Catching the “daylight” saving the time


DST5I never gave that much thought to Daylight Savings Time. Sure, I would set my clocks forward or backwards, as instructed. But I never wanted to see it in action until this fall.

I usually make sure the most important clock, my alarm clock, is changed before I go to bed. Especially if I have to work the day after, like I do on Sunday, November 3rd. If I don’t have to work the next day, then I really don’t care. I’ll just change all clocks whenever I get up.

And it is such a hassle to change all of my clocks! I have to manually change the 2 alarm clocks, my gas stove clock and the microwave clock. Sorry, no microwave popcorn 502px-Daylight_savingsunless you change the microwave clock, or it will go on strike and refuse to work 😦

Thank goodness I don’t need to change the clocks on…

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