Wedding Ring Trends

Wedding CoupleWedding Ring Trends

By Guest Blogger:   Katie Jones

Once you’re done finalizing the date for your wedding, it is very important to select your wedding ring. The wedding rings will take a chunk out of your wedding budget, and should be selected accordingly. Apart from the rings, you will also have to keystone certain amounts for the venue, florist, caterers, wedding décor, bartenders, and wedding favors. These usually take up a sizeable amount out of your wedding budget and should be proportioned accordingly.

Katie from Orla James feels that brides today pay close attention to matching the wedding rings with their engagement rings. Another aspect she mentioned was that most brides look for wedding rings that set their engagement rings off and can be worn as standalone jewelry as well. While simple solitaire rings are popular as engagement rings, the options available for wedding rings have blossomed considerably in the last few decades.

You could select a few designs that inspire you and get them done according to your style from your favorite local jewelers. They would be able to make your wedding ring to your specifications.

Let us help you narrow down your wedding rings selection with a few of our favorite choices.

· Colorful stones:

Most women prefer traditional metal bands as wedding rings. However, you could opt for colored stones like rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and so on instead of plain metal wedding rings. Another set of stones to consider would be hued diamonds in colors like pale yellow, pink, brown, or black. While this is a non-traditional choice for a wedding ring, you could wear it as a standalone ring or with your engagement ring (if it complements).

· Floral patterns:

wedding ring Engagement ring patterns are very famous in floral patterns. If you want, you could opt for a floral pattern wedding ring as against an engagement ring to make your wedding ring unique. Floral accents make rings look very feminine while not being too over the top. Select floral accents inlaid with diamonds to bring out the stone and metal set work in your ring and make it look stunning.

· Scroll settings:

Scroll set wedding rings are taking the wedding ring trends by storm! A pattern that is rarely chosen by traditionally inclined women, if you want, you could opt for a scrollwork pattern that brings out the stone and metalwork to keep your ring youthful looking and fun. Most young brides today are very taken up by this modern twist on traditional wedding rings. They love playing around with diamonds, colored stones, and scrollwork to keep their wedding rings looking playful yet trendy.

· Intricate side work:

If you’re still in two minds about whether you want to be a traditional bride or a non-traditional one, you could opt for a balance of both with intricate side work. This design is a fabulous take on the traditional ring of solitaire or stone with intricate stone or diamond work on the sides. You could keep the metal traditional with yellow gold and play around with a lattice pattern on the sides of the ring inlaid with smaller diamonds and colored stones. This makes for a perfect blend between old and new!

· Marquise-cut stones:

Round cut diamonds are extremely popular options for wedding rings, but if you prefer a twist on classical diamonds, you could opt for marquise cut diamonds. As a center stone, large marquise cut stones add elegance and beauty to the overall appearance of wedding rings. You could also opt for colored marquise cut stones and surround them with smaller diamonds to enhance the look of your wedding ring. A fantastic aspect about marquise cut diamonds is that they make your fingers look slender and elongated.

· Multiple bands:

According to us, where diamonds, colored stones, and gold are considered, the principle of ‘More the Merrier’ applies. Redesign your wedding ring to include multiple bands of diamonds or colored stones around your main stone. If you want, you could forego the main stone and have multiple bands with spaces between each. It is prettier, trendier, and can be worn with your engagement ring to make your hand look more elegant. This is also a pretty fashion-forward design that you can turn into a vintage multiple bands wedding ring. Multiple bands patterns are perfect for modern brides.

Select any of these wedding ring designs and restyle them according to your taste. If you don’t like clear diamonds opt for the black ones instead. Whatever you decide, ensure you are happy with your chosen pattern of the wedding ring. We wish you great happiness in your future!

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