Insecurity + Envy = Evil

Naomi CampbellHey cousin! Have not seen you in a few years, and I heard you were in a car accident. You seemed to have picked up more than a few pounds!

“TheMostBeautifulGirlintheWorld” continues. I just returned from my church #The666Beast. They sent me here to spy on you. Today’s sermon was about acceptance and unconditional love.

Do you practice what they preach in your church, or does it go in one ear and out the other, asked Cousin?

Beautiful Girl replies, I heard a rumor that you are still unattractive. And everyone hates fat, ugly people. Even though you have not changed on the inside, the minute you gained weight, I hated you.Alien Beauty

You better get pretty soon, or we will report you to the Ugly Police and ship your ass to Ugly Town!

I am not nearly as attractive as classic beauties like Lena Horne, Naomi Campbell or Diana Ross, nor have I won any national pageants like you did.

Because you won a pageant 30 years ago, you have to stay fit and attractive for the rest of your life!

Remember when your brother Lance got cancer? If he had the surgery early on, that would have left an ugly scar. So I snitched on him to the Ugly Police and they told him to let the cancer spread, so he could die with no body scars,Diana Ross instead of stopping the cancer from spreading. God forbid his body does not look like Isaiah — it’s better to die.

My BeastPastor said he does care if you age 20 years or live to be 80, you have to look the same way forever. If not, we will turn against you.

Lena HorneOur church motto is:

  • Stay pretty
  • Stay slim
  • Die slowly if anything threatens your looks

I can’t stand to look at you, you have aged 20 years!

I’m calling the Ugly Police right now!

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