Secrets of the Vampire Dancer: The neighbors from Hell!

Dog AttackSecrets of the Vampire Dancer Saga

I am working on Part 5 of this series and wanted to look back on how this all began.

This is a story about my family, so some events in the story are true and some are not.

The critical year is 1973 when both parents, siblings, aunts and uncles were still alive.

My maternal grandmother passed before I was born, so created an imaginary version of her as Granny Ro’Zha

Her character is based in part on my real life Aunt Ethel. She used to baby sit us and we thought that she practiced voodoo.Dog attacks car

My brothers are based on characters from Angel: Wolf Ram and Hart.

The story about Dolf (wolf) sort of happened in real life. I had bad neighbors that let a large German shepherd run loose. Things got worse and worse, as their dog terrorized my family.

It began when my daughter and her friend were trying to leave my house to drive their kids. It was very icy that day, so my daughter started the car to warm it up. They were ready to leave; however, the dog came onto my porch and started barking. So they were afraid to leave. We ended up calling the police and they contacted the neighbors from hell.

The next incident was when I was trying to get to the bus to commute to work. The dog ran up behind me and started snarling. I always kept the Animal Control on speed dial. I was so mad because I did not want to miss my bus, so I started yelling and cursing loudly at the dog and their house. She finally came out and got him. That was a close call. Whew!

German ShepherdThe final showdown happened when we were returning home in my daughter’s car with her young children and baby. The dog ran to the car and started barking at us. We were too scared to get out, so I called my brother AKA Dolf. Thank goodness he lived right around the corner.

The dog tried to attack him, so he shot at him. The dog whimpered away and we were never terrorized again. That could have turned out horribly, when you think about how many people are attacked and killed by dogs each year.

Each year, more than 350,000 dog bite victims are seen in emergency rooms, and approximately 750,000 victims receive medical attention

2018 U.S. dog bite-related fatalities are currently being reviewed. In 2017, 39 dog attacks resulted in human death: 15 child victims and 24 adult victims.

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That gives the fictional version of the story.

Dance with Wolves


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