Drake transitions from slave to King

image007Chapter 5: Drake transitions from slave to King

The mustached man nodded to his companions, who held their machetes and torches high as they charged at the two black men. Drake dodged the first swipe, as did Ram. Drake remained cool, calm and collected as he maneuvered around the whirling blade and flame of the yelling young men in front of him. Three were attacking him, and an equal number attacked Ram. Drake knew he could end this fight fast if he could get in close with his fangs, but the men had longer reach with their weapons, and they protected each other well.

Drake saw an opening when one his attackers swung wildly overhand and had to stumble clumsily forward and steady himself. Drake showed his fangs and dove at the man’s neck, but felt an impact and a sharp pain in his shoulder as a machete came down there.

“Ha!” yelled the man.

Drake could feel hot blood running down his chest, but it didn’t slow him as he tripped the man who struck him with a low sweeping kick. He heard Ram scream in pain as his arm was badly burned by one of the torches, which Ram knocked aside, and it fell to the grass and started a fire on the ground. Two of the men took this like a signal to throw their own torches into the slave’s huts, setting them ablaze. Men, women, and children screamed from inside.

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