The Zodiac Killers

Scorpion QueenChapter 6: The Zodiac Killers

Inside, Salome was rubbing her hands together with malicious glee as the drinks were served to the Witch Council. The immortal Egyptian Queen would win this time, she thought. Her proposal was sure to pass the Council, and soon the Bakers would pay…with their pathetic, upstart lives. The spell-casters that formed the Council were all gathered here around their great table in this dark but ornately decorated hall. Their looks were so pretentious, so condescending towards Salome, the vampire thought.

She remembered last week, when they had vetoed her plan to use the power of a glamour spell to infiltrate Zodiac assassins into the Bakers’ midst, and then strike when they least suspected it.

“Outrageous,” someone had declared, “Why should we ever vote for that?”

They hadn’t even given her time for a complete explanation. But now, the drinks were being poured by servants into the goblets at each of their places, and they would soon be changing their minds…Granny’s potions, if used properly, could be very persuasive.

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