks. This much surprised Team Spare Tracks, as Queue1 and Bill Fatner stood opposed to Queue2, the former’s sibling and the latter’s one night stand. Also on the Spare Tracks Team stood Cisco Ten, Picky John, Copy Hipburns, Archie Dracula, and Seven of 7. Queue2 was angered by Bill Fatner’s never calling her back after their fling, and chose the arena immediately, without regard for the others on her team.

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Happy New Years 2013TWITTER:


We’re Back just in time for the Holidays! Sneak peek at the Vampire Dancer Saga Part 2!

The Vampire Dancer Saga Front Cover JPGChapter 1 The Vampire Dancer Saga World Tour

January 3010; New York, NY

Happy New Years and welcome to 3010 Vampire Olympics, here are your hosts the 5 Dick Clarkes, boomed the Mistress of Ceremonies, Salome!

The 5 Dick Clarkes took the stage. The crowd wooed and awed at the 5 different Dick Clarkes from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1900s. Wow, they look so real! remarked one audience member.

Dick Clarke1 replied, that is because we are real! We are the real Dick Clarkes from each decade courtesy of our sponsor: StarchGate Travel. Dick Clarke2 continued, when you need to travel through time and space or bring back a loved one or their soul from the past, future, heaven or hell – look to StarchGate Travel! We bring back anyone, anything from anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

Let me introduce our Mistress of Ceremonies, Salome! Please slither over to the stage Salome!BackCover

Slither – really, Asked Salome? Let me introduce our esteemed judges from two of your favorite Vampire Shows, So you Think You Can Vamp and Dancing with Some Dead Stars. Let’s give it up for:

KarAnna, Blen & Runo from DWSDS and Ligel Nitchgow & Murph Mare from SYTYCV with special guest judge Triple T Debs! The audience goes wild with applause!

Dick Clarke3 continued; Now let’s take a look at our competitors in the 3010 Vampire Olympics! We have 13 teams competing this year. The teams include a mixture of regular folks, dead folks, celebrities and guests from an alternate universe.

Salome continued, The theme of this year’s competition is DANCE OR DIE!

Yes, you heard me right. All safety controls are off on this special completion. You win the Dance Contest or you DIE! It’s as simple as that. Teams, are you ready for your challenge?

Supernatural Dancing Skills

  1. Time Travel (using a Glamour dance to dance to your “secret” time destination), once there
  2. Compulsion (Turn one team member into a vampire, ghost or monster of your choice)
  3. Find the Enemy (Could be anyone from a former friend to even a team member turned bad)
  4. Best Power (Witchcraft, Spell, Potion, Premonition or Voodoo Skills)

Salome1Salome added, The Teams are competing for some great prizes this year, including:

  1. 1st Place Every member of your Dance Team lives to see another day!
  2. 2nd Place 7 First Class tickets from StarchGate Travel. Each team member has a round trip ticket to visit anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Or they can use their ticket to bring back a Soul from the dead, past, present, future, alternate universe, Heaven or Hell.
  3. 3rd Place 7 Fully Deluxe Coffins for fun, business or pleasure. The coffins include a hide-away below with ample from to store victims, blood or bats. Of course an office, toilet, shower, blood draining stations, kitchen and living room with TV, guest bedroom.



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