Sneak peek at the Vampire Dancer Saga Part 5, Fan Fiction: In 2017 Slavery never ended

Copyright 2017 Shalimar Ali

In 2017, Slavery never ended

800px-Thomas_Edison2Sallie Cherry is a light-skinned slave in 1890. She has never worked the fields. But kept inside Master’s house to keep her skin light.

This made her more acceptable to do light duties like washing dishes, laundry and tending to her slave master’s children.

Even though slavery ended officially on Dec. 8, 1865, the house niggers and field niggers were not aware that it ended.

Ro’Zha and Drake had travelled back to 1890 to continue their quest to change the outcome of slavery.

They asked each other, how and why a situation like slavery ever came to be?

They looked this situation from the perspective of the Slave Owner and the Slave. How did this come to being?

From the slave master perspective it was 100% win-win. They can play GOD!

BillyBobThorntonHWOFFeb2012cropThis means they can kill any human. Rape any black girl or woman. And to boot, get free labor to build their county?

How and why would a slave go along with this unfair existence?

A simple answer: BRAINWASHING!

This does not mean that the slaves were stupid, ignorant or dumb.

It just means that they were outnumbered and had a language barrier.

It is pretty easy to be brainwashed if you don’t understand the language. And see the white men lynch other blacks on a daily basis. Also rape black girls and women everyday. And kill and torture all blacks.

There was a sense of hopelessness for your survival. If you just simply wanted to live, you had to abide by what the white man said. This form of brainwashing to survive to live, endured, even to the year 2017. Not as subtle as it was in 1890, but a road map to make sure that you lived, even through compliance.

Halle_Berry_by_Gage_SkidmoreSallie Cherry was no different. Even though she was light-skinned, she had been raped by many white men on the plantation and was also beaten.

The slave owner, Bobby Billy, often entertained celebrities like Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison visited visited Bobby’s plantation in St. Louis, MO. Thomas was there to show off his new movie picture and get entries into his movie contest called the Racso Awards for the best movies.

Even though this award show was pretty new, no slaves had been nominated, except for Pattie Daniels for her role playing the black mammy in the Winds are Gone. Leanna Thorne was a successful actress loved by both blacks and whites. But she insisted that her film roles be successful and truthful to the fact that slavery was over. So she refused to play mammy roles or slave master concubine roles.

Leanna Thorne also refused to allow nudity or sex in any of her movies. So when her movie, the Weather is Stormy was released, there was the utmost respect for her as an actress and for the positive role model she portrayed.

Thomas Edison bragged about how he had so much respect from the movie industry. He said that his movie studio, Gate of the Lion, wanted entries for the Rasco Awards.

Charlize_Theron_Cannes_2015_2Bobby Billy was good friends with two actresses, Thera Charlize and Janet Gaynor. Janet Gaynor was best known for her work in 7th Heaven.

Thera Charlize was interested in getting nominated for a movie similar to Mandingo. Thera wanted to be nude and have sex with a black prison guard. She proposed having Den Wash play her leading man to Gate of the Lion pictures.

Louie Mayer Oscar was outraged. He threatened to lynch Den Wash for even considering having sex with a nude white woman.

He said if Thera ever made that type of movie, she would be tarred and feathered and then lynched like a nigger.

When Sallie heard that Thera was threatened, she volunteered to be nude and have sex with a white man on screen. They forced her to have sex with them anyway, so why not?

Denzel_Washington_croppedShe felt there was nothing wrong with being a slave masters concubine, so why not get paid for it? She was a free slave, so why not be a whore?

So Sallie begged Thomas Edison to film her and Bobby Billy having sex in a film that had a similar plot to Mandingo, but reversed. Then she asked Tom Edison to nominate her for a Rasco award.

The Slaves had a support group called the pecans or PCAAN for short. The PCAAN group was mighty pissed about blacks not being nominated for leading roles for the Rasco awards,

The PCAAN was going to boycott the Rasco awards and made sure Louie Mayer Oscar knew about the boycott.

Louie did not want a boycott. So he devised a plan. Lets make sure those niggers get an award. But the award has to be one where the niggers are degraded.

Lena_Horne_1961So that means that Leanna Thorne will never be nominated. Her films show a positive portrayal of black womanhood.

Thera Charlize and Den Wash went ahead and filmed the movie Mandingo because they thought it might win an award. Before the Rasco ceremony, both actors where found hanging from a tree, lynched.

The reverse of Mandingo was accepted by the Rasco awards and in fact gave Sallie Cherry a Rasco for best lead actress.

Drake and Ro’Zha had snuck into the Award ceremony and watched from the kitchen. Since Sallie could not accept her award.

Sallie gave her Rasco acceptance speech in the kitchen, surrounded by only black slaves, Drake and Ro’Zha.

Janet_Gaynor-publicityRo’Zha interrupted her speech and simply asked why, are you brainwashed?

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