The priest broke the bread, and said
For we share flour dust physically
And His body in spirit, his body
Clay and bone.

The priest’s chalice dripped grape
For we share the vine produce
And his blood to fade stain, his blood
Salt and water.

The priest tapped his chest simultaneous
For we pray against church pews
And his Grace floweth o’er,his Grace
For saints and sinners.

The Priest summoned the script scrible
For we recite in obedience
And His Word isn’t comsumed by fire, eternal fire
For the rich and scoffers

The Priest called out for Salvation
For we hear in Faith
And this is the gate to Heaven, Heaven
For Me and You.

The Priest points to the Wall painting
For we see our Lord in anguish
And He is the way and Life, Life

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