Tales of the Bat Slayer continued, by guest author Ben Briscoe



Episode 1, (Deadly Encounter), continued

BackCoverMy epiphany begins (as most prophets do), when I was at the age of eight. Though I was the youngest of three impoverished siblings, I somehow understood our state of destitute. I even understood why our parents left us so suddenly. As my brother and sister cried tears of sadness, I smiled at my mother as she kissed us goodbye. As we boarded the Greyhound bus, I somehow knew that we were not just leaving Knoxville, Tennessee, to live with our maternal Grandmother in Kansas City; we were leaving a safe normal world, to live in constant peril. Please, don’t misunderstand me, we all loved and adored our Grandma Brass but we were not so thrilled about living in the old house that she had recently inherited from her Great Grandfather, known as Packer Ned.

The house was built near what was called the west bottoms area, on a hill, BackCoveroverlooking the Kaw River. This house was well over a hundred fifty years old, and had survived numerous floods and twisters. Through years of repairs and modernizations, this house was still in good, livable condition. In fact, it was one of Kansas City’s most honored Historical Landmarks. My Great Great Great Great Uncle Thaddeus Brass built the house after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. Uncle Thaddeus was one of the pioneer Buffalo soldiers that accumulated a fortune in cattle and helped make Kansas City famous for its strip steaks. Yes, this mansion was indeed a monument of human ingenuity and pride, but it looked scary. Also, it had the same problem that most old houses have, it creaked. Oh and one more thing, little did anyone know at that time, the many dark and dank hiding places around its roof, made it a sanctuary for BATS.

vampireAfter Grandma Brass paid the cab driver, our uncle Jake carted our luggage. We were finally there. Our new home. Our very own four story Victorian Mansion. I sensed the twinge of fear that my brother and sister felt as we stepped into the musky scented foyer. The interior of the house looked clean, but it was decorated with old traditional furniture. Even though I knew nothing of old European furniture styles I somehow felt eerily familiar to the decor. It seemed like, I had lived with this furniture before, but I was not at all familiar with the house.

Ben Briscoe is our Guest Author again this week.  Enjoy a sample of his writing:  Bat Slayer, copyright 2016 Adolph Benjamin Briscoe, Jr.

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