WW3: The Race War against Melanin and DNA

BrothersThe cave tribes came from different lands and settled into different parts of a whole new world.

The various cave tribes were sitting down for dinner and entertainment.

Mr. Soul Man and his wife Sister were listening to Hip Hop and eating a soul food dinner with fried chicken, grits, greens and corn cakes.

Mr. Wong and his partner, Ms. Chin were watching a martial arts movie and eating Shrimp Fried Rice and Beef Lo Mein.

CoupleMr. Gomez and his girlfriend Ms. Latino planned to dance the Salsa and Mambo, after their dinner of Tacos and Tamales.

Mr. Pale and his wife Ms. Light loved Beef Stroganoff for dinner. They planned to watch Scottish dance afterwards.

Mr. Muhammad and Ms. Ali practiced Belly Dancing after their dinner of Gyros, Hummus and Pita.

Mr. Tweety opened a new communications business Pigeon FamilyMessenger service and needed new customers ASAP. So he sent a complimentary pigeon to each family to try free for one week.

The various families sent messages about their ethnic food, dance and music to the others.

This excited all of the tribe families. Mr. Wong wanted to find out what a Taco tastes like. And Ms. Light had a fantasy about hearing Hip Hop music.

PigeonSo everyone planned to get together and have a Cultural Festival to share their food, dance and music with the other tribe members.

The day of the Festival was here. Everyone loved the sample food from the other countries. Ms. Sister was really impressed with the Shrimp Fried Rice.

Mr. Gomez was excited about the music from the other tribe families.

And Mr. Soul Man loved the Gyros!

From ApeThey vowed to have the Cultural Festival again every year and to stay in touch.

New leadership came to their village and he did not like Mr. Gomez and Ms. Latino. I want to build a wall to keep them out of our village.

In LoveThen Mr. Chin overheard a suggestion by Mr. Pale that he wanted to lock up his family in a concentration camp.

Ms. Light was walking home from work and saw Mr. Soul Man. So she clutched her purse and quickly went to the other side of the street.

She called law enforcement and they shot Mr. Soul Man because Mr Palehe was walking down the street, minding his own business.

There was so much hate and racism in the village now. There was distrust from the Pale family, if you had dark skin due to melatonin.

There was mistrust when Ms. Ali wore her hijab.

What was once a peaceful village was now a war zone.

Mr. Tweety sent out an urgent pigeon tweet. Green Aliens had landed in the village and intended to take over the village.

The cave tribes were so busy killing each other that they did not pay attention to the tweet.

SingleAfter all the killing was done, only 2 people remained in the village, Mr. Pale and Ms. Light.

The aliens landed in front of their house.

Just then, another tribe from the neighboring village showed up to help the tribes. This was the tribe of Mr. Redskin and Ms. Pocahontas. Mr. Pale did not like their red skin, so he told them to get off his property.

So they left without fighting against the aliens.

The aliens quickly took over the village and started making plans to invade the entire country.

Soul ManOne alien remarked that if all of the villagers had worked together, they could have easily defended their village.

But there was so much hate based on melatonin and DNA that they basically destroyed their own village.

Mr. Redskin shook his head and wondered: Why can’t we all just get along?



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