Front Porch BBQ Sausage

I have a favorite BBQ place in my town and they are well-known. But, they can be a bit expensive, so I can only afford them every other year, or so.20200303_215852

One time, I had extra cash and was able to order the “Platter” with everything on it. Good times indeed. My favorite dish there is the BBQ Sausage with Fries, Bread and Pickles.

My Aunt Forestine made sausage that tasted just as good. I remember the small grill that she used on her front porch. Back in the good ole days, people spent more time on their front porch. I remember when we lived on Woodland and we would talk to neighbors and play with friends on the front porch. Nowadays, it 20200302_224739seems like people are more “private” and use their backyard deck for entertaining, grilling and smoking meats.

So here is my take on my town’s famous BBQ. I am using my Presto Smoker/Slow Cooker combo. I want some “sweet” flavors, so I am using the Applewood Liquid Smoke and Pecan BBQ Chips.


  1. Pork Italian Mild Sausage, recommended: Johnsonville, 520200302_224925
  2. Barbecue Sauce, recommended: Gates, ½ to 1 cup
  3. Barbecue Seasoning, recommended: Gates, ½ teaspoon
  4. Liquid Smoke, Applewood, recommended: Wrights, ½ cap
  5. Celery Seeds, recommended: Tone’s, ¼ teaspoon
  6. Hoagie Rolls with Sesame Seeds, recommended: Pepperidge Farm Bakery, 520200302_225032
  7. Pickle Slices, recommended: Great Value, 5
  8. Pecan BBQ Wood Chips, recommended: Weber, enough to fill “Charring” cup, or your favorite brand. The Wood Chips are not required if you only want to pan-grill the pork chops, use a slow cooker or BBQ Grill.
  9. Aluminum Foil Sheets, recommended: Reynolds Wrap, 1 sheet to line the bottom of the Smoker
  10. Grilling Bags, recommended: Jaccard, 1 to line the smoker rack, for easy cleanup20200302_225201


  1. Add the Italian Sausage to a gallon storage bag. Top with the Barbecue Seasoning and Liquid Smoke. This can be done 30 minutes before cook time or a day in advance.
  2. Draw and then cut a circle in the foil sheet to match the “Charring” cup size. Then apply to the bottom of the Smoker.
  3. Add wood chips to the “Charring” cup and cover with “Charring” lid.20200303_174104
  4. Add the Italian Sausage to a Grilling Bag, or use another Foil Sheet to cover the rack.
  5. I used Combo Hot/Cold Smoke for 3 hours.
  6. Move the Sausage to Slow Cooker or covered pan with Barbecue Sauce on low for 30 minutes.

I love my new Smoker/Slow Cooker, but it is such a pain to clean it. It took hours to try to get inside cleaned near the charring cup. I think that is a major design flaw. But20200303_174710 glad that I am able to smoke food at an affordable cost.

The “smoky” flavor is what I love most when I can afford expensive BBQ. I love the sweet BBQ taste mixed with the tartness of the dill pickle.





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