Resistance was Futile, Part 1, A Sneak Peak at the Vampire Dancer Saga Part 5

Tamir RiceTam was giving a lecture to her students at the junior college.  The topic was Black History.  They had a guest professor from Switzerland observing her class.

Tam told the students stories about a sheriff that arrested a black woman, undressed her and then took pictures of her dead body.  She told them about a white man that killed black boy with his hands up.  Another event was about a Hispanic man that killed a Sandra Blandyoung black boy.  She finished with a story was about a sheriff that killed a black child playing with a toy.

Students had questions about the sad events. They were curious to find out if justice was made for murdering those people.

Tam said that no one was punished for the murders.

Helga was very impressed with the lecture.

When it was over, she asked Tam, if the stories were about lynching and killing blacks in early 1930s.

TrayvonMartinHoodedTam replied, no, these stories happened within the last 5 years.

Helga was shocked.  Not much has changed in the US for race relations recently.

True story or not?

Copyright 2017 © Shalimar Ali

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