The priest broke the bread, and said
For we share flour dust physically
And His body in spirit, his body
Clay and bone.

The priest’s chalice dripped grape
For we share the vine produce
And his blood to fade stain, his blood
Salt and water.

The priest tapped his chest simultaneous
For we pray against church pews
And his Grace floweth o’er,his Grace
For saints and sinners.

The Priest summoned the script scrible
For we recite in obedience
And His Word isn’t comsumed by fire, eternal fire
For the rich and scoffers

The Priest called out for Salvation
For we hear in Faith
And this is the gate to Heaven, Heaven
For Me and You.

The Priest points to the Wall painting
For we see our Lord in anguish
And He is the way and Life, Life

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I would like to know how it feels when one falls in Love… Deeply. Immersed in ten thousand litres below sea surface but you still can breathe once with your so very beloved and without them you gasp for air, just like anybody else would. A blood affair, kill for it if you could.

What is the happiest ever after tale ever told? I would assume one that started with two love birds meeting by a bus stop on a drizzly Friday morning and got to share the shade of an umbrella together while waiting for the bus or, a highschool girl who intentionally bumbs into their long time crush just to get a chance of her dreams helping him pick up his scattered paperwork and text books on the floor as they share close proximity and confussed stares. Just to eventually say, “Sorry that happened, it was never my…

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The Reality of Snape: A Pause

He was my favorite character from Harry Potter.

The Thinking Pen

Today is the anniversary of the renowned book and movie series ‘Harry Potter’ by J.K. Rowling. So, what better day to write this post. I tried writing ‘a pause’. It is a form of a writeup in which I analyse a particular movie scene which is very iconic and powerful. So, basically you pause and reflect on that.

Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2)
Scene: Severus Snape gives his tears in a bottle before dying, for Harry to see his memories in a pensieve and realize the truth about himself and Snape
(towards the end).

Dazed after witnessing Hogwarts getting ravaged in the battle with the Dark Lord and wounded physically and mentally by the loss of his loved ones, Harry staggers back to Dumbledore’s office, clutching Snape’s tears in his hand, perspiration and confusion imminent on his face. He dives into the pensieve and…

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Tzatziki with a Twist

Sounds easy and delicious.

Food Kalakaar

Tzatziki or Cacik is a very simple yet delicious dip to accompany loads of main sides. It is usually found in cuisines of Southeast Europe and the Middle East.

A very simple dip where no cooking is involved and can be made in minutes. I have added a small twist to it to just enhance the flavours. This twist is adding the Zaatar in the dip which takes this regular dip to a next taste level.

Happy Cooking!

Some Other Recipes:

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Green Beans

Sounds yummy!

Food Kalakaar

An excellent source of vitamins and minerals, this vegetable when made correctly can taste absolutely delicious. Green beans can be made in so many ways and every recipe has its own charm.

Fresh Green Beans

In my household we consume green beans in various forms starting from pickles, to curries and by itself. The star of this recipe is green beans.


Fresh Cut beans


Garnished with Grated Coconut


  • I add onions later as I don’t want my onions to go mushy and brown, I like a little crunch in them, but if you like soft onions then add them with the seeds.
  • You can use fresh or desiccated coconut.

Some More Recipes:

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Death and Rebirth

There once was a Belly Dance Goddess.  She almost died 5 years ago to this day.  Men dreamed about her and women envied her.

A family should have acceptance and family love above all others.  This is the strength bestowed upon us by Leanna, Dolf, Gia, Lance and all of those who have come and passed.

An “interloper” can destroy family love and separate family members from each others.

As innocent as it seems, they may have a different “agenda’ than what Lena and Adolph wanted for their kids.

Gina had an illness that made certain family members “shun” her.

Look in the mirror, my family!

A family is not in a “beauty” pageant.  And those that have not won any beauty pageants are not worthy to judge Gina or anyone else for their beauty, or not “fitting” in due to a stroke of other illness.

Shame on you.  For GOD is watching.


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